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May 31, 1933-
' ,
Filed May 7, 1957
' Ill‘HI
.30 ~35
“WED ' 38
Jaw/v Mmuaa.
I 4;,
Patented May 31, 1938
12,18,853‘ '
John Miller, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Application May 7, 1937, .Serial No. 141,197
3 V Claims.
(Cl. 286—30)
This invention relates to packing'for sealing into engagement with the packing; Completing
between a housing and a relatively movable mem
ber, and to improved stu?lng boxes.
Heretofore the provision of adequate sealing
the combination is a metal packing gland posi-v
tioned in the housing so as to surround‘ the mem
and being in engagement with the other end
means between relatively movable members as, _ ber
of the packing, and a removable cap adjustably -5’ v
cipr'ocating tube or shaft has long presented an _ mountedon the housing and holding the packing"
obnoxious problem. While various types of gland against radial or longitudinal movement
to the housing so that the packing gland
packing, sealing means and stu?ing boxes have relative
forms a relatively long bearing support for the
10' been suggested and employed with greater or less
memberrotatably and/or reciprocablymounted W
for example, a housing and a rotatable or re
degrees of success, frequent packing adjustment
and replacement is ordinarily required and gas
and liquid-tight joints are dithcult to maintain.
It is the general object of my invention to pro
vide an improved type of packing for effectively
sealing between relatively movable members
which packing needs little or no attention and is
gas and liquid-tight over relatively long periods
of use, and in which the packing means need be
within the housing.
In the practice of my invention a packing is
provided from a plurality oi’. longitudinally ex
tending relatively short lengths of substantially
sector-shaped braided packing rope which are 15
held in the form of a ring packing by .circum
ferentially extending releasable means. In as
sembling the packing in a stu?ng box the cap and
packing gland of the stu?ing box are removed and
replaced only at infrequent intervals duejto the‘ , ‘the
circumferentially extending means holding 20
normal slow wear thereof.
' '
Another object of my'inventlon is the provision,
of an improved‘packing which is particularly
adapted to seal between a~ housing and a rotary
or reciprocating shaft or'tube of relatively small
diameter and in which the packing functions
without foldsv or overlapping and particularly
without crowding oi the packing material at the
radially inner side of the packing with a stretch
30 ing of the radially outer side of the packing. a
' Another object of my invention is the provision
the individual lengths of the packing together in
ring shape are released at one point and the pack
ing is handcuiied around the rotatable and/or
reciprocable member received in the stuif?ng box.
The end of the packing is inserted in the packing- 25
receiving recess of the housing and thereafter
the circumferentially extending means on the ‘
packing are ordinarily removed. The, packing
gland and cap are replaced and tightened in
position in the usual manner.
In the accompanying drawing Fig. l is a side
of an improved stumng box having a novel type ielevation
partly broken away of a stu?lng box
of packing and in which the over-all length of
in accordance with the principles of
the stu?lng box can be noticeably decreased while
maintaining an adequate and improved type of my invention and illustrating the improved pack- of my invention; Fig. 2 is a perspectlveview $6
bearing for the reciprocating and/or rotating ‘ing
of a typical improved packing of my invention
member carried by the stu?lng box.
ready Ior sale or shipment; and Fig. 3 is a per
The foregoing and other objects of my inven
spective ‘view of a length of rope packing having
tion are achieved by the provision of a pack
a sector shape in cross-section.
40 ing formed of a plurality of longitudinally ex
the principles of my invention are broad- g0‘
tending lengths or braided rope packing hav ‘ .ly- While
applicable to the provision of means for seal
ing a sector shape in cross section and together
ing between relatively movable members of var
forming a continuous packing ring .wherein the -
ends oi’_ the cords of the braided packing lengths
engage with the neck ring and packing gland of . boxes for providing gas'and/or liquid-tight joints
betweena housing and a reciprocating and/or ro
. adapted to form feather or other positive sealing
tary shaft received in the housing. ‘ Accordingly,
Further in accordance with my invention a my invention has been so illustrated in. the ac
stu?ing box is provided comprising a housing, a companying drawing and this construction will
now be described.
member movable relative to the housing. and re
ceived therein, a packing carried by the housing the num'eralllli indicates a housing adapted to
and surrounding the member, and a neck ring receive a hollow shaft or tube H which is adapted
positioned in' the housing and surrounding the
member and having means resiliently urging it ‘to have relatively rotary and/or reciprocating
movement in the housing Ill. The lower end of 5a
V the stumng box and which-ends are particularly
ious kinds and characteristics, they are par
ticularly bene?cial in the cdnstructlon of stumng
the housing III is attached to any desired means
as by a female threaded flange H which termi
nates in a bearing portion i8 having close bear
ing engagement with the tube 12. The housing
is formed with a circular recess it having walls‘
in concentric relation with the tube i2. The
recess l8 slidably receives a packing, indicated
generally at 20, which is engaged by'aneck ring
22 resiliently urged against the packing by any
10 suitable means, such as a compression spring 24
which provides a relatively light but steady pres
sure on the neck ring 22 which is merely su?icient
to hold the packing in operating relation.v The
end of the neck ring 22 engaging with the'pack
15 ing is in the form of a triangular rib as shown
- so that feather edges are formed on the packing
as described in my copending application Serial
No. 119,101, filed January 5, 1937. I have found
that shaping the neck ring 22 with an inclined
20 surface or area 23 and an inclined surface or
area 25 of the proportions illustrated, and mount
ing the ring resiliently, as on the spring 24, pro
vides a materially improved stu?ing box. The
area 23 is ordinarily formed about one-half the
size of the area 25 and each area forms an angle
,25 of about 45° with the axis of the housing. Gen
erally the angle between the areas is about 90°.
Received at the other end of the packing 20
in the recess I8 is a packing gland 28 [which
.30 closely surrounds the tube l2 and which is adapt
ed to be moved toward and from the packing 20
by a removable cap 30 adjustably secured to the
housing H] as by the provision of complemen
tary threads 32. An important part of my in
ventive concept‘is the provision of cooperating
means between the cap 30 and the packing gland
28 so that the gland is held in a ?xed radial
position during the operation of the stu?ing box.
This is achieved in the embodiment of my in
vention shown by forming the packing gland 28
with an axially extending circular ?ange 34 at
one end which is received as shown in Fig. l
in "an opening 39 in the cap 30.
The packing 20 constructed in accordance with
the principles of my invention comprises a plu
45 rallty of longitudinally extending relatively short
lengths 38 of braided rope packing of sector
shape in cross-section. The packing is braided
from continuous cords of a material suitable for
the ?uid, etc. to be handled and which are
50 impregnated with a suitable lubricant so that
the resulting rope is relatively soft and pliable
and when out presents the ends of the cords, as
shown in Fig. 3. Heretofore, in using rope pack,
ing of round, square or other cross-sections, the
sion at their radially outer surfaces. Moreover,
the ends of the cords of each relatively short
longitudinally extending length of packing rope
are presented against the neck ring and packing
gland of a stuffing box and these ends are readily
adapted to form feather or ?at sealing surfaces
with the neck ring and even the packing gland
‘and the side walls of the housing-recess.
I preferably mount or assemble packing, con
structed as just described, so that it can be read 10
ily handled or shipped and easily installed in a
stu?ing box. To this end in Fig. 2 I have illus
trated the packing 20- as being formed around ~
a supporting tube.“ which may he of any suit
able material such as metal, cardboard, or wood, 15
but which is ordinarily formed from cardboard.
The individual ‘lengths 38 of the packing 30 are
held in proper relation to each other by circum
ferentially extending means, such as a relatively
thin cloth or paper tape 44 positioned at one 20
end thereof and adapted1 to stick to the indi
vidual packing lengths. The ends of the tape 44
areoverlapped, as indicated at 46.
I also con
template stringing the individual lengths 38 to
gether on circumferentially extending wires or 25
cords which may pierce the lengths or extend
on the radially inner or outer‘ surfaces thereof.
When the’packing is placed in the stuffing box,
as, for example, in the housing 10, the cap 30
and packing gland 28 are taken from the housing 30
ID, the tube 42 is removed from the packing and
the packing is inserted in the'recess l8 in the
housing ID. This is readily accomplished by re
leasing the overlapping ends of the tape 44, and
with the individual lengths‘ 38 of the packing 35
being held by the tape the packing is placed
around the tube l2 by a handcuff-like opening
and closing movement of the packing. In this
operation the untaped end of the packing is to
ward the recess I8 and due to the upper end of 40
the packing being held tightly around the tube
l2 by the tape 44 the lower end of the packing
‘slips easily down into the recess l8. With the
lower end of the packing 20 held in the recess l8
the tape 44 is completely removed and by using 45
the gland the packing is pushed down into the
recess into engagement with the neck ring 22.
The cap 30 is now screwed back into place until
the packing 20 is held firmly between the pack
ing gland and the neck ring as will be under
,It is believed that the operation of my im
proved packing and stu?ing box will be evident
from the foregoing description. The individual
longitudinally extending lengths of the packing
are in effective sealing relation without being
volutions around the rotary or reciprocating compressed at their radially inner portions or
member and stamped down progressively into under tension at their radially outer portions.
the recess in the packing-receiving housing. I The cord ends of the packing are in engagement
have found, however, where the diameter of the with the neck ring 22 and are readily formed into 60
60 rotary or reciprocating member is ‘relatively small, 7 feather edges when the cap 30 is tightened into
position. The packing gland 28 being held in
- and even when it is several inches, that in em
radially and longitudinally ?xed relation with
ploying rope packing as just described the ra
dially inner portion of the packing is put under the cap 30 provides a relatively long bearing sup
port for the tube l2 without necessitating a sep 65
considerable compressive stress' such as often
arate bearing surface such as heretofore pro
66 causes folds, puckers and buckling of the pack
ing, while the radially outer portion is put under vided which I have found unduly increases the
length of the stu?ing box. The wear on the pack
tensional stresses tending to still further com
press the radially inner portion of the packing. ing is relatively slow and a gas and liquid-tight
joint is provided over long periods of use with
70 ‘ Where, however, as shown. in Fig. 2, rope little or no attention due to the take-up of any
packing is cut in a plurality of relatively short
lengths 38 and these lengths are placed side by normal wear by the spring 24. When the pack
ing does ?nally wear out it can be readily re
side so as to form a circular packing, the in
by a new packing as heretofore described.
dividual lengths conform without buckling at placed
While in accordance with the patent statutes
their radiallyv inner surfaces, and have no ten
55 rope was laid generally in a plurality of con
one embodiment of my invention has been illus
housingand surrounding the member, said vmak
trated and described in detail, it should be un ‘ing being formed of a plurality of longitudinally
derstood that the invention is not limited there
extending relatively short lengths of relatively
‘to or thereby but is de?ned'in the appended soft, loosely braided rope packing, each length
being substantially of sector shape in cross-sec 5
I claim:
‘ _
tion and together forming a packing ring having '
1. A stu?ing box comprising a housing, a the ends of the cords of the braided packing ex
member movable relative to the housing received posed at the ends of the packing,‘and adapted to
‘within, the housing, a packing carried by the form sealing edges with the housing- and mem
10 housing and surrounding the member,_a neck
ber, said packing being impregnated with a suit 10
ring positioned in the housing and surround
able lubricant.
ing the member, a circumferentially extending
3. The combination of a stuiiing box housing,
rib of triangular cross-section on the neck ring, amember received within the housing, said hous
and means resiliently urging the rib of the neck ing and member adapted to have relative move
15 ring into engagement with the packing so as to ment, a packing between the housing and the
form feather edges in engagement with the mem
member and received in the housing, said pack
ber and the housing, said packing being formed, ing comprising a plurality of lengths of lubri
of a plurality of longitudinally extending rela
cant-impregnated, soft rope packing extending
tively short lengths of relatively soft, loosely longitudinally of the housing and circumferen
20 braided rope packing of sector shape in cross
tially side by side, a neck ring having a. circum 20
section and together forming a packing ring hav
ferentlally extending substantially triangular rib
ing theends of the cords of the braided packing in engagement with the packing so that feather
engaging with the neck ring,-said packing being edges. are‘ formed thereon in contact with the
impregnated with a suitable lubricant.
member and housing, and means resiliently
2. A stu?ing box comprising a housing, a mem
ber movable relative to the housing received with
in the housing, and a packing carried by the
urging the neck ring into contact with the pack— 25
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