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„ May 31, 1938.
Filed July 22, 1957
2 sheets-sheet 1
Í ¿mf/CM’ @3am/„L7
May 31, 1938.
Filed July 22, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
‘ Patented l May ->3,1,
1 _ UNITE-D ._ÍSTATss ‘PA-TENT ¿oFFlfcsz " '
Doon. mex
reni Nl'eaerdrenkï, Velbert, oei-nm
' Application
In Germany
July 2z,November
12, No.
193@155,128 '
.A . ,
e- calmeY Y(ci. vca_-1.4.3)`
I9. These notches may' also'be provided on'both
This invention relates 'tofimprovements in door »
side edges of the bolt body so'as to be able- to use
ating mechanism sons. to lock said bolt in its the lock for right land left application. The
full or halfstroke locking position. Compared; Ilocking pin IG secures the bolt in position ?after
its completed _stroke or halfV ways by engaging
5 with known devices of this type oi! ,locks the iin
vproved. mechanism has the advantage that the with, the notch I 8 and Il respectively. ‘ The
full stroke ofthe bolt may be chosen considerably notch Il _is provided with aslanting side edge
locks or more particularly to a bolt and its-oper
longer than was heretofore possible, so that an . 20, by means' of which anautomatic release of
always securelocking of a door is assured. The the'locking pin I0 is effected on the hack stroke
10 securing ofthe bolt in its half or Afull stroke posi» of the boit. The cam. disk i2 with the bolt driv
ing pin '9 is operated by turning .the knob I0 con
- > tion has beenrenderedalso more reliable„ as an
automatic or unintentional release of' the bolt is nected ,with said cam disk,;by which túrning of v
not possible. '
been- achieved by securing the knob the bolt can be withdrawn. ' In order to
the bolt in its respective positions, i. e. half or .
15‘ full stroke,4 by means of a locking pin _adapted
to engage notches provided in the bolt'body,
provided> on the cam disk, abuts. As shown in
Fig.- 5 the bolt may also be ‘operated by- means ot
which latter is ‘actuated by a cam disk connected
with a turning knob orkey.
- -
preventthe -bolt' from being drawn Vbackitoo far
a stop pi‘n 2i' is provided on the' inner box wall, 15
against which stop pin a nose-like projection 25, 1
In the accompanying drawings the improved
.present invention
is illustrated by way oi ex- '
The operation of the lock according _to the in 20
20 bolt with locking mechanism according to the - v
vention is as follows:
“ .
If the bolt l is in its .fully advanced locking
Fig. _1a vertical longitudinal section of the '_ position as shown in Fig. 4, the locking pin i6
lock with the bolt secured in halt vstroke position. engages thel notch I3. thus securing the bolt in
Fig. 2 a similar section of the lockwith the its position. Qn actuating the cam disk IZ-and 25'
consequently also the bolt driving pin 91,- at
bolt pushed back, i. e. open position,
Fig. 3 a similar section ofthe lock on its lock-v tached thereto, bypturning the knob iii, IL'the
ample, it shows:
. l
cam disk i2 forces the locking pin i6 out of the v '
` ~ ing stroke, being disengaged fromA the locking
Y notch-vll, whereby simultaneously the bolt isV
0.-- Fig. 4 a similar section of the lock' v’vith4 the , completely' withdrawn by the pin d, thus a. door 30 v
bolt in completed end stroke in locked position,- -
_.Fig. 5 a horizontal section on line 5-6 of Fig;
d and
with the lock attached thereto may be opened. . .
on releasing the knel» lo, the bolt sheets for
wardly till the locking pin iii.'v by means of the f
rig; c e verdeel section en une s-e er Fig. l.. spring inñuencedlatch ii, is caused to engage toV
notch il.- whereby the Abolt is 'secured in its half
way position K(see Eig. 1).' Now, on shutting the
door, the holt is. caused to move backwards by
. box 2 against the action of two helical spring's‘l, -' ¢ the pressure against the bolt-nab, whereby the
disposed on _guide bars 6 rigidly connected with.v locking pin I6. sliding along theslanting side
the bolt head, said guide bars themselves being edge 20 of the notch Il, is automatically. released
- guided in a transverse'rib 'i disposed within the so that the bolt is permitted to shoot. forwardly
-bol: 2. The bolt body E_is provided with a cam (see Fig.,.2). During this advance of the bolt
Figs. 7-10 -illus’idtaiîe details.
Referring to the drawing 3 represents the bolt,
I slideably disposed in the lock crampi ofthe
slot ß adapted-_for right "and: left .application or ' the .pin IB is prevented 'by the cam disk l2 from
lthe lock, saidcam- slot 8 serving :tor-the recepff íengaging the notch i8 by reason of said cam.
` 45 tien ef ebelt drivmgfpm s exec ente e 'eem disk
i2 operable by ‘a knob I0, il, said bolt driving ‘
- pin 8 being under theA iniluence of _a spring I3.
s 1t designates a. laten, mevebly mounted on e tin -
disk at this moment having not' returned yet in
its normal position.
IY claim:
, it ¿and `disposed below th'ëcam disk 12; said latch
l, 'I'he combination in a door lock;- of a; bolt, `
said bolt comprising a bolt headftwo guide bars
50' 'ib beingprovided vwith a locking pin li6. The
and a bolt body“, said bolt body being. provided. ,
with'two notches on its sideV edges and with a cam
sure spring l1, which tends to urge said latch and « sotnhelical springs disposed around the said
»- latch _I 5 is subjected to the influence of a pres->
de bars. a. cam disk with a driving pin at
consequently also the locking pin provided there- .
. ; » on in direction against the bolt body i, which is - tached‘ thereto, said‘driving pin engaging' said
55 providedion one side edge with. two notches I8, ’camvslom a latchfwitha stop pin, said stop pin
2 Y
adapted to engage with the notches oi the bolt
helical springs disposed around said guide bars,
body, a means for actuating the cam disk, said
cam disk on being actuated depressing said lock
pin and a spring for urging the lock pin of the
to, said driving pin engaging said cam slot, a.
latch with a stop pin, said stop pin adapted to
latch into the notches of the boit body.
2. The combination in a door lock, of a bolt,
said bolt comprising a bolt head, two guidebars
and a bolt body, said bolt body being provided
with two stop notches on each of its side edges.
one notch on each side edge having a. slanting
10 side edge, a cam slot provided in the bolt body,
a cam disk with a driving pin attached there
engage the notches of the boit body to secure
the bolt in position and being acted upon by said
cam disk, a spring acting upon said latch for
urging the lock pin in locking position and
means for operating said cam disk.
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