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May 31, 1938.
H. c. BOYD
Filed July 2, 1956
By 10; ‘
Patented May 31,‘ 1935' .
2 Claims.
(0].. 63-15)
'I'his4invention relates to an ornamental de- .
vice and particularly to a ring having in combi
nation therewith a number of ornamental ar
Fig. 4 is a bottom view of an» ornamental ar
ticles, each of which is constructed and arranged
ticle ‘shown in Figs.‘ 1 and 2;v
to be attached to said ring.
r Fig. 5 is‘ a top plan view of another ornament
Of recent years
rings with novelty settings havebeen worn, which
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a ring with a
fastening means
settings are often of rather large size.
It is an object of this invention to provide a
ring having an attaching means thereon and a
shown in Fig. 5;
plurality of ornamental devices, each having
Fig. 6 is a view in side elevation of the device
r '
Fig. 7 is a top plan view of a different orna- _
a fastening means thereon cooperating with said
Fig. 8 is a view in side elevation of the device 10 '
fasteningmeans so that said devices may alter
shown in Fig. 7;
nately be attached to and worn with said ring.
Fig. 9 is a top plan view of a setting used;
These ornamental devices or articles may take
Fig.'10 is a view in side elevation as seen'from
various forms and will be suited to the dress the side of Fig. 9;
or costume of the wearer.
_ Fig. 11 is a top plan view of still another orna
It is a further object of the invention to pro
ment used; and
- 1
vide a ring and a plurality of ornamental articles
Fig. 12 is a view in side elevation of the device
to be attached thereto, which articles may in
shown in Fig. 11.
- '
20 clude an arti?cial ?ower, which ?ower may be
Referring to~the drawing, a ring i5 as shown 20
of thetype to suit the dress or costume of the constituting a ?nger ring and while this ring
wearer and be of a color to harmonize with said ~ might be of various types and forms, in the em
dress or costume. It may be also desirable to bodiment of the invention illustrated it is shown
have the ?ower of a. color to make a striking as a plain band rectangular in cross section with
25 contrast to the color of the costume.
an engraved periphery. Said ring hassecured
It is another object of the invention to pro thereto at its,top a fastening means I 6. While 25
vide an ornamental device comprising a ringwith said fastening means could be of any ‘desired
a portion of a separable fastening means there
form, in the embodiment of the invention illus-'_
on together with a plurality of ornamental ar
trated it is shown as the male part of the well
30 ticles including a fabric bow which will be of a known type of ball and socket fastener. An .orna- 30
material especially selected to suit the costume mental device I‘! is provided illustrated as in the
of the wearer and a rosette which will also be of form of a rosette made of fabric or thread. Said
a material and color suitable to the wearer’s ‘ rosette has a stem l'la at its base to which is at
costume, each of said articles having another tached a. fastening means l8 adapted to cooperate
35 portion of said separable fastening means there
with fasteningmeans l6 and which is shown as the 35
on so that said articles can alternately be at
female portion of the ordinary ball and socket
tached to and worn with said ring.
or snap fastener. Said fastener has a plurality
It is still another object of the invention to:
provide an ornamental device comprising a ring
40 having a fastening means thereon and a plu
rality of ornamental articles including one or
more novelty setting which will preferably be of
different colors, each of said articles having a
fastening means thereon complemental to said
45 fastening means so that said articles can sep-'
arately be attached to and worn with said ring.
of holes I80; cirumferentially spaced therein
through which securing threads or stitches I 9
extend, securing it to stem Ila. It will be seen 40
that member H can readily be attached to and
detached from the ring iii.
In Fig. 5 an oranmental device 20 is shown in
the form of an arti?cial ?ower, speci?cally a '
pansy. This will be made of suitable fabric or 45
other material and the sermon be'of various
colors. Preferably member 20 will be of. a color
to harmonize with the costume of the wearer or
to make a striking contrast therewith. ' As is well
known certain colors have desirable contrasting 50
These and other objects and advantages of the
invention will be fully set forth in the following
description made in connection with the accom
50 panying drawing, in which like reference char
acters refer to similar parts throughout the sev ' effects. Member 20 will be provided with a stem
eral views and in which:--- >
20a to which will be attached the fastening
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of- one form of the means 2| adapted to cooperate with the fasten
ing means i6 and which is similar to the fasteng
Fig. 2 is a. top plan view of Fig. 1;
ing means i8 already described.
In Fig. 7 an ornamental article is shown in the
form of a fabric bow 22. This bow will be of
considerable size, preferably an inch and a half .
or two inches in length and will be made of
some rich fabric so as to be quite ornamental.
It may, of course, be embellished with brilliants,
metallic ornaments or Jewels as desired.
bow at its rear or bottom portion will be equipped
with a fastening means 23 adapted to cooperate
10 with the fastening means I‘ and which may be
the same as fastening means ll already described
In Figs. 9 and 10 an ornamental device is
shown in the form of a novelty setting 24. While
this setting may be made of any natural stone or
15 arti?cial hard substance, it is shown as having
a dark portion 24a across which extends a bar
24b of very light color. The setting may, of
course, be opaque or transparent. Said setting
will have secured to its bottom a fastening
means II adapted to cooperate with fastening
means I‘ and which may be the same as fasten
ing means I! already described. .
In Figs. 11 and 12 an ornamental article com
prising an arti?cial ?ower 26 of more conven
25 tional form is shown, the same having symmetri
cally arranged petals 28a. Said article is pro
vided with a stem portion 28b to which
cured a fastening means 21 adapted to
erate with the fastening means It and
30 may also be of a construction similar to
ber i8.
is se
with the described articles the
wear the ring I! and have attached
of the articles I1, 20, 22, 2| or 28.
35 cles, as stated, will be designed to
wearer can
thereto any
These arti
suit various
costumes and can be worn with a very pleasing
effect with said costumes. A very novel and
artistic touch is given to the costume by the
wearer having one‘ of the articles carried on her
A wide range of variety is thus given
for novelty effects.
The flowers and rosettesv
of glass, cellophane, and other arti?cial mate
From the above description it is seen that ap
plicant has provided a combination having a
high degree of utility and one which \will add
muchto many costumes, especially costumes of
a ?ner type. The invention has been demon
strated in actual practice and found to be very
successful and to have a very‘pleasing effect.
It will, of course, be understood that various
changes may be made in the form, details, ar
rangement and proportions of the parts, without
departing from the scope of applicant's inven
tion, which generally stated, consists in a device
capable of carrying out the objects above set 15
forth in the parts and combinations of parts
disclosed and defined in the appended claims.
What is claimed is:
1. A ?nger ring having at one exterior side
thereof a thin disk of comparatively small di 20
ameter disposed in a plane perpendicular to the
plane of said ring, said disk having upstanding
centrally therefrom a ball member forming one
part of a separable fastener, a comparatively
large ornament made of layers of colored fabric
material and in the form of a ?ower, a thin
and ?at disk of comparatively small diameter
secured to the bottom of said device and carrying
a socket with resilient walls adapted to fit over
said ball member whereby said device may be 30
readily attached and detached from said ring
and other similar ornaments attached to said
ring so that different ornaments may be worn to
suit the costume of the wearer.
2. A ?nger ring structure having in combi 35
nation, a ring having on its upper side a thin
disk-like member disposed centrally thereof in a
plane perpendicular to the plane of said ring,
said member carrying centrally thereof one por
tion of a ball and socket separable fastener, an 40
ornament having a transverse dimension many
times the diameter of said member and having
can, of course, be impregnated with suitable per
attached to its underside a second thin disk-like
fumes. The invention has great capability for \ member, said latter member carrying centrally
thereof another portion of said separable fas 45
45 merchandising as the stores can carry a wide as
sortment of settings and article .designs which tener adapted to cooperate with said ?rst men
will harmonize with all holor combinations. An tioned portion so that said ornament may be
unlimited scope for ingenuity of design is afforded readily attached to and detached from said first
and a variety of ?owers, bows, ribbons, ties, mentioned member and ring and diiferent orna
ments may thus be used with the ring.
knots, feathers, leather and / fur articles can
be provided as well as a wide variety of varticles
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