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May 31, 1938.
w. o. vERMlLLloN '
Filed Aug. ‘1, 1936
NN wv.
_ _
Patented May 31, 1938 ,
illiam 0. Vermillion, Hobbs, N. Mex., assignor,
by direct and mesne assignments, of twenty
per cent to James E. Vermillion, ten per cent
to W. L. Wilson, seventeen and one-half per
cent to Wiley Leo Conner, seven and one-half
percent to C. B. Cochran, and two and one
l half per cent _to Herman C. Coppedge, all of
Hobbs, N. Mex., and iìve per cent to Charles` I.
Vermillion, Lovelady, Tex.
Application August 1, 1936, Serial No. 93,915
(Cl. 259-96)
1 Claim.
out departing from the spirit or sacrificing any
of the advantages of the invention.
.This invention relates to mud mixers' and
equalizers for rotary oil well drilling.
Hitherto it has been the practice to mix the
mud used in conection- with' the drilling of oil
wells by simply pumping the mud from a pit and
In the accompanying drawing forming part of
this specification.
Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view Ul
through mud mixing and equalizing apparatus
returning the mud to the pit by means of a gun.
The gun delivers the mud to the pit above the sur
face of the mud in the pit so that obviously a
great deal of air is mixed with the mud and bub
bles form in the mud. This is highly objection
able because the mud is thinned out to a harm
ful degree and causes injury to property and loss
of life through blowouts. Mud is used as is well
known to hold gas pressure in the Well and when
‘constructed in accordance with the invention.
Figure 2 is an 'enlarged cross sectional view
taken on the line 2--2 of Figure 1 showing the
spinner box and jet pipes.
manifold and spinner box carried thereby.
Figure 4 is an enlarged cross sectional view of
the lower` bearing which rotatably supports the
mud containing air bubbles is used it gradually
becomes thinner and thinner so that eventually
spinner box on its shaft.
Figure 5 is a detail cross sectionalview taken
its effectiveness as a seal is wholly destroyed.
on the line 5_5 of Figure 1 and showing the
With the above disadvantages in mind, the
present invention has for its principal object to
20 pump the mud/from below the mud level in the
pit and return it to a submerged point in the pit
grease connection for lubricating upper bearing
of the spinner box.
Referring now to the drawing in which like
characters of reference designate similar parts in
so that a closed cycle will be eiîected during
which no contact of the mud with -the atmos
the various views, l0 designates a manifold hav
ing ñanged ends l I to which reduced flanged cou
pling nipples are attached. Any number of these 25
phere can take place and consequently the dis
25 advantageous entry of atmospheric air into the
mud during the mixing will be positively pre,
vented and the resultant product Will be homo
geneous throughout.
manifolds may be secured together to form a con
tinuous manifold. The manifold is connected at
~ both ends to the bleeder line o'f the pump used
A further object .of the invention is to provide
30 mixing apparatus which- will be submerged in
the mud pit below the mud level and may be
readily raised and lowered in the mud so that the
entire mass of mud from the surface to the bot
tom will be thoroughly agitated and mixed and
35 at the same `time freed of .all entrapped air and
thus will gradually increase in weight until a
predetermined weight per gallon has been reached
which weightis usually determined by the driller
to suit various drilling conditions.
A further object is to provideap'paratus of
this type which will not only mix and equalize the
mud but will also heat the mud, this being> ac
complishedby supplying steam to the mud be
ing pumped. from and returned to the pit. In
45 practice heating the mud is beneñcial in that the
weight of the mud is more quickly increased to
' kthe predetermined pounds per gallon than where
Figure 3 is an enlarged cross sectional view
taken on the line 3-3 of Figure 1 showing the
to pump mud from the mud pit and in practice
the manifold is submerged below the mud level 30
in the pit. The manifold is provided with inte
gral eyes 9 to which a tackle may be secured for
raising and lowering the manifold in the pit and.~
moving the` manifold to any desired location in
the pit.
The manifold is equipped with a spinner box
I4 which is substantially oblong in contour a1
thougli it may be of any desired contour. The
spinner box .is provided interiorly at the ends
with substantially triangular defiectors I5 for the 40
purpose of deflecting the mud stream from the
pump toward the corners of the box. Jet pipes
I6 enter the box at the corners and are inclined
at an angle of about 45° to the longitudinal
median line of the box. „By .selectively capping 45
one pair of the diagonally opposite jet pipes as
shown at I1 the spinner box may be caused to '
no heating operationds performed during th
rotate in one direction and by capping the other
mixing of the mud.
pair of diagonally opposite jet pipes the spin
fWith the above and other objects in view the
invention consists of certain novel details of
construction and combinations of parts herein- ~
after fully described and claimed, it being under
stood that various modiñcations may be resorted
v. towithin the `scope of the appended claim with
box may be caused to rotate in the opposite 50
The spinner box is equipped with a bearing
nipple lp on the top which is rotatably` mounted
_in the enlarged end I9 of a pipe 20 which is
threaded into` the manifold I0. Grease grooves 8.
are formedcircumferentially in the nipple I8 and
the enlarged end I9 is equipped with a grease
connection ‘i to which grease may be' supplied to
lubricate the bearing surface of the nipple I8
„and enlarged end IS.
A shaft 2i is secured tothe manifold I0 and
formsan axis of-rotation for the spinner box I4.
’I'he shaft passes through the pipe 2li and through
the nipple I9 and is screw threaded at the upper
the mud ’which iscaked on the bottom of the
pit may ?be reached and broken upand mixed
thoroughly through the entire mass of mud in
the pit. 'I'hus the benefit of this bottom mud
is obtained where hitherto the mud on the. bot
tom of the pit has been wasted.
It will also be pointed out that not only is
this device useful for preparing mud for rotary
oil well drilling but it may also be used for form
10 end to be received in an internally screw thread
ing an emulsion of bottom sediment in oil stor
ed boss. A lock nut 22 is' threaded upon the \ age tanks thereby eliminating -the expensive
shaft and jammed against the boss» to hold the
shaft rigidly connected to the manifold at the
hand cleaning methodhow in use.
'35 -
The device may also be used wherever a bot-A
upper end.
tom sediment exists s'uch'as in the manufacture
The lower end of the shaft passes downwardly _ of paint and other commodities.
through the bottom of thespinncr boss 'and is
From the above description it is thought that
equipped below the spinner box with a collarv the construction and operation of the invention
23 upon which is supported a ball bearing 2Q. _will be fully understood `Without `further ex
The ball bearing is fitted in a casing 25 which
is provided with a nipple 26 that is screw thread
What is claimed is:
ed into,the bottom of thev spinner box and is
Apparatus for mixing and equalizing a mud
provided `with a packing 2l which is compressed. bath for rotary oil Jwell drilling comprising, a .
by a nut 28 to prevent entry of mud into the substantially horizontally disposed pipe forming
bearing.v A cap29 is bolted onto the bottom of a manifold adapted to be submerged below the
the casing 25 to seal the casing mud‘tight.
mud level in a mud pit, spaced eyes disposed 25
The weightof the spinner box is supported on the top side- of the pipe near the ends thereof
lupon the collar 23 andthe thrust is taken up for receiving means to continuously raise and
`by the ball bearing 24. Vanes 30 rise from the lower the pipe bodily during the mixing opera
top of the spinner box on opposite lsides ofthe tion, a shaft rotatably mounted in the manifold
nipple' I ä. These vanes agitatal the mud as the between the eyes thereof _and projecting verti 30
spinner'box rotates.- This agitation is augmented cally downward below the pipe, there being a
by the jets of»_mud forced from the jet pipes 'I6
at opposite‘corners of the spinner .box'so that
the mud is thoroughly agitated, mixed andrequal-i
ized throughout av large area around the spinner
box. Any entrapped air inthe mud is thus
connection between the manifold and the bleeder
thoroughly worked out of the mud so that weight
of the mud> is quickly increased to ‘a predeter
fold, jet pipesfprojecting from- the corners of
the> box and diverging outwardly from each other,
mined .weight 'per gallon.
substantially triangular shaped deflectors in the
Steam under pressure may be let into the mani
line of a pump, an elongated substantially rec
tangular spinner box rotatably mounted on said
shaft and extending substantially parallel with - '=
the manifold adjacent to and below the mani
box adjacent- to the jet pipes for starting the
-fold' I0 alongy with the mud` stream from the- mud in the box toward .the jet pipes and form
pump to _heat »the mud and thus more quickly
increase the weight of the mud since it is well
known thatby heating mud a more solid homo
v45 geneous mass- may be ~quickly obtained- than '
- where vheat isin‘ot used.
'In operation the manifold and spinner box
ing abutments against which back pressure in
the bog: impinges to increase >velocity of rotation
of the box, vanes on thetop of the- boxl on -op
posite sides of the shaft forming agitatora/and 45
a hollow bearing disposed concentrically with re-, ‘
spect to the shaft connected to the' box and tov
are maintained at all times submerged below
the manifold, the connection of the bearing’with ~-
the surface of the mud. ` This is of importance
the box being such as to permit the box toY ro-_ g l
50 since hitherto no way has been, found to in
crease the weight of mud and free the same
of all entrapped gases without at the same time
working atmospheric. air into the mud; While
submerged' below the surface l‘of the mud the
apparatus may be raised andïlowered :sol that
tate on\ the bearing, said bearing »forming amud 50
passageway from" the manifold toïthe box, mud ~
'passing from thev manifold along said denectors
toward and out of the, jet pipes _andthereby‘ro
tatinßr the
box on said shaft as an axis.
. ik
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