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June 7, 1938, -
Filed June 13. 1936
1967 Y VV. KEOU
Patented June 7, 1938
‘ i3 "
PATENT orrlce
~ 52,119,789
Ray W. Krout, Paterson, N. J., assignor to
Charms Company, Bloom?eld; N." J., a. corpora‘
tion of Delaware
Application June 13, 1936, Serial No. 84,987
4 Claims.
My invention relates to improvements in con
tainers, and more particularly to those for hold
ing or packing candy.
The object of my invention is to provide an im
(Cl. 150-50)
changed; or if, in other words, the parts 22 and
24 which really form a single extension or ele
ment are at one side of the container and the
overlapping ends I2 and I4 on another side and
proved construction for a container of the char
are held together by means of a cord or in any 5
other feasible manner.
The primary purpose of the mesh material or
parent, durable, and neat in appearance.
For the purpose of illustrating my invention,
netting is to enable the contents of the receptacle
5 acter referred to which is relatively inexpensive
and easy to manufacture, and which is trans
10 an embodiment thereof is shown in the drawing,
Figure 1 is a perspective view, partly broken
away, of a container constructed in accordance
with my invention; and
Fig. 2 is a sectional view, the section being
taken on the line 2-2 in Fig. 1.
With reference to the drawing, the numeral I0
designates a piece of cotton mesh material folded
as shown to bring the opposite edges I2 and I4
20 together to form the wall structure of the con
Two cardboard members I6 and I8 are glued
together and form the bottom of the container.
The edge portion 20 of the mesh material
the bottom of the wall is folded inwardly
and is glued and secured between the bottom
members I6 and I8.
The members I6 and I8 are provided respec
tively with integral extensions 22 and 24 at the
30 overlapping edges I2 and I4. These extensions
are bent as shown in a plane at a right angle to
the bottom members I6 and I8, and are disposed
respectively on opposite sides of the wall.
The extensions 22 and 24 are glued together to
35 secure the edges I2 and I4 between them and to
reenforce and support the wall.
Paper binding 26 is glued over the edge of the
or container to be seen through the sides of the
container as well as through the open top there
of. Hence I do not wish to be limited to mesh
cloth or netting; but reserve the right to use
any, other material through which the packages
in the container can be seen; and which is there
‘fore transparent in effect.
In theclaims, the term “glued” is used in the
broad sense and is intended to embrace the use of
any suitable adhesive material, or other feasible
From the foregoing it will be seen that I have
provided an improved construction for a con
tainer adapted particularly for holding or pack
ing candy, and which is neat in appearance,
durable, and relatively inexpensive‘ to manufac
I claim as my invention:
1. A container comprising mesh material folded
to bring opposite edges thereof together to form
the wall structure of the container, and two card- 7
board members glued together and forming the
bottom of the container, the edge portion of the D3 0
material around the bottom of the wall structure
being folded inwardly and glued between said
members, said members being provided with re
enforcing cardboard extensions at said opposite
edges of the material and bent in a plane at sub
stantially a right angle to said members, said
extensions providing the single main support of
The ends of the extensions 22 and 24 extend the wall and being disposed respectively on op
4O upwardly beyond the edge of the wall and oper
posite sides of the wall and glued together tov
mesh material.
ate to retain the candy in place when it is packed
in to the level 28.
It is proposed to make the extension 22 slightly
longer than the extension 24 and to widen it at
45 the end to form a tab- 30 on which a designation
for the candy can be placed. Since this" tab is
comprised of only one layer of cardboard, it can
be easily folded over upon the candy in shipping,
as indicated by dash-line in Fig. 2.
While I prefer to have the extensions 22 and
24 overlie the ends I2 and I4 of the strip' of mesh
material or netting I0 these extensions will brace
the sides of the container e?iciently in upright
position if the location of the extensions with
55 respect to the overlapping ends I2 and I4 is
secure said opposite edges between said exten
2. A container comprising a strip of material
bent into shape to constitute up-standing sides
of the container and permitting the contents to 45
be viewed therethrough, a bottom having upper
and lower layers with their edges arranged to
receive the lower edge of said material between
them, said material being glued to said bottom,
and a cardboard extension at one side of said
container, said extension comprising two layers
between which the ends of said material are re
ceived and held fast;~' the extension being of
greater height than the sides of said container to
form a panel for display.
3. A container comprising a strip of material
bent to constitute sides of said container and per
mitting contents of the container to be seen
therethrough, upper and lower members glued to
gether and forming bottom of the container, the
edge portion of said material adjacent the bot
tom being folded inward and glued between said
members, said upper and lower members being
provided at one side with reinforcing extensions
10 bent in a plane substantially at right angles to
folded to constitute sides of the container, said
material permitting the contents to be seen there
through, and having a bottom formed of upper
and lower layers the edges of which are arranged
to receive the lower edges of said sides between
them, said material being secured to the bottom
by gluing, and an extension in upright position
at one side of the container, said extension be
ing connected with said bottom and extending
upward, said extension comprising two layers, be 10
said members, said extensions being disposed so
that said material lies between them and being
glued together to secure them to said material
tween which said side is received and held fast by
and to support said sides. I
4. A container comprising a strip of material
gluing, the extension adapted to project above
the top of the container for the purpose of dis
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