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May ‘31,- 1938.
2,1 19,486
Filed Mafch 26, 1936
' 61nd“!
Patented May 31, 1938
Bernard’ F. Muldoon, Mountain'View, N. J., as
s'ignor to Henry Hyman, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application March‘ 26, 1936, Serial No. 70,946
4 Claims.
(01. 240—10.6)
This invention relates to a ?ashlight that is
especially useful in connection with signaling.
bright to re?ect rays of light from the lamp bulb
of the ?ashlight against the inside surfaces of
By this invention a ?ashlight is made in sucha
way that it is readily visible from the sides as
well as the lighted end.
the glass II to light it up.
The usual re?ector l5 for the ?ashlight is
located at the upper end of the'flashlight I with 5
In carrying out the invention glass windows,’ the lamp bulb I6 as usual.
which may be made of different colors if desired,
Instead of having a re?ector l3 to re?ect rays
‘are provided'along the circular periphery of the v of light against the glass ring II, as shown in
cap which holds the glass, these windows being in Fig. 2, the glass ring may be made as shown in
Fig. 4 with annular dovetail shaped grooves I! 10
10 position so that they are illuminated by rays of
light from the regular bulb for the light, so that therein to provide stepped or o?set portions with
these windows are conspicuously .visible from the
annular sloping re?ecting surface I! and with 1
sides of the ?ashlight.
The invention will be understood from the description in connection with the accompanying
drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a side view of the
?ashlight in which the invention is included; Fig.
2-is a section along the line 2-2 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3
is a section along the line 3-3 of Fig. 2; and
Fig. 4 is a section similar to Fig. 2 showing a
In the drawing, reference character I indicates
a ?ashlight that may be provided with the usual
button switch 2 along one side and screw cap 3
at its lower end for replacing the battery. The
upper end of the ?ashlight is screw threaded in
circular vertical portions 20, so that the rays of
light which strike the surfaces I! are re?ected
against the portions 20 and illuminate the same
to make the glass ring l'l conspicuously visible.
Other means can be used to avoid the likeli
hood of the glass ring that closes the windows I0
being invisible or only dimly visible because the
rays from the bulb- l6 passing near the inner
surface of the ring extend so nearly parallel
thereto. For example, the inside surface of the
glass ring may be provided with irregularities,
such as hills and valleys, beads, bumps, or stria
tions, thus interrupting rays of light and making
the outside of this glass more readily visible.
the usual way as indicated by thereference char‘-
a'cter 4.
The usual cap of a ?ashlight at the lamp bulb
30 end is replaced, in the present-invention, by the
cap 5.
‘ -
This invention may be used very conveniently
as an auxiliary marine light, especially when the
glass is made up of semi-circular portions that
are respectively colored red‘ and green. Signal- 30
ing with this device when carried in the user's
This cap 5 is provided with a screw threaded
portion 6 by which it is screwed onto the screw
thl'eaded end 4 0f the flashlight l. The screw
threaded Portion 5 is “in?ected by a plurality of
hand is also facilitated, because the light can be
‘seen from the front as well as the sides. There
fore it is considerably safer for pedestrians to
use on highways and is also well adapted for 35
integral metal strips ‘I to the top portion 8 of the
use by traffic omcers at night.
cap which may be made octagonal around the
upper edge similar‘ to the way caps of this sort
are frequently made. The usual glass 9 is carried
40 at the outer end of the cap 5.
Arc-shaped windows It are left between the
strips 1 and circular or arc-shaped glass H ?ts
inside of the cap 5 against the inner surfaces of
the strips 1.
I claim:
1. In a ?ashlight having a lamp bulb, a cap
at the- lamp end having windows, and a circular
strip of colored glass in front of said windows, 40
said glass being provided along its inner surface
with an annular rib having an outwardly re?ect
ing surface in the path of rays of light from said
This glass may be made in the form‘ ‘ lamp bulb.
of a ring or it. may be madeup of arc-shaped
2. In a ?ashlight having a lamp‘ bulb, a cap 45
strips with the ends abutting to form a complete
circle or ring. For example, this glass may be
made in two semi-circular‘ pieces H’ and II",
as red
in and
Fig. green
2, and for
be of different colors,
In order to make the glass II more conspicuously visible from the sides of the ?ashlight, an
annular re?ector IS in the form of a truncated
cone may be installed just below the glass 8, this
at the lamp end having windows, and a circular
strip‘ of colored glass in front of said windows,
said glass being provided along its inner surface
to theanannular
outer surface
rib, of
of which ismaterial,
parallel so
said rib having an outwardly re?ecting surface‘
in the path of rays of light from saidlamp bulb. '
3. In a ?ashlight having a lamp bulb, a‘ cap
at the lamp end having its sides of translucent‘
re?ector having its lower surface I‘ mirrored or
material, said translucent material being pro- 55
vided along its inner surface with a rib having the diameter of said cyiindrically shaped trans
an outwardly re?ecting surface in the path of_ lucent material being substantially the same as
rays of light from said lamp bulb.
that of the larger end of said re?ector, and re
, 4. In a ?ashlight, a lamp bulb, an extension
fracting means integral with said translucent
connected to the front end of said ?ashlight, said Y material to di?use the light passing therethrough.
extension having cylindrically shaped colored to thus render said translucent material more
translucent material around its sides, said trans
lucent material being axially located forwardly
of said lamp bulb, a casing, a sonically shaped
10 re?ector in said casing in which re?ector said
lamp bulb is located, said re?ector terminating
at the inner end of said translucent material and
visible vfrom the outside when light from said
lamp bulb strikes its inner surface, said trans
lucent material being outside of the main beam
of light from said lamp bulb which is used for 10
lighting purposes.
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