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Patented May 24, 1938
Roland H. Money, Cinciti, Ohio, assignor to
The Crosley Radio Corporation, Cincinnati,
Ohio, or corporation of Ohio
Application January 15, 1935, Serial No. 1,909
(c1. cz-ce)
My invention relates to'the provision of means
vention has some points in connection with such
of cold air from domestic refrigerators, and at
the same time increase rather than decrease the
relation to refrigerators in general.
5 convenience thereof in use.
When the door of a refrigerator is opened and
immediately closed again, there is not much in
crease of heat due to in?ux of outer air and ef
?ux of cold air within the refrigerator. How
10 ever, upon holding the door open for longer pe
riods of time, this loss becomes more of a factor.
What happens is that the cold air flows out from
a door, which are distinctive, as well as having
The refrigerator of the mechanical type,- as a
illustrated, has a casing i which is insulated and
surrounds a compartment 2, in which compart
ment is located the refrigeration unit 3, having
ice trays It therein. This unit is located in the
upper part of the compartment so as to set up 10
proper circulation of air therein, to maintain the
entire compartment cold.
the bottom of the refrigerator, to be replaced by
The door, as shown, has a body t, which has a
warm air from without flowing in at the top.
It is my object to impede the flowing of cold
air out of the bottom of the refrigerator by means
hollow chamber 6 in its inner side, surrounded
by a wall of insulated nature. In this hollow 15
chamber there is arranged a rack of open wire
of a plate which is movable and preferably
hingedly connected to the refrigerator across the
lower portion thereof and inside of the door
thereof. This plate willthen maintain a pool
for ready availability when the door is open.
-.The insulation strip or “breaker" strip sepa
frigerator where objects are kept which must be
at the lowest temperature, and at the same time
will make it hard for cold air to ?ow out of the
the outside of the box, is shown ‘at d.
The shelves t within the refrigerator can be ar»
ranged as noted, leaving at least part way across
the refrigerator a relatively high space it for
storlng‘of bottles of milk or other beverage, large 25
20 of the coldest air in the lower portion of the re
2 UK
with West Reissue Patent No. 19,008, and my in
to impede in a simple and effective way the loss
refrigeration compartment.
It is my object, further, to make of this plate
when it is opened to gain easier access to the
lower portion of the refrigeratorcompartment, a
shelves ‘l, on which many articles can be located, ' '
rating conductively the compartment lining from
pieces of meat and the like. in the particular
form shown, this space is only shown as extend
ing partly across the bottom of the refrigerator.
Located on hinges i i set between the box wall
and the breaker strips near the bottom of the
merely placing intervening articles on the said refrigerator compartment, is a plate it, which is
of a size to close oft" from the outside the lower
‘ tray.
I believe, furthermore, that the presence of this . portion of the said compartment. Urdinarily this
plate across the lower portion of the refrigerator plate will be as high as the high space for bottles,
etc. above referred to.
35 compartment, when the door is open, will deflect
Spring socket plates it or other suitable retain=
air currents from without so that there will be a
reduced tendency of cold air spilling out of the ing means serving to engage the edge of the plate,
in this instance a knob its, and keep it in erect
compartment above the plate.
position as shown in Figure 1, will be provided
I accomplish my objects by that certain con
40 struction and arrangement of parts of which an on one or both of the side walls of’ the refrig 4.0
example will be speci?cally described and the erator compartment.
The plate need not be movably mounted in the
novelty of which will be set forth in the append
manner noted, as some other means for remov
ed claims to which reference is hereby made.
ably retaining it in place would serve. How
In the drawing:
tray upon which articles can be moved in order
'30 to make it. easier to select a given article by
Flgure 1 is a vertical section taken centrally
of a refrigerator at the compartment portion
Figure 2 is a perspective of the lower portion
of a. refrigerator with the plate open.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary section along the
line M of Figure 1.
Figure i is a fragmentary section along the
of Figure 1.
I have illustrated my invention in connection
55 with a door which is constructed in accordance
ever, by articulating the plate at the bottom it 45
can be used as an article supporting tray. To
this end one way of arranging the structure will
be to place rubber bumpers/ill, it, on the outside
of the plate. which bumpers will rest upon the ,
breaker strip when the plate is turned down, and 60
hold the plate in a horizontal position.
The convenience, of being able to arrange ar
tlcles on the tray is apparent, but it has particu»
lar advantages at the bottom of ‘the food com
partment because of its use in relieving conges- 55 i
tion of articles there, while removing or insert
ing others.
The plate when erected will probably not be
1. In a domestic refrigerator having an undi
vided food compartment, a refrigeration unit in
the upper portion of said food compartment and
lowered except occasionally in the use of the re
frigerator. It will not interfere with access to
the ice trays, nor to the upper shelves, and the
shelves in the door will, of course, be available.
a door for said compartment, a plate hingedly
mounted on a horizontal axis at‘ the front por
even in hot climates to provide any vent holes
retaining said plate in horizontal position when
tion of the bottom of said food compartment, and
means for retaining said plate in an erect posi
In connection with the shelved door compart
tion, said plate being of a size to extend substan
ment, the tray will act to assist in maintaining _ tially across said food compartment and of a
a separate current of air in the door compart
height to terminate near but below the lower por
ment. I do not believe that it will be necessary tion of said refrigeration unit, and means for
in the plate to assist in refrigeration action in . said door is open so that said plate may act as
the door compartment. Also, if shelves were
l6‘ placed on the inside of a door, rather than in a
' compartment in a recess therein, the presence of
the plate would assist in setting up a di?'erent
current of cold air washing the door from that
which moves through the body of the refrigerator.
So far as saving in loss of cold air when open
ing the door is concerned, it should be noted that
the easy way for cold air to get out of the food
compartment is at the bottom, and that it is
at the bottom where the coldest air is normally
found. The plate not only impedes ?ow of cold
air out of the refrigerator which drains the cold
est portion of the compartment, but it greatly
impedes the loss of cold air from above because
of the air currents within and without the box
tending to maintain themselves.
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
eat, is:—
a temporary ‘shelf.
2. In a domestic refrigerator having an undi
vided refrigerated compartment, a refrigeration
unit in the upper portion thereof, and a door for
said compartment, a plate hingedly mounted on
a horizontal axis at the front portion of the bot
tom of said compartment, means for retaining 20
said plate in an erect position, said plate being of
a size to extend substantially across the said food
compartment and of a height to terminate near
but below the lower portion of the refrigeration
unit, means to hold said plate in horizontal po 25
sition when said door is open so that it may act
as a temporary shelf, shelves in said food com
partment and shelves on said door, said shelves
in said compartment and on said door being so
proportioned in length as to leave space for said 30
plate in upright position in said refrigerated
compartment when said door is closed.
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