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June 7,
Filed March 18, 1955
2‘ Sheets-Sheet 1
r]: .Drexler
14 Q Bencsz'lf '
June 7, 1938.
Filed March 418, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet‘?
.. u
‘ ..
J; .Dre'xi'er
A .Bencszk
Patented June 7, 1938
I 2,119,706
John Drexler and Alex Bencsik, Detroit, Mich,
assignors of one-third to George Barnes, De
troit, Mich.
Application March 18, 1935, Serial No. 11,715
1 Claim.
(01. 5-352)
This invention relates to a combination box sheet 2| is a layer 22 of cotton, hair or other
spring and mattress and has as its object to pro ‘ suitable ?ller or stu?ing material. Outer cover- a‘
vide such a box spring and mattress combination ing 23 of suitable fabric is placed over the filler
consisting preferably of two or more identical 2, so as to extend downwardly at all four- sides of
GI sections to be arranged and rearranged as found the spring II and at its marginal edge‘ is secured
to the frame I3 by tacks or other suitable fasten
A further object of the invention is to provide ing means 24.
a mattress section capable of being exchanged as
Adjacent the marginal edge of the spring‘ II
found desirable so that the mattress section will ‘ the ?ller 22 in the top of the spring is of reduced
thickness so as to provide a clearance or space
maintain its shape and form and always be in ?t
condition for accommodating the'human body. '
A further object of the invention is to provide a
25 at said marginal edges between the spring
mattress portion having like coil springs thor
As shown in Figure '3, the mattress7|2 is dis
posed upon and supported by the spring I I. The
oughly protected and covered with cotton or hair
so as to provide a mattress that will tend to bene
II and the mattress l 2.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will become apparent from the study of the fol
mattress I2 consists of an outer casing or shell
26 of any suitable‘ fabric in which are suitably
arranged spring pockets 2'! surrounded by a filler
2B of cotton, hair or other suitable material. As
lowing description taken in connection with the
suggested in Figure 3, the bottom and side walls
?cial relaxation of the user.
accompanying drawings wherein:
of the casing 26 are preferably formed from a
Figure 1 is a top plan view of the combination
box spring and mattress with the sections con
single sheet of material stitched at its marginal 20
nected together.
said mattress casing 26.
Figure 2 is a side elevational view thereof.
Figure 3 is a detail view taken substantially on‘
the line 3-3 of Figure 1.
Referring to the drawings by reference numer
als it will be seen that the combination box spring
and mattress comprises preferably two or more,
in the illustrated form, three identically con
structed sections each indicated generally by the
Each section II] includes a spring structure in
dicated generally by the reference numeral II
and a mattress l2.
The mattress l2 may be secured to the spring
II in any suitable manner as by stitching repre
sented at l2’ to retain these two members against
Figure 4 is an edge elevational view of'a tray
forming part of the device and
Figure 5 is a fragmentary top plan view of the
reference numeral
edges as at 29 to a top sheet or covering for the
The spring ll comprises a tray l3 consisting
_ of flat end pieces l4 connected by ?at cross mem
bers l5. Opposed side members l6 are also pro
relative displacement or if desired, these members
may remain mutually separated.
separable fastener devices, and preferably ,
such fastener devices of the type now generally 30
known in the trade as "zipper” fasteners may be
resorted to for detachably connecting the sec
tions In together. Such fastening devices are
herein illustrated and indicated generally by the
reference numeral 30. Preferably, the mattress
portion l2 of each section is equipped at-each of
two opposite sides thereof for such a fastener 30
so that the sections may be interchanged and
- relatively arranged as found desirable.
} From the above it will be apparent that the 40
sections I0 may be arranged as shown in Figure 1
and through the slide fasteners 30 detachably
connected together in alignment and in this man
ner be placed within or supported by the frame
of a bed or similar article of furniture. It will 45
be further noted that the clearance spaces 25
brace plates I8 secured to the edges of the pieces may have the marginal edge portions of the sheet
l4, l6 and I1, as best shown in Figures 4 and 5. or other bed clothing tucked therein.
Secured in the bottom of the frame or tray 13‘ ‘
On the side members Hi there are provided
is a sheet IQ of webbing, and upon this sheet" l9 rubber tipped or headed studs or screws 3! ad 50
rests a plurality of conventional coil springs 20, justable for maintaining a proper clearance be
the endmost series of springs 20 resting on the tween the frames l3 and the rails of the bed
side ?anges H as shown in Figure 3. The upper frame.
ends of the springs 20 are also covered by an addi
Each spring section is also provided with suit
ional sheet 2| of webbing, and placed on‘ the . ably arranged handle loops 32 secured thereto in
vided and to the upper edges of the side members
l5 are secured in any suitable manner, laterally
extending ?ange strips I1. At the corners there
-of there are provided substantially Z-shaped
any suitable manner and as shown in Figure 3, spring section and an upper mattress section
and these loops will facilitate the handling of the secured on said spring section, opposite upper
- side edges and the corner edges of the mattress 7
mattress sections.
While there is herein illustrated and described sections being provided with slide fastener ele
the preferred embodiment of the invention, it is ments for detachably and interchangeably secur
to be understood that structural changes may be ' in; said units together, the lower and upper sec
tions or each unit being spaced apart at their
made therein as fall within the scope of the ap
ends and sides to provide clothes tucking spaces
pended claim.
-Having thus described the invention, what is therebetween mating horizontally and extending
claimed as new is:.
In a combination spring and mattress assembly,
an intermediate unit, and a pair of end units dis
posed side by side, each unit comprising a lower
completely around the assembly in 'any‘inter- 1o
changed position of the units.
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