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June -7, 1938.-
Original Filed Jan. 5, 1935
Patented )une 7, 1938 l »A
Thomas Leonard Edwards, Peterborough,
.Application January 5, 1935, serial No.54s. Re'
newed September 4, 1937.
In Canada March
„19, 193,4
z claims. (ci. ese-_141)
The _invention `vrelates to a milk '_cooler and
storage cabinet, as described in the present speci
fication and illustrated in the vaccompanying
drawing which forms a part of the same.
'I_‘he invention consists essentially- of the' novel
features of construction pointed out broadly and
specifically in the claims -for novelty following a
description containing an explanation in 'detail
storage compartment I3, separated -from onean-4other by the vertical wallÍ I4.
The wet storage compartment -I2 contains the '_
milk tank |5~having the corrugated wall I6 and
.the feed inlet vI1 and the »feed outlet I8, and ad
jacent to the feedv inlet I1 is-the crimped spread- '_
er I9.
The milk tank I5 is supported by means of the
bracketsAZù or held in anyother suitable man- ‘«
of an acceptable form of the invention.
The objects of thevinvention are to devise a' ner according to the particular requirements and
milk cooler and storage cabinet that will keep- isalso surrounded bythe refrigerant' coil 2| -and
the milk at vthe required degree of temperature ’ has at its lower end _adjacent to one wall of the
and at the same time provide storage facilities compartment, the-baille plate 22, and this balli".`
for other perishable goods and thereby enable ‘plate 22 has adjacent thereto, a circulator 2l
which is connected to the shaft 2l having the pul
15 the farmers and others to keep such perishable
- goods together with the milk after milking in a Í,ley 25 which is suitably operated.
The v'wet storage compartment
-iìlled `with
common cabinet until ready for devlivery; 'to
furnish a cabinet that may be easily cleaned and
in which the. various parts may be removed with
the least possible delay so that any repair work
which may occur in the course of use will be
expedited and thereby save the user considerable
brine or other suitable'freezing liquid and this '
liquid may be simply poured into the compart-_
_ment and is provided With-the drain 25.
The wet storage compartment I2 has the lid .21
and. the detachable milk strainer 28 is- connected
expense byeliminating unnecessary delays inl to the feed inlet I1 of the milk tank I5.
The dry storage compartment Il may-contain _
one or _more shelves-29 for supporting other per
ishable goods, or adapted to contain cans con
accumulation of bacteria which ordinarily occurs taining the milk after it- has been cooled in the
and keep the milk at a high grade;` to erect a ` _wet storage compartment, and it is desired to _be
' >repairs and at the same time so equipped as to
keep _the temperature of the__milk `down to the
desired degree and avoid the possibility of the
milk cooler and cabinet in which all available
30 space may be taken -up for storage purposesiand
.so use up anyr surplus refrigerant to cool the ad
ditional space provided; to enable farmers and
others to equip themselves ‘with a milk cooler and
storage cabinet at a moderate cost; and generally
.35 to provide a cooler and cabinet-that will be dura
stored, for a period of time, and it is also espe- '
cially useful for s_uch perishable goods such as _
butter, eggs and similar edibles, and a door 30 is
provided at-'one end of' this compartment, and-V
it ~-will of 'course 'be seen that the dry storage '
compartment is cooled by the refrigerants in the
wet storage compartment, so lthat at all times the 35
ble in _construction and of comparatively simple' ' proper temperature is provided therewithin.'
. parts and efhcient for its particular purpose.
In the drawing, Figure 41 is a perspective view
ofthe milk cooler and storage cabinet.
Figure 2 is a side sectional view of the mil
cooler and storage cabinet.
Figure 3 is a plan sectional view of the milk
> , cooler and storage cabinet -taken on the lines»A
Figure 4 is a vertical sectionalv
viewtaken on'
the lines 4-4 in Figure 2. ,
It will ‘therefore be seen that' every -available
space is _taken care of and that .the circulation
of the cold air is- assured.
_ The use ofthe apparatusl of course is obvious,
, since the milk is simply poured into the tank
in the wet storage compartment, ‘where it is
cooled and then removed from the milk’tank and
- placed in the usual milk cans which in turn may
`bel placed inthe dry storage compartment, or
deliveredjto the dairies or wherever its destina
Figure 5 is a vertical sectional view taken on
Also thé dry storage compartment forms a re--`~
the lines 5-5 inFigure 2.
frige‘ra'tor for other-perishable edibles. _
Like numerals of reference indicate correspond- `
`What I claim is:
ing parts in the various figures. _
1. In a» milk cooler and storage cabinet, aree»
Referring to the drawing, the milk cooler and tangular insulated casing having oney -section
storage cabinet as indicated by the numeral- I0 , thereof forming a dry storage compartment and
has the insulated casing Il which is divided to the other section forming -a'wet storage compart
55 form a wet storage compartment I2 and a dry ' ment, a non-insulated wall.. separating’- the com- ß
2,119,631 '
partments in said casing, a milk tank within said
and suitably supported within said wet storage
wet storage compartment and suitably supported
compartment, said milk tank having a corrugated
and a baille wall situated at one side of said tank ' wall to `form a wash-board effect, a crimped
connecting one of the tank walls> to the com
spreader within said tank and adjacent to the
partment wall, and 'a circulator suitably mounted feed inlet, a baille wall situated at one side oi'»` 5
and operated adjacent to said‘baiile wall, refriger
said tank and connecting one of the tank walls
l ation coils within said wet storage compartment to the compartment Wall, _a circulator suitably
and encircling said tank. a brine fluid contained
lwithin said wet Vstorage ycorx'ip'ai‘lsment and adapt
ed to be agitatedvby said clrculator to form a
„ continuous circulation throughout the wet stor
age compartment, a feed bo'wl connected to said
milk tank, and entrances leading into said com
partments and means for closing the entrances.
2. In a milk cooler and storage cabinet, an in' sulated casing having one-section thereof form- -
‘ ying a dry storage compartment and the other
section forming a wet storage compartment', a
milk‘tank having> a feed inlet and a feed outlet
mounted and operated adjacent to said bame wall.` v
refrigeration coils within said wet storage com
partment and encircling said tank, a brine fluid 10
'contained within said wet storage compartment
and adapted to be agitated by said clrculator to. 1
form a continuous circulation throughout the wet
storage compartment, a feed. bowl connected to
said milk tank, and entrances leading into said _15
compartments and `means for closing the en
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