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May 24, 193:8.v
Filed Jan. 11, 1938
6kg] Z” Bem‘giro m,
atented May 24, 19
1mm contra
Carl W. Renstrom, Omaha, Neor.
Application January 11, 1938, Serial No. 184,459
6 Claims. (01. 132-41)
This invention relates to devices for treatment
of the hair,.and‘ more particularly to hair curl
has a. straight intermediate portion passing .
through the opening l2 ‘of the roller and thereby
pivotally mounting the 'roller ‘on the ball. The
sides of the bail are sloped toward the narrow
- One of the objects of the invention is to pro
5 vide a curler on which the hair my be wound portion i8 as clearly shown in the drawing. 5
and clamped with means for latching or looking 1 The roller is of greater diameter than the bore
of the tube or mandreLso that only a portion
the hair and curler together. Heretofore, curl
ers have consisted of a tubular body or mandrel of the roller may enter the adjacent opened end
on which the hair is wound, a clamp which may of said tube to effect better coaction of the sur
faces H ‘with the .wall of the tube It. Said 10
10 fit over the hair, and a locking means for look
ing the parts together, but this locking means mandrel II and jaw l5 ‘are preferably perforated, \
has proven more or less unsatisfactory.
ing curlers of the type mentioned have proven
unsatisfactory because in use the roller or latch
15 mg means has a round peripheral surface which
does not grip or sufficiently engage the end of the
mandrel to prevent slippage of the roller and
clamp. These objections have been overcome and
an e?icient clamping means provided by em
ploying a roller or disk of polygonal form which
20 cooperates with the tubular. end of the mandrel.
Such a polygonal or, to be more specific, octag
onal roller readily snaps over the end of the
mandrel and seats itself in position. Such an
octagonal roller is further advantageous; since
as at l9 and 20' respectively, to facilitate the pas
sage of air through the device and hair.
In the use of my improved curler, while the
jaw’ I5 is raised, the hair is wrapped about the 15 ,
mandrel l4 suiiiclently to anchor the hair there
on, after which the jawis clamped in closed po
sition and the wrapping of. the hair continued
about the tube and jaw. when the wrapping is
completed, the ball or clamp I1 is pressed toward 20
the free end of the mandrel and the roller is
cammed over the edge of the mandrel and
slipped into the adjacent open end thereof, ef-_
,fectively clamping such bail or clamp securely
and in an accurately centered position. The 25
2 U1. the various ?at surfaces and angles facilitate ridges formed by the intersection of the flat
of’the roller iii tend to create su?icient
engagement by ‘the ?ngers when moving the sides
leverage to permit the roller to- clip or slip in
roller to and from clamping position.
the roller I0 is seated in the tube or‘ mandrel, _
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a plan view of one form of curler ll. When in locked position, one'whole side of 30
the roller I0 is seated in the tube or mandrel,
utilizing my improvement;
the roller compressing slightly in riding over
Figure 2 is a side elevatiomof the curler shown the edge of the tube.
in Figure lfpartly broken away to disclose de
Practically the same operation takes place.
35 '
' '
Figure 3 is a side elevation of another form of
curler utilizing the invention, and
Figure 4 is a perspective view of the improved
polygonal roller.
Referring to the drawing, the improved roll
when using the form of curler disclosed in Figure 35 _
3, and- the roller lll- especially functions in a sim
ilar way. In this form, the tube or mandrel of
thecurler is shown at W1, ‘preferably being'tap
ered and havinga ?nger grip II at its free end.
The jaw is shown at I51 pivoted to the tube or‘ 40
mandrel M‘ by a ball or clamp I11 substantialLv
identical with 'that shown at H. Said jaw I51
This roller is polygonal and preferably octagonal has a finger grip 22 at its end opposite to the
as shown, thereby providing a multiplicity of grip 2|, such grips 2| and 22 being operable to
45 _
45 surfaces ll about the periphery- An axial open- , move the jaw and mandrel relatively.
Various changes may be resorted to, provided
' ing I2 is provided through the roller.
The roller ill may be employed in the form theyfall within the spirit and scope of the in
of curler disclosed in Figures 1 and 2,S which vention.
What I claim is:
type of curler is disclosed merely by way of ex
40 er or one part of my improved latching means
is shown at It and is made from any suitable
elastic or resilient material. such as rubber.
- 1._ A roller for coacting with an end of a hair 50
50 ample, since the roller may be used in other
forms of curlers of the present general character. curler to secure clamp means thereof in hair- '
This curler has a metallic tube or mandrel l4 , clamping position, the roller being polygonal.‘
to which a metallic law I! is pivoted by means - 2. A roller for coacting withv an end of a hair
curler to secure clamp means ‘thereof in hair
' of inturned ends of a resilient wire or wire
55 like clamp or ball 11. The' metallic ~wire clamp
clamping'posltion, theroller‘ being octagonal.
3. A roller for pivotal mounting and coacting
with an end of a hair curler to secure clamp
means thereof in hair-clamping position, the
roller being resilient and having a polygonal pe
4. In a curler, tubular means about which hair
is adapted to be wrapped, a clamping bail car
ried by said means, and a clamping roller mount
ed on the bail to clip intoengagement with an
'10 end of the tubular means, said roller being polyg
5. In a curler, tubular means about which hair
is adapted to be wrapped, a resilient clamping
bail carried by said means, and a resilient roller
mounted pivotally on the bail to clip into engage
ment with an end of the tubular means, said
roller having a polygonal periphery.
6. In a curler, a mandrel, a clamp pivotally 5
secured to one end of the mandrel, a clamping
bail also pivotally secured to one end of the
mandrel, and a clamping roller mounted on the
bail for engagement with the other end of the
mandrel, ‘said clamping roller being octagonal 10
in shape, with one whole side seated in the open
end of the mandrel.
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