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.May 31., 1938.
.1}. s. BARTEK
‘ _
Filed July so,
HQ. 11.
.C 14
@3 /
_ 5
Patented May 31, 1938
John S. Bartok, Rochester, N. Y., assignor to Con
solidated Machine Tool Corporation, Roches
ter, N. Y., a corporation of Delaware
Application July 30, 1936, Serial No. 93,438
2 Claims. (Cl. 10-103)
My invention relates to. thread forming chaser operations of the die head and are also remov
supporting and adjusting means, with more par
able from the die head when different chasers are
ticular reference to a type of ‘construction which required, all of which forms no part of the present
employs a circular chaser, and has for its object invention and is in accordance with known types
to afford a simple and practical arrangement of automatically-opening die head structures.
that enables accurate adjustment of the chaser
In the present arrangement, each chaser sup
on its supporting block.
porting block 3 is provided with a circular type
A more particular object of the invention is hollow chaser, set at an angle to the longitudinal
to provide a chaser supporting block adapted to axis of the supporting block and die head, and
10 receive a circular ‘chaser, which can be readily
positioned therein after grinding, and its operat
ing position determined by a ?ne adjustment
mechanism effective to bring the cutting edge
into proper relation to the center line of the
5 machine.
A further purpose of the invention is to afford
a construction permittinga ?ne adjustment of
the chaser on its supporting block, and mounting
the chaser and adjusting mechanism in such
20 fashion on the block that the helical angle of the
thread that is out is determined by the angular
relation of the chaser to the block on which it is
To these and other ends, the invention consists
25 in the construction and arrangement of parts
that will appear clearly from the following de
scription when read in conjunction with the ac
companying drawing, the novel features being
pointed out in the claims following the speci
30 ?cation,
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is an end elevation of a die head showing
the application thereto of one embodiment of the
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same;
Fig. 3 is a side elevation, partially in section, of
one of the supporting blocks, and its chaser se
cured in position;
Fig. 4 is a plan view of one of the supporting
40 blocks with the chaser removed;
Fig. 5 is a bottom plan view of the same;
Fig. 6 is an end elevation of the adjusting
plate, and
Fig. 7 is an end elevation of the chaser.
Referring more particularly to the drawing, in
which like reference characters refer to the same
parts throughout the several views, I designates
the block is provided with means for effecting a 10
?ne adjustment of the chaser thereon while main
taining the predetermined angular relation be
tween the chaser and the supporting block.
To accomplish this, the supporting block is
provided with a threaded opening 5 disposed at 15
an angle to the longitudinal axis of the support
ing block when the latter is positioned in the
head, as indicated in Fig. 5, said opening 5 being
adapted to receive a clamping screw 3 which acts
to hold the chaser on the block.
The hollow 20
chaser is designated at '1, having cutting elements
arranged parallel, and perpendicular to its longi
tudinal axis, and the chaser is. provided at its
front end with a recess to receive the head 8 of
the clamping screw. The clamping screw 6 ex 25
tends through a sleeve 9 that is provided with a
series of longitudinally extending serrations ar
ranged exteriorly thereof and which engage cor
responding serrations II] in the interior of the
chaser ‘I and thus lock the sleeve to the chaser.
A portion of the sleeve 9 extends beyond the
chaser ‘I, as shown in Fig, 3, and this part of the
serrated sleeve 9 extends within an opening II]a
in the adjusting plate I I, the opening in which is
similarly serrated to lock the sleeve 9 in relation
thereto. The adjusting plate II includes oppo
sitely extending arms I2 which underlie the over
hanging portion I3 of the supporting block, and
said portion I3 is provided with threaded open
ings I4 that receive the adjusting screws I5. The
latter engage the two arms or extensions I2 of
the adjusting plate, and are operable to move
said adjusting plate in one direction or the other
to bring the cutting edge of the chaser in exactly
the proper relation to the opposite chaser and to
the center line of the machine. The openings Iii
which receive the adjusting screws iii are dis
posed in a line located at an angle to the outer
face of the head and the adjacent face of the
a die head which may be of conventional form
and provided with a series of transverse slots 2
50 Within each of which is mounted a chaser sup
porting block 3 that abuts the outer face of the
head I and. has a ?ange ll engaging and guided
in the slot or guideway 2. The several chaser sup
porting blocks are movable transversely in the
ing to the angle at which the chaser is set on the
supporting block, so that the adjusting screws‘
will be brought into proper cooperation with the
arms I2 on the adjusting plate II.
55 slots or guideways 2 for the opening and closing
With this arrangement, the chaser is provided
supporting block, as shown in Fig. 4, correspond 50
with cutting elements extending annularly there
around and arranged at right angles to the longi
the chaser and securing it to the support, a sleeve
within the chaser surrounding said screw, an ad
tudinal axis of the chaser, the helical angle of
justing plate surrounding said sleeve and having
the thread being determined by the angular posi
an oscillatory movement therewith around the
screw, the sleeve having exterior serrations en
tion of the chaser on its supporting block. The
chaser is removed from the supporting block for
grinding by loosening the clamping screw 8, and
after grinding, the chaser and serrated sleeve 9
justing plate for locking said parts together, and
are positioned within the serrated opening of the
adjusting plate ll so as to bring the cutting edge
[6 of the chaser to its approximate proper posi
tion, and it is then adjusted accurately to bring
its cutting edge in proper relation with the center
line of the machine by turning one or the other
of the adjusting screws l5. This rocks the sleeve
9 about the clamping screw 8 and with it the
chaser until the desired position of the latter is
obtained, whereupon the. clamping screw 8 is
tightened, while the screws l5 act' to hold the
chaser in its adjusted relation on the supporting
block and prevent turning of the same.
While the invention has been described with
reference to a particular structural embodiment,
it is not con?ned to the details herein shown, and
this application is intended to cover any modi
?cations or departures coming within the pur
means on the support for rocking the adjusting
poses of the improvement or‘ the scope of the
gageable with said arms for rocking the adjust
ing plate in opposite directions and looking it in
following claims.
gaging corresponding serrations in openings of
the same diameter in the chaser and in the ad
I claim:
1. The combination with a support, of a circu
lar chaser, a clamping screw extending through
plate about the screw in opposite directions and 10
holding it in adjusted position.
2. The combination with a support, of a cir
cular chaser, a clamping screw extending through
the chaser for securing it to the support, a sleeve
surrounding said clamping screw and provided
with exterior serrations engaging corresponding
serrations in the chaser, an adjusting plate also
surrounding said sleeve and having corresponding
serrations engaging therewith whereby the ad
justing plate and chaser are locked to the sleeve, 20
the serrated portions of the sleeve within the
chaser and adjusting plate being of the same di
ameter and the adjusting plate having oscillatory
movement about the screw for adjustment, oppo
sitely extending arms on said adjusting plate, and 25
adjusting screws threaded in the support and en
adjusted position.
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