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May 31, 1938.
v Filed Dec. 18,
Patented May 31, 1938
-, .
Mark A. Dé?l'iaii'gh, Lake Orion, Mich.
Apljlicaitidli‘» December 18, 19355 Sériail‘Nd; 54,968
a claims.
sleet‘ orrelates
other to
imeclranism‘fm remoVfrom
the surface'of gla's's‘or other transparenciesfahd
more particularly to a’ windshield’ for motor cars,
5 arranged- to effect such removal-'there'fromjj‘of
such matter. ‘An object‘ of the present int/‘en;tion is’ to provide a construction in which the’
glass is movable and the wiper is stationaryg-thus
obviating the necessity for a'reciprocable'or ‘other,
10 movable member to sweep acrossth'e surfalc‘eof
the glass; which member, especially in conneee
tion with a windshield, tends to confuse-the driver
and obstructs his vision.
It is also any object to secure a' better and
15 more positive cleaning action over a more e’xtended area and to provide ‘an arrangement
whereby substantially the entire area 7 off’ the‘
windshield glass may be wiped‘c'lea‘niand maintained in that condition.
I’ '
A furtherobject is' to provide power'mea‘n's
for reciprocating or rotating the glass to be
cleaned, and to provide a'stationary cleaning
member to sweep the entire surface of the movable glass, said member being mounted for hand
25 manipulation where the glass is rotated, so that
said member may be shifted out of contact therewith when rotation is discontinued, or may be
manipulated to sweep across the glass when the
glass is held stationary; and also to provide
30 an arrangement of drive for the glass whereby
the glass framing may be'pivotally mounted to
swing to open position for the purpose of ventilation.
It is also an object to provide certain other
35 new and useful features in the construction, ar-
(01; 15-250)
and cowl
‘or portions‘
formsof athe
tion- betw'e'en the sides or the body to prevent
weaving or 'twis‘ting'movemént’s'of the body, and
this wall I! is formed withone or more circular’ 5
openings 2 which are of a diameter as‘ large as
is permissible within the vertical width of ‘thev
wall' vI, and secured to the rear face of thi'slwall‘
is a double'ring channelmem'ber 3"withithe-chane
nel of one ring opening intdthe ‘channel ‘of-the ' 10
other ring at their adjacent sides. Withinthes'e“
channels are mounted two annular
4 having peripheral teeth,'with the teeth ‘oi-one;
ring out of mesh with the teeth of the'oth if
ring. Each ring gear is also ‘ranted with
inner channel‘ to receive a packing 5 interwea
upon the peripheral edge of the glass disk "B'W'hi'ch,
closes each of the openings 2 and'ie'adei-litedi
torotat'eqwiththering'gears; said annular gears
each forming a frame for each diskt _
I“, 20
To remove rain; sleet or snow or othermaitter
from the outside face of each glass diskli, a
wiper 9 is provided for each of these glass disks,
the wiper being preferably mounted at the lower
side of each disk and held in a ?xed position 25
against the surface of the disk. Each of these
wipers 9 is pivotally attached at I 0 to the upper
end of a rod II which is secured at its lower
end by a head l2 to the forward end of a shaft
l3 eXtending through an Opening in the Wall |
below each of the openings 2 which are closed
by the disks 6 and on the inner end of this
shaft I3 is a handle M by means of which the
shaft may be turned to swing the Wiper about
the axis of said shaft and move it from engage
rangement and combination of parts, all as hereinafter more fully described and shown in the
accompanying drawing wherein,
Fig. l is a rear elevation of a windshield show-
ment with the glass and out of the range of
vision of the driver.
This shaft I3 is mounted Within a bearing l5
on the wall land this bearing is provided with
40 ing the construction thereof and illustrating a
transverse grooves or notches in its outer end to
form of power drive therefor, and
Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section substantially upon the line 2—2 of Figure 1.
As ordinarily constructed, the body of a motor
45 car is usually closed at its forward end above
be engaged by a rib [6 upon the head I2, and to
hold the shaft l3 moved endwise inwardly and
thus normally hold the rib I6 in engagement with
one of the notches in the bearing, a spring I‘!
is Sleeved 1111011 the Shaft between Said bearing
the cowl, by means of a windshield comprising _ and handle I4. Therefore, the Operator by Press
a pivoted or otherwise mounted frame of sub- ing forwardly upon the handle l4, may disengage‘
stantially rectangular form for holding the glass, the head [2 from engagement with the bearing
this frame having little effect in tying together and swing the rod H and wiper 9 to the desired
50 the sides of the body at its forward end.
position either in contact with the glass or out
In the present construction as shown in Figof contact therewith, and when so moved it will
ure 1 the forward end of the body is closed by be held in that position by the re-engagement of
a plate forming a wall I, which plate is rigidly the rib IS with the notches in the end of the
secured at its ends to the side portions of the
55 body and at its top and bottom sides to the roof
bearing IS. The wiper when in contact with the
glass is therefore held in a ?xed position with
the wiper extending upwardly toward ' the axis
of rotation of the glass to wipe the surface thereof
as the glass is rotated and remove any accumula
tion of foreign matter therefrom.
As shown in Figure 1 the two ring gears 4 may
tendingalong the periphery of said'opening'said
frame being pivotally supported at :one' side of
said openings to swing toward and from the same,
a glass disk to close said opening; an annular
member engaging the peripheral edgeof said
be simultaneously rotated by providing ashaft,
disk and rotatively'moun'ted in said channel, a!‘ g '
I8 mounted in bearings andextending across the
shaft forming the pivotal support for said frame, "
means on said shaft for rotating," said annular
V peripheries of the two-ring gears, said shaft be
ing provided with worms H! to engage’ the pe
'10 ripheral teeth of, the, gears 4 and simultaneously
rotate these gears in the same direction, power
being applied to the shaft l8 through gearing
20 from an electric motor 2| which may be mount
member, and a wiper for said disk.
2. A device for, the purpose. described including 10
a‘ body member having a circular ‘opening, a
frame, a ring gear mounted on said frame for ‘
rotation about said opening, a glass disk mounted -
1 ed in any convenient position, this form of drive' in said ring gear to'close said opening, a driving - '
15 providing for a simultaneous rotation of the glass
T'g'ear mounted in bearings at onesideiof said 15
disks ‘in the same direction and also providing
opening and in mesh with said ring gear, and ,
for the pivotal mounting of the double ring'chana ' means on said frame for pivotally supporting said:
nel 3, said channel with its ring gears and glass frame to‘ swing toward, and from said opening with
disks mounted therein, being pivotally attached said driving gear ,maintained inmesh with said"
20, to the shaft I8, by means‘of ears 22 on the double "
7 channel, each forming a housing for each worm
3..A, device for, thegpurpose, described including ~
l9 andrbeing adapted, to'swing the double chan-1. a body member formedwith circular openings ar-f _ /
ranged side'by side',,a framerprovidedwith chan-l, i
nel aboutythe axis of these worms, thedouble
' channels beingsupportedlby said ears tov turn
nels extending along the'peripheries of said opene ’ _ '
_'independently of the worm'l with said ring gear ings, 7a ring gear'in each channeLia glass disk.
in, contact withrsaid worms. Thereforethe dou ~ within‘each ring gear‘adaptedto'close saidopen»
ble'channel member which carries the ring gears, vings, a shaft mounted in bearings upon said body
4 and‘theglass disks 76 mounted therein, may be member andextending ‘adjacent the peripheries
swung away from'the openings 2 in said wall and of, said ring gears, driving gears upon said shaft
provide for the opening of the windshield. for in mesh with said ring gears, ears projecting :lat 30
erally from said frame (through which said shaft
It, is obvious that the glass disks‘ shown in , extends for pivotally supporting said frameto
Figures 1 and 2 maybe power driven as shown or' swing toward and from said openings, said ears,
being each formed with'a chamber to receive one
maybe rotated by means of hand power if so de
35, sired, and it is obvious that one'or'moreof these of said driving gears and to turn about said gears
transparent disks may be employed.
upon the longitudinal axis of said shaft, whereby
Having thus fully described myinvention, what said driving gears are maintained in mesh with
the purpose vof ventilation.
I Claim iS:,—-'
said ring gears and said frame is pivotally sup;
1. A closure device for the front end of a motor. ported to swing about'the axis of said driving
vehicle body, formed with a circular opening said.
device including a frame having a channel ex
gears toward and from said openings; 1
' '
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