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June 7, 1938.
Filed Aug. 21, 1933
maM .EMeO n
mV N
Patented Junev 7, 1938
Milton Alden, Brockton, Mass.
Application August 4, 1933, Serial No. 683,575
2 Claims. (Cl. 173-—339)
My invention relates to electrical connectors
In the preferred form the body i5 is formed of
and particularly to a type of ‘socket adapted to
be mounted upon a panel or plate, usually of
molded insulating material of suitable charac
ter, cylindrical in shape and adapted to be in
serted into a hole in the' panel plate l6. Edges
One object is to provides. simple, compact and" of the plate at two or more points are extended
effective construction which can be made eco
inwardly at IT to interlock with segmental screw
threads l8. These projections Il may be formed
Another object is to provide a compact con-l ' by simply indenting the metal adjacent the edge
of the opening in the plate. There will be as
struction which can be readily installed.
Another object is to provide a socket of the many segmental threads i 8 as there are projec 10
foregoing character which has e?ective contacts. ‘tions ll. In the present instance each rib or
Another object is to provide a construction inv thread l8 extends around approximately 270° of
which the insulating body of the socket can be the socket body.
secured in the panel without the use of screws
The upper part of the socket body is provide
with a ?ange or rim l9 and a central web or
15 or rivets.
Another object is to provide a construction in platform 20 having apertures 2| arranged to ac
which themcontacts can be mounted or held in commodate the proper number of contacts.
the insulating body without the use of rivets.
These holes are arranged close to- the rim l9 so
Another object is to provide a construction of that the rim serves as a locating ring around the
20 maximum contact emciency in a minimum size. upper ends of the holes 2|. The insulating body
Another object is to provide means for facili
is provided with depending tubular portions 22
tating the insertion of a tube into the socket.
which are preferably integral with the outer wall
Another object is to provide ‘for convenient 23 of the body l5. This wall can therefore be
means of identi?cation of a type of socket.
made quite thin and yet is reinforced by the
Another object is to provide convenient means tubular projections 22.
for positioning the tube prongs with respect to
Similarly the platform 20 may be quite thin
the vvarious contacts of p the socket.
In carrying out the invention I provide a
molded insulating body which can be inserted
30 into a hole in a supporting panel and automati
cally locked or secured in place by simply turn
ing the socket body.
A number of modi?cations are shown in the
accompanying drawing:
Fig. 1 is a plan view of a socket embodying one
form of my invention mounted in a fragment of
a panel board or plate.
Fig. 2 shows the plate without the socket.
Fig. 3 is a rear view of the socket with some
40 of the contacts omitted.
Fig. 4 is an edge view of the socket showing it
in position in a panel which is shown in section
and showing one form of contact.
Fig. 5 is a side view and partial section of the
45 insulating body of the socket of Figs. 1, 3 and 4.
Figs. 6 and 7 are perspective views of different
forms of contacts adapted to be employed in an
insulating body such as shown in Figs. 1, 3, 4
and 5.
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary sectional view of a
modi?ed construction on the plane of the line
8—8 of Fig. 9.
Fig. 9 is a fragmentary sectional view on the
plane of the line 9-'-9 of Fig. 8.
Fig. 10 shows the panel without the socket.
and it is reinforced by the tubular members 22
as Well as by the rim_ i9. These ribs or threads
I8 are constructed and arranged so that the body
may be applied to panels of different thicknesses. 30
By arranging the projections H in proper posi
tions the sockets may be positioned in a prede
termined manner and by suitably arranging the
projections for all of the holes for all of the
sockets of a panel the sockets may all be brought
into proper alignment.
The contacts may be formed in various ways.
In Figs. 1 and 4 each contact 24 is tubular and
split longitudinally so as to be resilient. At its
upper end it is provided with a small projection
or projections 25 to hold the thrust of the tube
prong when it is being inserted into the contact.
This contact is also provided with an outwardly
projecting lug 26 which may be forced outwardly
after the parts are assembled or it may be in the
form of a spring ?nger which will automatically
spring into place when the contact is inserted
so as to hold the contact against withdrawal.
This contact may be provided with a groove 21 50
so as to form a pair of jaws adapted to- receive
between them the wire to be soldered and thus
temporarily hold the wire preparatory to and
during the soldering operation. These contacts
will, of course, be made of the appropriate size 55
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