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ay 24, l938-
c. BlRDsu-:YE ET AL»
Filed Aug. 1l, 1957
l l l l‘`
- '
“my 24, '193
Clarence Birdseye and Harold Douglas i'i'ii
Gloucester, and Walter N. Heath, Rockport,
Mass., assignors to Birdseye Electric ilorpora
tion, Dover, Del., a corporation of Deia
Application August 1l, i937, Serial No. lätßlß
ß Claims.
(Ci. 173-34@
This invention relates to extension sockets for
the general purpose of making any desired ad
justment as to size, location or angle between
a fixture already installed or available and an
5 electric lamp to be mounted therein. More par
ticularly, the invention consists in an improved
extension socket having an vadjustable section of
flexible non-resilient sheet metal which is eiîec
tive at all times and in all positions of adjust
10 ment to enclose and protect the electrical con
nections contained in the socket and which will
readily permit adjustment -both axially and an
which connections are made with the. fixture on
‘the one hand and the lamp on the other hand.
These and other featuresof the invention will '
be best understood and appreciated from the fol
lowing description l of a preferred embodiment 5
thereof selected for purposes of illustration and
shown in the accompanying drawing in which,
Fig. l is a view in elevation, partly in section,
of the component parts of the socket separated
one from another, and
Fig. 2 is a view in side elevation showing the
socket in use .and in one position of angular ad
justment, and
>The adjustable extension socket of our inven--`
15 tion is particularly useful when used in connec
tion with electric lamps having upon a part of
the bulb area a reiiecting coating designed to`
Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional View of the y
The component parts of the socket will be first
described and then the manner in which they
'When our adjustable extension
are assembled in the complete article will be ex
plained. One end of the socket comprises a metal
20 socket is included in an installation, the lamp
into its side Walls and a slight dare in its open
concentrate and direct the light of the lamp in
a defined beam.
may be screwed into it and its flexible section
may he then -readily deformed so that the lamp
may be held at the desired angle and its beamA
of light thus directed upon any selected area.
25 When the lamp is used with an external rei-lector
requiring close- adjustment of the longitudinal or
axial position of the lamp, this also is facilitated
by the extension socket ofl our invention in that
the ñexible section thereof may be collapsed or
30 elongated _to bring the lamp into a position of
An important feature of our invention con
sists in a tubular or sleeve-like section in an ex
base lll, spun of sheet metal with a thread rolled
end, as is -usual in a lamp base. The upper end
of the base as shown in Figure l is closed by a
cap or iìller of insulating material il molded to
shape an‘d having a metal terminal disk or button 25
it at the center thereof. While the base herein
shownis threaded it may be shaped to Ht any
conventional form of fixture and to include cor
respondinglîy locatedterminals.
- .
Designed to ñt within the base l@ is an insu
lating Asleeve I3 .of porcelain, “Bakelite” or other
plastic or ceramic» materiell and this is provided
at its lower endwith a circumferential flange it.
The body of the flanged insulating sleeve is
tension socket which is made of flexible, non- ' 'threaded to receive externally the thread of the
base iii and it is also provided with a longitudi
' prominent circumferential corrugations, form# nal slot it which serves as a wire passage in the
ing, in eñect,`a metallic bellows section. This assembled socket. One or more fibre washers
presents the advantage that it may be easily and
inexpensively manufactured and incorporated in
the complete extension socket. As herein shown
it is insulated from the electrical connections
contained within the socket and is edective at
all times as a protection for them.
In assembling the parts of the extension socket
4.5 of our invention the end portions of the flexible
bellows section are connected, with the interpo
sition of suitable ~insulating elements, at one end
it and il are provided to nt over the body of
the sleeve it and to register with the daring end
of the base it.
The adjustable section of the socket comprises
a sleeve it of thin ñexible but non-resilient
metal. It includes an end flange it which is ar
ranged to iit over and enclose the ñange it of 45
the insulating sleeve I3.
In the body of the
metal sleeve are formed a plurality of deep but .
narrow circumferential corrugations 2t. Below
to -a base member adapted to be inserted in any these corrugations 2t is _a vertical flange 2l hav
standard ñxture and at the other end to a s_ocket » ing a series of shallow circumferential corruga- 50
for a lamp base. Flanged sleeves or thimbles tions rolled therein. The outside diameter of the
of insulating material are preferably, though not
necessarily, employed for this purpose and these
are so designed as to carry or support the metal
55 lic portions of the base and of the socket through
deep corrugations 2t and the shallow corruga
tions in the lñange 2l is substantially equal.
. Beneath the sleeve i8 is shown in Fig. l a thim~
ble 22 of porcelain, “Bakelite” or thelikewhaí 55
ing a fiat closed upper end and a series of cir
cumferential ribs 23. The upper end of the thim
ble.22 is of such shape as to-be received within
the flange 2| of the metal sleeve I8 with its ribs
Cil fitting within the shallow corrugations thereof.
The base of the thimble is provided with three
perforations forming passages therethrough. Be
low the thimble is shown a metal cap 24 threaded
to receive the base of a lamp and having a pair
metalhaving a retaining flange at each end, a
support having a 'conductive threaded shell there
on and having an insulated connectionV with one
flange on the sleeve, a metallic socket for a lamp
having an insulated connection with the other
flange of the sleeve and an electrical connection
with the shell, and a central connection insulated
from said metallic socket and having`a terminal
contact insulated from the shell.
10 of screws 25 which are adapted to pass through '
3. An adjustable extension socket for lamps, 10
' the passages in the base of the thimble 22 to se
comprising a ñexible'non-resilient sleeve of sheet
cure the cap in place. Finally there is shownl metal having a plurality of ñexible and non-re
in Fig. 1 a center terminal member 26 which in silient corrugations therein, a threaded metallic
the assembled socket is secured in place in the
15 bottom of the thimble 22 and spaced from the
walls of the metal cap 24.
In assembling the parts above described to pro
-vide the adjustable extension socket of our in
vention, the flanged insulating sleeve I? is first
20 placed within the metal sleeve I8 with‘its flange
I4 enclosed within the end flange 1,9 of the sleeve
and its body projecting upwardly. ` The washers
I6 and Il are threaded upon or\slipped over the
body of the sleeve and clamped in place by having
25 the base I0 screwed upon the threaded body
' thereof. The metal cap 24 and terminal 26 are
base projecting beyond one end of said sleeve and
presenting an insulated end terminal, an insu
lated thimble projecting beyond the other end of
said sleeve and containing a lamp receiving socket
electrically connected to said base and a center
connection associated with said socket and elec
trically connectedl to the insulated terminal of 20
the base. `
4. An adjustable extension socket for lamps,
comprising a tubular metallic bellows section hav
ing an inturned ñange at one end, a threaded in
sulating sleeve having a flange enclosed by said 25
metallic section and engaged with the flange
assembled within the porcelain thimble 22 and - thereof, a metallic base threaded upon said sleeve
then the base portion of the thimble having the and acting to draw the two flanges into contact,
circumferential ribs is inserted 'within the flange a terminal insulated from said metallic base and
30 2| of the metal sleeve I8 and the latter is spun electrical conducting lamp engaging members 30
or otherwise clenched to form a permanent con
carried by said metallic section and insulated
nection with the thimble 22. Meanwhile, a lead therefrom and electrically connected to _the base
Wire 29 is extended from the center terminal 26 and to the terminal.
o 5. An adjustable extension socket for lamps,
to the terminal disk I2 and connected thereto by
35 solder 28. A second lead wire 30 is led from one comprising a tubular metallic bellows section hav 35
side ofmthe cap 24 through the metal sleeve I8,
and through the longitudinal groove I5 of the in
sulating sleeve I3. It is then brought out be-tween the two washers I6 and I1 and secured to
40 the side of the base I0 by a drop of solder 21
thus completing` the electric circuit of the socket.
In Fig. 2 the socket is shown in use, being
screwed into a-wa1l or ceiling socket 30, shown in
dotted lines, and having a lamp 29 screwed into
45 the metal cap 24. The lamp is shown as having
a metallic coating over a portion of its inner wall
so disposed as to direct the rays of the lamp in
a deñned and concentrated beam. The lamp as
a whole is shown in a position of angular adjust-.
50 ment, inclined about 30° to the vertical. It will
be understood that the extension socket as a
unit may be screwed into any already-installed
wall socket or the like‘and that the lamp may
be screwed into the open end of the socket. Be
fore or after the lamp isqln place, the extension
socket may be angularly adjusted by merely
pressing its outer end inthe desired direction,
the ñexible corrugations 20 acting as yielding bel
lows section.
Having thus described our invention, what we
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ent of the United States is:----
1. AnÍ extension socket for lamps, comprising a
`conductive threaded basehaving an' insulated
65 contact thereon, a conductive lamp-receiving'
socket having an insulated contact therein, an
intermediate section permanently united to the
base and socket and having a plurality of flexible
circular corrugations therein readily deformable
70 to hold the socket in different positions of angu
lar adjustment with respect to the base, and sepa
rate electrical connections from said base and- its
contact to the socket and its contact.
2. An adjustable extension socket for lamps,
75 comprising a ñexibie non-resilient sleeve of sheet
ing an inturned flange ‘at one end, a threaded in
sulating sleeve having a ñange covered by the
ñange of the metallic section, a washerinsula
tion -encircling the insulating sleeve, a metallic
base threaded upon said sleeve and acting to 40
clamp said washer between itself and the ñange
oi’ the metallic section, a terminal insulated from
said metallic base, a lamp receiving member hav
ing two electrical conducting portions held by
the other end of said section and electrical con
nections including a wire attached at one end
to one of said portions, passing out through said
washer insulation and attached at its other end
to said base and a second electrical connection
between the other of said portions and the ter 50
minal insulated from the base.
6. An adjustable ~extension- socket‘ for lamps,
comprising a flexible bellows section having an
inturned flange at its upper end, a ñanged insu
lating sleeve having a threaded upwardly extend
ing stem passing outthrough said flange, a me
tallic base threaded upon said stem and serving
both to clamp the sleeve and bellows section.
together and to supply means for engaging the
socket with a fixture, an insulated end terminal 60
carried by the. base and a lamp socket carried
at the lower end of theA bellows section and hav
ing independent electrical connections from ity
to the base and to said end terminal.
7. An adjustable extension socket forîelectric
lamps, comprising a threaded base, an end termi
vnal insulated therefrom, a _lamp receiving socket
having a center connection associated_'therewith,
and an intermediate tubular portion’connected to 70
the base and socket and being of flexible non’
re`silient sheet metal with circumferential corru
gations therein 4and being readily deformable
whereby the base and socket may be bent with
respect to each other, the socket and its center 75
ceection being separately electrienily connected in,
to the base and its end terminal.
8. An adjustable extension socket for electric
lamps, comprising e bese shaped to iii. a conven
nonni ture nncl including terminnis, a. Iemp re
ceiving socket having terminals, and' an inter
nmete tubulnr portion connected to the base
end socket and being oi fienible, non-resilient,
" mnterinl with circumferential co r u, =-` ations there
d heine deformable whereby the bese and
seckei: may be bent et en cngle with resmct to
each other, nndvmenns for' electricelly connect
ing the terminada of the lense with those of the
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