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ay 24, 1938.
, 2,118,726
Filed May _l1, 1936
Patented “fay 24, I938
Edward 0. Edwards, Washington, D. o. _.
Application May 11, 1936, Serial No. ‘29,128 '
.' (El. 206-29)
This invention relates to match books of the auxiliary ?ap I3 which faces a back 6 of the
type now_ generally resorted to for advertising‘ book.
Also in accordance with the present invention
the back 6 of the book at the portion thereof op
An objectof the present invention is to pro
5 vide a match book so equipped as to substantially posite the lip II is slotted or otherwise formed
positively require a complete closing of the book to provide what may be termed a window iii.
The auxiliary ?ap I3 is of such a length and is
prior to the igniting of a match removed there
A further object of the invention is to provide‘
10 a match book equipped with a safety feature in
such a'manner as not to materially add to the
cost of the making of such books.
The invention together with its objects and
advantages will be best understood from a study
15 of the following description taken in connec
tion with the accompanying drawing wherein:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a match book
embodying the features of the present invention.
Figure 2 is a perspective view of an auxiliary
20 ?ap carrying a striking surface in accordance
with the present invention.
Figure 3 is a sectional 'view of the book with
the same in open position and
Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 3 with
25 the book in closed position.
Referring to the drawing by reference numerals
it will be seen that for the most part thereof the
match book‘ indicated generally by the reference
numeral '5, and in accordance with the present
30 invention, is contructed somewhat conventionally
consisting, of a book member cut from a single
sheet of cardboard or other suitable material to
provide a back 6 and an integral coverl?ap ‘I.
The back 6 at its free edge is bent upon itself
35 as at 8 to provide a channel in which are secured
through the medium of a staple 9 in a conven
tional manner the ends of matches I0 formed of
paper or other suitable material. The reversely
bent part 8 is also extended as at II to provide a
lip behind which the free end of the cover flap
‘I is engaged as shown in Figure 4 when the cover
secured to the‘ cover flap ‘I that when, and as
shown in Figure 3, the cover ?ap ‘I is in open
position the striking surface I2 is disposed above
the window I6 out of view and consequently is
not easily accessible.
Thus it will be seen that in order to ignite
a match Ill removed from the book cover flap ‘I
will have to be moved to the closed position 15
shown in Figure 4. As cover ?ap ‘I moves to said
closed position the auxiliary ?ap I3 moves down
wardly or toward the end 8 of the book for bring
ing the striking surface I2 opposite to and in
view through the window I6. Thus with the book
in fullyrclosed position the striking surface. I2 N) 0
is rendered accessible for igniting the match III.
From the above it will be seen that by such‘
an arrangement of parts the match book will have
an added safety feature in that the closing of the
book 5 will be necessary in order to make use of
the striking surface I2 with which the book is
, equipped for igniting a match removed from the
As is now known in the usual structure thereof
the striking surface being on the lip II and at
the outer side of the lip is accessible whether
the cover ?ap ‘I be in open or closed position,
hence such books generally have printed or other
wise provided thereon, and as a precautionary M 5
measure, a statement to the effect that the cover
should be in closed position before striking the
‘ Having thus described the invention what is
claimed as new is:—
1. A match book of the character described
characterized by having the back of the book pro
flap is in closed position for releasably holding the . vided with a sight window, and an auxiliary ?ap
cover ?ap in said closed position.
secured at one end to the cover ?ap of the book,
In accordance with the present invention how
and said auxiliary flap having at a free end there-'
ever instead of providing the outer face of the of‘ and on one side thereof a striking surface
cover ?ap ‘I with a striking surface as is now movable with the auxiliary flap and the cover flap
conventional I provide a striking surface I2 pro
into an exposed position oppositev the window
vided adjacent one end edge of an auxiliary ?ap when the cover flap is moved to a closed posi
50 I3 which at its free end is folded as at M, and tion, and to a position above the window when the 50
at said end is secured to the inner side of the cover flap is moved to an open position so as to
cover ?ap ‘I through the medium of a staple I5 be inaccessible when the match book is open.
2. In a match book including a back member,
or in any other suitable manner. In this con
nection and as shown in Figures 3 and 4 a strik
55 ing surface I2 is provided on that side .of the
an integral cover flap, matches secured to the
back member and said back member being pro
2,118,728 '
vided with a sightwindow, and an auidliary ?ap
slidably positioned between the matches and the
back and provided with a striking surface adapt’
ed to be positioned opposite said window by a‘
5 movement of the slide ?ap toward the ‘anchored
end of the matches. .
3. A match book including a back member and
an integral cover ?ap, said back member being
provided with a sight window, and an auxiliary
?ap secured at one end to said cover ?ap and
provided adjacent its free end with a striking
surface adapted to move with said cover flap into
and out of registry with said sight window.
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