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May 31, 1938.
Filed June 25, i934
Ä/VSjuzzœ 7 i,
Ä .'
Patented May 31, 1938
Abraham N. Spanel, Rochester, N. Y.
Application June 25, 1934, Serial No. 732,297
2 Claims. (Cl. 20G-46)
My present invention relates to the packaging tion 2 at the other. I next roll the strip thus
of goods for merchandising purposes and more formed into a tight ball beginning the roll as
particularly to the packaging of small articles indicated in Fig. 5 at the crown end so that, as
that are displayed in trays, boxes or racks in the rolling proceeds toward the opposite open
comparative abundance and in attractive style, end, all contained air will be expelled. The re- 5
and it has for its general object ‘to provide such
a package for bathing caps and similar light flex
ible articles, which package will be pleasing to
the eye, compact, simple to prepare and will serve
to protect the contents. To these and other,
sulting full roll thus resembles a ball because its
length and its diameter are about equal. Instead
of rolling, the strip may be folded transversely
upon itself a plurality of times.
In this condition, the case or wrapper is ap- 10
ends, the invention resides in certain improve
plied. This preferably consists of a sheet 4, as
ments and combinations-of parts, all as will be shown in Fig. 6, of transparent flexible air-proof
hereinafter more fully described, the novel fea
material such as regenerated cellulose. The ball
tures being pointed out in the claims at the is placed in the center of this and the edges
end of this specification.
_brought up around it and pinched together at
In the drawing:
one end to constitute the puckered portion 5
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a bathing cap
which is preferably at the side adjacent to the
package, complete, constructed in accordance head opening 2 so that only folded edges of the
with and illustrating one embodiment of my in
crown will be visible on the opposite side. A
cord, rubber band or similar constricting element
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the bathing cap flat
6 is ñnally bound tightly around the puckered
tened out before it is shaped into a ball and portion and the sealing of the goods is complete
showing an edge turned back at the head open
but their color or pattern is still discernible.
In addition to the foregoing, I prefer to supply
Fig. 3 is a, vertical section through the package a further element that is both useful and adds
taken centrally through the body thereof;
to the pleasing appearance of the article. When
Fig. 4 is a horizontal or transverse section the rolling or folding of the folded strip is start
therethrough taken on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1; ed, I insert and anchor in the axial center thereof
Fig. 5 is a perspective View illustrative of the one end of a narrow flexible strip of material 1,
manner in which the cap is folded and rolled; which may also be composed of Vcolored regenFig. 6 is a greatly reduced plan of the casing v erated cellulose, and the other end of which ulti
mately projects through the puckered portion 5
and its constricting member, beyond the edges
Fig. '7 is a perspective view illustrating a dif
ferent way of manipulating the cap prior to
rolling or folding it; and
Figs. 8 and 9 are side elevations of slightly
of the wrapper. ’I'his provides a convenient
means of picking a selected package out of a 35
modified packages.
Similar reference numerals throughout the
merely for ornamental purposes or to indicate a
several views indicate the same parts.
Referring more particularly to the drawing, as
above stated, a bathing cap I suitable for pack
aging in accordance with my invention is shown
in Fig. 2 and comprises a thin rubber protective
covering for the head and hair, the head opening
45 being indicated at 2 and the crown at 3.
practice, I first fold the sides of the cap inwardly
toward a median line extending from the crown
to the head opening into a multiplicity of layers
until ithas the form of a relatively narrow strip
50 composed of superposed double folds, the said
median line being indicated by the dot and dash
line in Fig. 2. The width of this built up strip,
as shown in Fig. 5, determines the height of the
body of the package. The crown portion 3 is at
one end of the strip and the head opening por
tray or group and may be contrastingly colored
characteristic of the contents of the package.
Instead of folding the cap into a strip prior
to rolling, as indicated in Fig. 5, the cap may be 40
twisted, beginning at the crown 3, into a strip
of generally cylindrical form shown in Fig. 7.
By twisting the cap into cylindrical form in
this manner, the entrapped air is expelled there
from. Thereafter the cap, thus twisted, is rolled 45
or folded beginning with the crown, into a ball
like body which can be encased in the wrapper
4 as previously described.
In Fig. 8 there is illustrated a different Way of
attaching the handling strip 1 to the package. 50
In this modification the lower end of the strip
is inserted between the outside of the wrapper
4 and the constricting element 6. Otherwise the
package is the same as that shown in Fig. 1.
If desired the constricting element 6 may be 55
omitted as shown in Fig. 9, and instead the
lower end of the handling element 'I is tied
tightly around the puckered portion 5 of the
package. Except for this diñerence the package
is the same as that described above.
A merchandising article constructed in ac
cordance with my invention as above described
may be made, as to its body portion, about the
size of a walnut and many of them can be packed
10 together in a small space with each in plain View
and subject to instant and convenient inspection
while the wrapper protects the rubber article
therein from becoming soiled.
What I claim is:
1. As an article of manufacture, a bathing cap
package embodying, in combination, a cap made
of waterproof material folded laterally in mul
tiple into a narrow strip and rolled longitudinally
from the crown portion toward the head open
ing into the approximation of a ball, a ñexible
case enclosing the latter and formed of a sheet
having its free edges puckered, and a constrict
ing element encircling the puckered portion.
2. As an article of manufacture, a bathing cap
package embodying, in combination, a cap made
of Waterproof material folded laterally in mul
tiple into a narrow strip and formed longitudi~
nally from the crown portion toward the head
opening into the approximation of a ball, a flex
ible transparent case enclosing the latter and
formed of a sheet having its free edges puckered,
a constricting element encircling the puckered
portion and a flexible manipulating strip having
its inner end anchored in the ball and the other
end projecting through the puckered portion and
beyond the constrícting element, whereby the
package presents an attractive over-all eiîect.
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