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May 31, 1938.
Filed Sept. 16,' 1936
Patented May 31, 1938 ì
mir‘rLLAisLr:` PENCIL
Horace J’. Alter, Brooklyn, N. vY.
Application September 16, 1936, Serial No. 101,150
3 Claims.
(C1. 1Z0-_21)
to receive a receptacle 4 of substantially tubular'
shape having a flange 5 to abut the end of the
ject ~vthe provision of avdevice of this character body. The receptacle 4 is employed to receive a
wherein the body thereof is approximately the -draftsman’s prick point 6 either end of which
This invention relates to refillable draftsman’s
or artist’s pencils and has for the primary ob
5 Asame length as that> of an ordinary pencil and
has a portion preferably of hexagonal shape to
permit the body to be readily grasped for use and
is located adjacent the Writing end of the body
while the remaining portion of the body tapers
10 and is of cylindrical shape so that when the
pencil is in use a low center of gravity will be
'had and adjacent the writing end, which so bal
ances a pencil as to relieve holding strains.
may be conñned within the receptacle or holder- 5
while the other end is exposed for use. While
the receptacle 4 is shown and described as being
fitted in thev recessed end of the body I it is to
`be understood that the receptacle by increasing
the size of the bore at one end may be ñtted over 10
the end of the body.
The hexagonal end 3 of the body besides pro
viding an efficient grip for the body also provides
a low center of gravity to the pencil in'entirety,
Another object of the invention is the provision
15 of a holding receptacle secured to the non-writ ' that is, bringing the center of gravity closer to the 15
ing end of the body for removably attaching to writing end of the pencil whereby the pencil may
said body a draftsman’s prick point, either end be more easily balanced when in use. The hexag
of which may be easily brcught into position for . anal-shaped end of the body is recessed and in
use while the other end is fully protected.
ternally threaded to receive an exteriorly thread
A further object of this invention is the pro
ed stud or plug 8 which has threaded thereon a 20
vision of an improved chuck carried by'the body retainer nut or sleeve 9. 'I'he sleeve or nut 9 has
wherein the lead will be engaged, and gripped threaded therein a chuck IIl including an outer
over a larger portion thereof than heretofore tapered portion II threaded to the nut or sleeve
9 andcontacting a reduced extension I2 formed
lpossible in similarly constructed pencils to pre
2 vent highly localized stress on the lead.
on the stud or plug 9. Operating within the 25
outer tapered >portion II are elongated jaws I3
With these and other objects in view, this in
vention consists in certain novel features of con
preferably three in number which engage with a »
struction, combination and arrangement of parts
lead I4 for a substantialv distance, the lead ex
to be hereinafter more fully described and
tending into> the bore 2 by way of a bore I5
formed in the stud 8. The jaws taper‘towards 30
their free ends to correspond with the taper of
the outer tapered portion I I of the chuck so that
saidjaws will evenly contact with the lead sub
stantially throughout their entire length. This
construction of chuck provides maximum contact 35
30 claimed.
For a complete .understanding of my invention,
reference is to be had to the following description
and accompanying drawing, in’which
Figure 1 is a side elevation illustrating a re
35 ñllable pencil constructed in accordance with my
‘_ of the chuck with the lead and eliminates highly
invention. l
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view illustrating
the same.
Figure 3 is a fragmentary vertical sectional
‘l0 view showing the prick point holder secured to
the body with the point in operative position.
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on the line
4--4 of Figure 2.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary vertical sectiona
45 View illustrating a modified form of my inven
localized'stress on the lead, consequently reduc
ing the chances of breaking the lead to a mini
mum still efficiently securing the lead against
denote different grades of lead, permitting a per- `
son at a glance to determine what grade of lead
is in -the pencil regardless of the position of the
Referring to the modified form of invention
the hexagonal end 3 of the body I has formed
Referring in detail to the drawing, the numeral
I indicates the body of the pencil having a bore
thereon a reduced extension I1 tapered, as shown
2 and is constructed from some suitable compo
at I8, and has the bore I5 extending there
50 sition of material. The body I adjacent the writ
- through. A retaining nut or sleeve I9 is threaded
ing end of the pencil is preferably of hexagonal on the extension and has an inner annular shoul
shape, as shown at 3, to permit the body to be der 20. A chuck 2l is threaded into the nut or
readily grasped and the body from the hexagonal
shape towards the non-Writing end tapersy and
i is of cylindrical shape and has its end recessed
Colored bands I6 may be applied` to the body to
sleeve I9 and includes the tapered jaws 22, the
inner ends of which are shouldered, as shown at
23, to ride on the shoulder 20 and he~ located 55
adjacent the end of the reduced extension l1.
The outer ends of the jaws are internally knurled,
as shown at 24. The chuck 2| includes the outer
tapered sleeve-like portion 25 for effecting op
eration of the jaws into gripping the lead.
Having described the invention, I claim:
1. A reñllable pencil comprising a body having
a bore, a stud having a bore carried by said body,
said bores adapted to receive a lead, a retaining
10 nut threaded on said stud, a chuck sleeve thread
ed into said nut, elongated tapered jaws arranged
in the sleeve to grip the lead.
2. A reñllable pencil comprising a body having
a bore, a stud having a bore threaded to said
~15 body, said bores adapted to receive a lead, a re
taining nut threaded on said stud, a chuck sleeve
threaded into said nut, elongated tapered jaws
arranged in the sleeve to grip the lead, an ex
tension formed on the stud to abut the jaws,
and a shoulder formed in the chuck sleeve and
engaging the extension.
3. A reñllable pencil comprising a body having
a bore and provided with a reduced screw thread
ed end with the bore extending therethrough to
receive a lead, a retaining nut threaded on the
extension, and an internal shoulder formed in 10
the nut, a chuck sleeve threaded in the nut,
elongated tapering jaws arranged in the sleeve
to engage with the lead and having shouldered
ends engaging with said ñrst shoulder.
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