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May 31, 1938.
G. w. HALL
Filed Aug. 29,‘ 1936
6201??‘ M?klé
Patented May 31, 1938
2,119,210 '
George W. Hall, Bridgeport, Conn.
Application August 29, 1936, Serial No.,98,488
9 Claims.
This invention relates to temporary protective
coverings for bath-tubs.
, It is customary at the present time in build
ing construction to install the ?nished bath-tub
?xture as soon as, or very soon after the rough
(01. 4-4-13)
against‘studs 5 and 6 respectively, has its top
edges 1, inside and outside ?nished surfaces 8
and‘ 9, covered and protected with a protective
covering ID. The covering ll] comprises a body
portion H, and a marginal portion l2. The 5
marginal portion I2 is permanently secured by
framing of the building is completed. Consid
erable time is apt to lapse between the completion means of nails l3, or by other convenient means
of the rough framing and the ?nal ?nishing of to the studs 5 and 6, and to the rough ?oor
the walls, ceilings, and‘ ?oors and the installa 1 ing 2. This marginal portion I2 is intended
10 tion of the ?nished trim. During this period and to remain permanently in placed and to be cov- 10
also during the period of ?nishing work, the ered and concealed by the ?nished wallmaterial
bath-tub ?xture is exposed to damage from many and ?nished floor as indicated by dotted lines
sources, such as falling objects or material,
l4 and i5 respectively in Figure 1. The body
scratching from carelessness, damaging chemical portion l I is removed after the ?nished Wall and
15 action, caused from material dropping upon the floor are installed. A line of separation Iiiis 15
?nished surface of the tub and being allowed to provided between the marginal portion l2 and
remain there. It is to protect the bath-tub ?x
"the body portion H. In installing the covering
ture from such damage that this invention has
Ill, this line of separation I6 is located to coin
been conceived.
An object of the invention is to provide a
protective covering for a bath-tub ?xture,‘ which
may be fastened to the rough framing of a build
ing structure in such a manner as to completely
cover the ?nished surface of the tub, which may
25 remain in place until after the ?nished work of
the building structure has been completed, and
the exposed part of which may then be removed.
Broadly this invention comprises a covering
body in two parts, one part consisting of a main
30 body portion and the second part consisting of
a marginal portion, the two parts being tem
porarily connected in such a manner that they
may be easily and quickly separated one from
the other.
Preferred embodiments of this invention are
illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in
cide with the line of ?nished materials, either
wall or ?oor. After the ?nished work is done,
the body portion ll may be separated from the
marginal portion 12, and thereby permit the re
moval of the body portion II, and exposure of
the ?nished portions or surfaces of the bath
tub I.
to CI
In the construction shown in Figure 2 the por
tions H and I2 are'connected and disconnected
by means of a slide fastener construction H. In
this construction operation of the slide l8, either
connects the parts H and I2 together or discon- 30
nects the same, depending upon the direction of
movement of the slide l8. Advantages of this
construction are that the body portion ll of the
protective covering 10 may be repeatedly used,
and only the marginal portion l2 replaced for 5
each installation. A second modi?cation which
has these same advantages is illustrated in Fig
Fig. 1 is a perspective view, partially in section, ure 3. In this construction a sheet metal angle
of a bath-tub installed in the rough frame of
[9 is provided with a plurality of spaced rings
40 a building structure with the protective cover
20 at the edge of the outstanding leg of the an p.
ing also shown in place.
r-gle l9. The angle I9 is permanently secured to 0
Fig. 2 is an elevational view of a portion of a the rough frame in a similar manner to the mar
preferred form of covering,
ginal portions l2 of the constructions shown in
Fig. 3 is a perspective View, partially in secFigure 3. The body portion H has secured near
45 tion, of a still further modi?cation,
its outer edge 2| a metallic strip 22, by means 5 .
Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 1 illustrating a of staples 23, or other suitable means, and the
modi?cation in which sheet-metal is used in
outer‘ edge 24 of the metallic strip 22 is provided
stead of fabric, and
with a plurality of spaced rings 25, which are
Fig. 5 is a detail sectional view of a connection intended to mesh with the rings 20 on the angle
50 between the marginal and body portions of the IS. The edge 2| of the body I I, extends beyond 50
cover illustrated in Fgure 5.
the edge 24 of the metallic strip‘ 22 to protect
Referring now to the drawing in detail in the bath-tub ?xture I from the angle I9 and rings
which like numerals‘ refer to like parts through
20. In installing the body portion H the rings
out, a bath-tub I, installed on the rough floor 26 and 25 are meshed and an annealed wire 26
55 2, and having one side 3, and ends 4, abutting is drawn through the rings 20 and 25 and tied 55
.2 ,
5. A protective cover for bath-tubs comprising
disconnect the body portion H from the angle
IE, it is merely necessary to withdraw the wire 26.
In the construction illustrated in Figures 4 and
5 the protective covering for the tub I comprises
a metallic angle member for attachment to rough
framing adjacent the tub, a cover member for
completely enclosing the tub, and means for re
movably securing said cover member on said me
tallic angle.
or secured in place in any suitable manner.
a sheet-metal angle 21, nailed to the studs and
floor and provided with a plurality of spaced slots
28, and a body portion 29 of sheet-metal provided
with spaced lugs which register with the slots
10 28, thereby providing means for quickly and eas
6. A
bath-tubs com
prising a metallic angle member for attachment
to rough framing adjacent the tub, a cover mem
ber for completely enclosing the tub, and means
ily connecting and disconnecting the angle 21
for removably securing said cover member on
and cover 29.
said metallic angle, said means comprising lugs
formed in the side edges of said body portions
What I claim is:-
1. A two-part protective covering for a bath
tub comprising a body portion shaped to con
form to the shape of said tub and a marginal
strip adjacent the edge of said body portion and
means for temporarily connecting said body por
tion and said marginal strip.
2. In combination in a building structure hav
' ing a rough floor and walls, a bath-tub‘ on said
?oor and against said walls, a strip member se
cured on said walls and said ?oor adjacent said
tub, a cover member for covering and protecting
said tubyand means for temporarily securing said
cover member to said strip member.
3. A protective cover for a bath-tub compris
ing in combination with rough building construc
tion, a fabric covering shaped to ?t the contours
“ of said tub, a separate strip member to be per
manently secured to said rough construction
around said tub, and means for removably at
taching said covering to said strip member where
by said covering may be'detached from said strip
member after the strip member is concealed by
?nish construction.
4. A protective cover for bath-tubs compris
ing a main body portion shaped to conform to
the contours of said tub and a secondary mar
cooperating with slots provided in said metallic
'7. A protective cover for bath-tubs compris
ing a metallic angle member for attachment to
rough framing adjacent the tub, a cover member
for» completely enclosing the tub, and means for
removably securing said cover member on said
metallic angle, said means comprising spaced
rings in the free standing edge of said metallic
angle, spaced rings in the edge of said body por
tion, and means for locking said rings in nested
8. A protective covering for bath-tubs com
prising a fabric blanket, a metallic strip secured
on said blanket adjacent to but spaced within
the outer edge of said blanket, a. metallic angle
for attaching to a supporting frame adjacent
a bath-tub, and means for removably attach
ing said metallic strip to said metallic angle.
9. A two-part protective cover for bath-tubs
comprising a supporting member for permanent
attachment to the rough walls and ?oor adja
cent a bath-tub, a cover member conforming to
the shape of the bath-tub, and means for tem
porarily connecting said cover member and said
supporting member, whereby the cover member
ginal member bounding said body portion, slide may be removed after the supporting member
40 fastener means for connecting and disconnect
has been buried or concealed by finished work.
ing said body portion and said marginal portion. _
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