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May 31, 1938.
Filed May 2'7, 1956
Film o‘f polymerized acrylic acid
derivative filled with a Substance
of high thermal concluctivzty
Paul Ncwak?
His Attcucnéiyv
Patented May 31, 1938
Paul Nowak, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany,
assignor to General Electric Company, a cor
poration of New York
Application May 27, 1936, Serial No. 82,155
In Germany June 4, 1935
5 Claims. (Cl. 154—2.6)
This invention relates to insulating bands for masses of high thermal conductivity which are
electrical machines and apparatus and to the used according to the invention do not possess in
processes ‘of making the same,
themselves the mechanical strength required for
One of the chief problems in the construction winding bands, chie?y due to the exceptionally
5 of electrical machines and apparatus is that of high content of ?ller such as powdered quartz,
removing the heat from the windings to the ex
metallic oxides alone or admixed with other crys-,
. terior without allowing it to accumulate. The
talline substances. It is only due to the fact that
insulations hitherto used, for example, in wind
these masses are worked together with bands of
ing heads of machines, consist of bands of highly textile material that winding bands are obtained
insulating materials which are wound around
the conductors in layer thicknesses up to about
which, besides their great insulating capacity 10
terior and from one another, but are very un
ductivity are rolled or stuck on to the ?rm tex
and thermal conductivity, passess the mechanical
3 mm. These bands ful?ll well the purpose of - strength necessary for insulating conductors and
effectively insulating the windings from the ex
windings. The masses of high thermal con
favorable as regards the removal of heat. Since ture or web, or rolled into the latter.
the insulating layers consist of several super
The insulating bands according to the inven
imposed bands between which heat accumulation tion have a speci?c thermal resistance between
occurs owing to the air layers existing between 100 and 150 thermal ohms. With a layer thick
the bands, they usually have a speci?c thermal .ness for the insulation of 3 mm. this gives a
resistance between 1100 and 1500 thermal ohms, thermal surface resistance of about 30-50 thermal 20
so that their thermal surface resistance for a ohms per square centimeter and, if the thermal
layer thickness of 3 mm. may be estimated at resistance between the insulation and air is es
approximately 500 thermal ohms per square cen
timated at 300 thermal ohms as above, a total
timeter. The thermal resistance outward to air intermediate resistance from the conductor to
might be estimated at 800 thermal ohms at 40° the air of about 350 thermal ohms results. This
C. excess temperature. Since, however, in this means an exceptionally great reduction of the
case, the winding head is usually ventilated, this temperature drop in comparison with the above
resistance diminishes to about 300 thermal ohms. mentioned resistance values of customary bind
The heat current emanating from the conductor mgs.
surface thus undergoes a thermal resistance alto
As basic material for the construction of the
gether of approximately 500 thermal ohms.
insulating mass of high thermal conductivity it
The invention is based on the problem of very
considerably reducing the thermal resistance
is suitable to use besides the above-mentioned
polymers of the acrylic acid esters, any other
without impairing the insulating qualities of the , insulating masses which can be ?lled in the
winding at the same time. According to the in
vention, for the insulation of electrical conduc
tors and windings of electrical machines and
apparatus use is made of bands which consist
of a web, braiding or the like, for example, of
textile threads or yarn of cotton, linen, asbestos,
or ‘the like, to which is applied an insulating ma
greatest possible quantity with substances of 35
high thermal conductivity such as quartz, as
bestos, microasbestos, or with oxidized metallic
elements such as aluminum oxide. For example,
rubber, linseed oil or any mass similar to these
may be used as basic material. The following 40
mass, for example, has also proved to be suitable:
terial of high thermal conductivity, for example,
an insulating mass which is ?lled with crystalline
elements or metallic oxides. The insulating ma
terial used in this case has, for example, the fol
lowing composition:
Polymerized acrylic acid esters __________ -_ 1'70
Quartz powder _________________________ __ 415
Microasbestos ____________________ -c ____ __
Sulphur ________________________________ __
Magnesium carbonate. ___________ __,_.._,_'___ 138'
Quartz powder _____________________ _~_____' 300
Parts by weight
Beta-naphthol ___________ __~ ____ _'_ _______ __
Parts by weight
Crepe rubber _________________________ ..'___ 250
, A mass of such composition may be rolled out to
thin ?lms and then worked with the coating or
intermediate layer of material. The insulating
Microasbestos ____‘_ _____________________ __ 300
Diphenyl guanidine (Vulkazit D)‘; _______ __
This mass is rolled on to textile bands in the un
vulcanized condition and then vulcanized to‘
gether with the latter.
Although it has already been proposed to in
crease the,‘ thermal conductivity of insulating
masses by "mixing powdered quartz or the like
2,119,400 _
with them, the invention makes it possible for
band consisting of textile threads in contact with
an insulating mass comprising polymerized
acrylic acid derivative ?lled with a substantial
the ?rst time to utilize in electro-technics‘ such
heat-conducting masses for the manufacture oi’
insulated wires, such as are used in electrical , amount of material having approximately the
machine construction for making-coil windings. thermal conductivity properties of quartz.
A constructional example of an insulating layer
‘3. An insulating band for conductors and wind
according to the invention is represented in the ingsin electrical machines and apparatus con
drawing. The polymerized acrylic ‘acid- deriva
sisting, ofiaf web ‘of textile material united with
tives which are ?lled, for example, with powdered .an insulating‘ mas's- comprising a polymerized
10 quartz or material having approximatelyithej
acid ester ?lled with a- substantialcamount
thermal conductivity properties of quartmwhich; acrylic
of powdered :quartz. ' ',
latter expression is intended to include quart'z'jit
4. An insulating band for conductors and wind- I
self, are rolled out into a ?lm I, which is ?rmly' ingsin electrical machines and apparatus pom
connected on both sides with threads‘ 2‘w__hich».li_e1 -
of a web of asbestos yarn united with an
V15 parallel and close to one another and'which have ' sisting
insulating mass comprising a- polyrnerized acrylic
on one side a direction diifering by 90° irornihat _. acid ester ?lled with a. substantial amount-oi
of the threads r on the other side. The threads material having approximately the thermal con-.
may consist of texture or interwoven ?laments '_ .ductivity properties oi.’ quarts.
01' ?brous material.
5. _An insulating band ior'conductors and wind-'
What I claim as new and desire to secureby' ‘ 'ings in electrical machines and apparatus Icon
Letters Patent 0! the United States, is:— -
_ sisting 01 a'_ ?lm oi"_an insulating mass 'compris_-' ..
1. An article of manufacture comprising an _~ ing a ‘polymerized acrylic acid-ester ?lled with "
electrically insulating band consisting of an'inti 3 ‘,material of high thermal conductivity; comprising , ;'
' mate association of textile material and an. in-} , powdered quartz,-said him being ?rmly connected
25 sulating mass comprising polymerized acrylic-acid‘
derivative containing a substantial amount- of ‘ on‘ both sides'with textile threads._.tha_t' lie par
allelfandiclose to one'another and thatv have on.»
?lling material having approximately the-thermal "one
side ‘a direction diilering by ‘90°-irom-that
conductivity properties of quartz.
2. Insulation i'or conductors and windings in
30 electrical machines and apparatus comprising 9.
of the‘ threads on the other side.-
- g
PAUL N‘owinr.v - '
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