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May 31, 1938. _
Original Filed March 2, 1935
?zz/14km. Parsons
' Between” 31,1933 .
” _"_'z,119,215"1v
PATENT’ ore-Ice _
* ‘ Yuiu'rso STATES
'- "2,119,215
.~ _. sUrron-r 'roa mourn TaEa'rmgyEssELs
,Ralph M. Parsons, cmeago. Ill., assignor to The
Ralph M. Parsons 0ompany,‘ Chicago,‘ 111., a
corporation of .Delaware
Original application March» 2,
1935', Serial No. '
‘ 8,989,' now Patent‘ NC» 2,079,333}, dated May
4,1937. -' Divided and this application July 20,
1936, Serial N0. 91,470
. ‘1
(Cl. 248-146)
This invention relates to ‘a support 'forf'a. liquid --the tubular member i2’ to the outer surface oi!_
‘ treating vessel and more particularly to a sup
port for a heavy vessel of the-type used in oil
cracking plants. -
This application is a division of my copending
_ the vessel Ill to enclose the assembly and to in- ’
crease the strength thereof; I
All of the joints of the various plates tov the
tubular‘ member I2 and to the wall of the .vessel ‘ ' I '
application, Serial No. 8,989, ?led March 2, 1935, ID are preferably butt-welded so as to form a
_ j for Liquid treating vessel and support therefor ‘ rigid mounting for the legs. ‘ _The various plates
which ‘application became Patent 2,079,333,v dated
form, ineffect, an open box or truss, the edges
of.which may readily be secured‘ to the vessel and
An object of, the invention-is‘ to provide a sim
which is adapted to support me weight of the 10
v'ple, rigid, 'dependableand economical support of e vessel rwlthout distortion. The". vessel may be
the above ‘ type.
constructed at the factory with the~legs II’, at
Another object‘ is to provide a support ‘which tached thereto, so that the amount 01' construe‘May
may be attached tolthe vessel at the factory and ‘
15 which facilitates the erection oi vthe vessel- in
.Various other objectsand advantages will be
apparent as the nature of thelinvention' is more
tion work in the field is reduced to a minimum.
_A base 20', of any suitable. material such as 15
concrete, may be formed with recesses adapted"
to receivethe legs H. The tubular members l2
'enter said recesses‘ and are secured therein by
concrete. The tubular members I2 ‘are also pro-v
vided with an outer coating ‘2! of concrete, which
;-will be understood from the followingdescrip; strengthens the assembly and protects the mem
tion, taken in connection with the accompany? bers from injury. This coating 2| may be apfully disclosed.
The invention is capable-oi various uses and
ling drawing in which one embodiment thereof is
set forth.
In ‘the drawing.
Fig. 1 is a vertical section of a portion of.’ a
, flash- chamber showing the supporting legs at-'
tached thereto.
1 The shell 22‘may remain in position permanently
Fig. 2 is a broken sideelevation thereof.
to protect the concretefrom damage.
Fig. 3 is a horizontal section‘ taken ‘on the line.
3-3 oi’Fi'g. l, andv
' '
plied after the vessel has‘ been erected, byposie.
tioning a thin shell 22.) such as steel, around the‘
tubular member I2 and leaving a suitable open
ing ‘23 through which‘the concrete can be poured.
I ‘I
Although aspecific form of supporting leg has
- ‘been- vdisclosed. for purposes of illustration, it is
Figs. 4 and dare partial'jsectionstalren onrthe v obv ous that ‘yarious changes and modifications
7‘ lines d-r-t and, t-h respectively of Fig‘. ‘1.
‘me be made-therein by ‘a person skilled in the
Referring to the‘ ‘drawing more in detail, the .art ‘without departing from the scope oi the in
invention is. shownappliedl to a ‘vessel Ill. vention. The supporting legs are particularly
35 which may comprise a_ ?ashchamber or the like . suitable for the various heavytowers and vessels
in anoil cracking plant. Such vessels'iare. of used in an oil cracising plant. It is to be under- "
large dimensions and comparatively heavy. ‘For
supporting the vesselv Hi‘ there are provided a
plurality‘of legs ii, preferably four in number.
stoodfhowever, that the use of these supporting '
legs isnot limited .to such apparatus. ~Thescope
oi’ the invention‘ is only limited in accord
to‘ each. of which comprises a tubular member’ l2,'_ ance with the following claim, when interpreted
suchas a steel rod, to which a pair of cross ‘plates -- in view of the prior art.
l3 and M are secured, as by welding. 'l?he cross . : What is claimed is;
plate 83‘ may ‘be provided with an aperture 15
' through 'whichn'the/ tubular member llextends.
. 45mm cross plate 14 is preferably butt-welded to
‘ the end of the tubular ‘member l2. ' The cross
A support for a heavy metal vessel comprising.
a plurality of supporting legs and a butt-welded
truss, securing each leg-to said vessel, each or
said trusses comprising a'horizontal plate butt
weld‘ed to the top 01 ‘a leg and having‘ an edge en
plates i3 and M are'themselves butt-welded ‘to > gaging and butt-WeIdeVd. to'the surface of said
the outside surfaceof the vessel l0.‘ Compres ‘vessel; a second horizontal plate having an open
50 sion members such as triangular bracing plates ing through which saidleg extends, said second 50_ '
it are secured by butt-welding to the cross plate
plate being horizontally spaced below said‘ ?rst
‘ it and to .the outer'surface of.the vessel- HI.- A
plate and likewise‘ being butt-welded both to said
cover plate HT is secured between the bracing
leg and to said vessel,‘ side plates closing the area
.between said horizontal plates and said vessel,
‘ ‘plates I6 and is welded thereto. ' Side plates I8
‘55 extend between the cross plates l3 and It irom said side platesbeing butt-welded to said vessel 66
said ?rst platest a pair of triangular plates and to said vessel to close the area between said
above the upper transverse plates and in ap-i. triangular plates,tsaid plates forming, in effect,
proximately‘ the planes of said side plates, said an open. box-like truss which is resistant to
triangular plates being butt-welded to the upper deformation and forms a rigid support for said
transverse plate and to said vessel and an in
- clined plate butt-welded to said triangular plates
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