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June 7,1938.
Filed Oct. '21, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Patented June 7, 1938
Joseph F. Joy, Claremont, N. H., assignor to Sul
livan Machinery Company, a corporation of
Application October 21, 1936, Serial No. 106,849
5 Claims.
This invention relates to furnaces; and more
particularly to improvements in furnaces espe
cially designed to use in the forming and hard
facing of mining machine cutter bits.
An object of this invention is to provide an
improved bit heating furnace. Another object
is to provide an improved bit heating furnace
whereby the bit blanks may be initially fed
through the furnace prior to the forging opera
tion and thereafter fed through the furnace pre—
paratory to the hard facing of the forged bits.
A further object is to provide an improved dis
charge means for a bit heating furnace whereby
the bits may be discharged selectively in a plu
rality of directions from the furnace. A still
further object is to provide an improved bit dis
charge means whereby the bit blanks may be
discharged through one discharge means prior
to the forging process and through another dis
charge means subsequent to the forging process
and prior to the hard facing of the bits, the
latter discharge means being so arranged and
constructed as to effect tilting of the bits into a
position to facilitate the hard facing thereof.
Yet another object is to provide separate dis
charge means for the purposes above set forth
having associated therewith improved means un
from the magazine by means of a reciprocating ,
plunger 9 guided at H! within a bracket H at
tached to the furnace casing. This discharge
plunger is reciprocated by means of a bell crank 15
l2 connected through a link 13 to a lever l4
pivoted at 15 on the supporting structure 2 of the
furnace casing.
This lever I4 is provided with
a foot treadle Hi. When the operator places his
foot on the treadle and presses downwardly, the, 20
plunger 9 is moved inwardly to engage a bit and
to move the bit from beneath the magazine
along a horizontal guideway ll within the heat
ing chamber 4 of the furnace. The bits guided on
the guideway within the heating chamber abut
one another, so that when a new bit is fed within
is formed on an elongated casting I8 of rec
for purposes of illustration one form which the
invention may assume in practice.
tional burner 6. Supported at one end of the fur
nace casing is a bit receiving magazine ‘I having
an inclined bit receiving guideway 8 for receiving
a stack of bits. A series of cutter bits are placed
in superimposed stacked relation in the magazine
and are fed downwardly therein by gravity and 10V
the bottommost bits are discharged one by one
ever, hereinafter more fully appear.
Other ob
In the accompanying drawings there is shown
into the heating chamber by means of a conven
jects and advantages of the invention will, how
der operator control whereby the discharge means
along the length of the heating chamber; A
combustible mixture is adapted to be discharged
the furnace, the entire series of bits is pushed
along the guideway. In this instance, the bit
guideway extends along the lower surface of the
lateral ?ue opening 5 of the heating chamber and 30
may be selectively rendered effective.
(Cl. 214-18)
lateral flue opening 5 extending substantially
In these drawings,-—
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the improved bit heat
ing furnace having associated therewith the im
proved discharge means.
Fig. 2 is a side elevational view of the furnace
shown in Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is an end elevational view of the furnace
shown in Fig. 1, with parts shown in section,
the view taken in the plane of line 3—3 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 4 isv an enlarged cross sectional view taken
substantially on line 4—4 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 5 is a detail sectional view taken substan
tially on line 5-5 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 6 is a horizontal sectional view taken sub
stantially on line 6-6 of Fig. 4.
In this illustrative embodiment of the invention
there is shown a bit heating furnace comprising
a casing I of generally rectangular shape pro
vided with suitable supporting means indicated
at 2. The casing is lined with ?re brick at 3 to
55 form an elongated heating chamber 4 having a
tangular cross section. Formed longitudinally
through this casting is a chamber I9, and a motor
driven blower 2B is adapted to blow air through
a pipe connection 21 into the chamber l9 and 35
through the chamber to maintain the guide cast
ing relatively cool. As the plunger 9 is recipro
cated, the end bits of the, series of heated bits
are discharged from the heating chamber through
an end opening 22 at the end of the furnace 40
remote from the bit receiving magazine 1.
During the bit forming process, a series of bit
blanks are initially placed within. the bit re
ceiving magazine 1 of the furnace, and the blanks.
after they are heated, are discharged from the
furnace and placed within a bit forging machine
of the type disclosed in the patent to S. T. Nel
son, Patent No. 1,650,580, patented Nov. 22, 1927,
and the blank is forged into a shape similar to
that disclosed in the S. T. Nelson patent, No.
1,679,049, patented July 31, 1928. Subsequent to
the forging operation, the forged bits are placed
in the magazine and reheated, and the heated
bits are discharged from the furnace, and as they
are discharged from the furnace they are'moved
into an inclined position by the improved dis
face is
‘ heated
What I claim as new and desire to secure ‘by
means to be later described, and a hard
applied to each bit point.
receiving means 23 for conducting the
blanks from the furnace prior to the forg
1. The combination with a heating furnace ’
fromwhich elongated heated articles are adapted -
ing operation comprises an inclined receiver.24
in a horizontal direction, of means for receiving ,
'in the form of’ a chute extending laterally from
the furnace at the end of the latter adjacent
the heated articles asthey are discharged from
said furnace embodying means for automatically
tilting the articles, as they move in abutting
relation horizontally along said receiving means,
about an axis transverse to their length from one
the discharge opening 22, and when a control
10 plate 25'is slid outwardly into its open position
the heated blanks, as they are discharged from
the furnace, move by gravity down the inclined
chute 24. The operator then picks up, by means
of' tongs, the heated blanks from the lower end
15 of the chute and places the blanks within vthe
forging machine. After the blanks have been
formed with suitable cutting points, they are
Letters Patent is:
to be discharged in a sidewise abutting relation
position into a relatively inclined position.
2. The combination with a heating furnace’
from which heated articles are adapted to be
discharged, of means for receiving the heated
articles as they are discharged from. said furnace
and for conducting the articles in one or another
of a plurality of directions with respect to said’
fed within the heating chamber to be vreheated. ‘furnace comprising a lateral receiver and a lon
gitudinal receiver, and means for selectively ren
When the bits. are heated to the desired tem
perature, they are dischargedfrom the furnace dering'said receivers effective, said longitudinal
over the top surface‘ of the. control slide 25, the‘ receiver having relatively inclined article guid
latter being closed at that time, into a'longi; ing surfaces for tilting the articles from one
position into a relatively inclined position as they
' tudinally extending receiver 26, the bottom sur
move along the receiver.
25 face of‘ this'receiver being for its first portion
3. The combination with a heating furnace
plane and being Warped towards its end remote
from which heated articles are adapted to be
from ‘the furnace, as indicated at 21, so that as
discharged in sidewise abutting relation, of means
the heated 7, bits are moved along the receiver
they are tilted froma horizontal position into an for. receiving the heated articles as they are dis
charged from said furnace embodying-a receiver 30
30 inclined position, as shown in .Fig. 3, thereby to
alined with the furnace discharge and having
present the bit cutting points in. a more con
venient position for hard facing.’ As the bits consecutively plane and Warped guiding surfaces.
again placed in the magazine of the furnace and. '
. move into the inclined position shown, the op
erator applies a hard abrasive material to the
over which the articles move in abutting relation
for automatically tilting the articles from one
cutting'points by means of an acetylene torch in < position into arelatively inclined position. ,
a well'knownrmanne‘r. Subsequent to the hard
‘l. The combinationwith a heating furnace
facing process, the bits are‘ removed from the
from which heated articles are adapted to be .~
discharge chutes and placed in a suitable tem
discharged in a sidewise horizontal direction, of
means for receiving rtheiarticles as they aredis
As a result of this invention, it will be noted
thatan improved bit heating furnace is provided
for heating both the bit blanks prior to the’forg
ing operation and the forged bits prior to the
hard- facing process, the furnace having two
chargedfrom said furnace embodying" a hori
zontal receiver alined with the furnace discharge
and having, angularly, related guiding surfaces,»
one of which’ is horizontal,‘ and over which sur?
receiving means, one for the heated. blanks and
faces the articles movefor automatically tilting "
the articles from a horizontal position into a rela
another forthe heated forged bits. It will fur
ther be evident that by the provision of the
tively inclined position.
5. The combination with a heating furnace
separate receiver having vthe relatively angularly vfrom which heated articles are adapted to be
inclined guiding surfaces for the heated bits, the
latter are automatically inclined in a convenient
' position for hard facing so that the hard facing
discharged, of means .for receiving the heated
articles as they are discharged from said fur-. .
nace comprising a receiver projecting laterally
process is greatly facilitated. Further, by the ' from the furnace discharge, a receiver project
provision of the operator controlled slide, either ing longitudinally of the furnace discharge, and
of the receiving means may be rendered effective
at the operator’s will. Other uses and advantages
of the improved bit heating furnace will be‘
clearly apparent to those skilled in the art. ‘
While there is in this application speci?cally
described one form which the invention may
60 assume in practice, it will be understood ‘that this
other of said receivers comprising a closure mem- '
ber’for'pr'eventing when closed, entry of the ar
ticles into the lateral receiver, the, articles passing"
. over said closure member into said longitudinal.
form of the same is shown for purposes of illus
receiver, and said closure member when opened,
1 tration and that the invention may be modi?ed
and embodied in various other forms without de- .
receiver, the Varticles‘moving by gravity into and‘
parting from its spirit or the, scope of the ap
means for selectively causing the articles dis
charged from the furnace to enter one or the
pended claims.
permitting entry of . the articles to the lateral 1
along said lateral receiver.
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