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. June 7, 1938.
Original Filed April 17, 1936
FIG] .
' \
Patented June 7, 1938
Fredrick A. Moore, Great Bend, Kans.
Application April 17, 1936, Serial No. 74,879
Renewed November 1, 1937
1 Claim. (O1. 40-1)
This invention relates to an advertising novel
In the drawing the advertising token is shown
ty. The object of my invention is to provide a as being a representation of a gasoline pump
device of the kind mentioned which has value as which would be appropriate for advertising for
a utility as well as advertising qualities. A fur
some oil company. It is obvious that the token
5 ther object is to provide a means of suspending might be a representation of a tire to advertise 5
a book, such as a telephone directory, a catalogue some tire company or the token might represent
or similar book, on a desk or table or the like
a loaf of bread to advertise some bakery,‘ etc.
in a convenient place. A still further object is
Referring to Fig. 3, the element 54 is supported
to suspend the book on an element that is exten
by a screw eye 52a: which is screwed into the
10 sible so that the book may be moved to conven
under side of the top it]. It is obvious that in
ient positions or places for use. Another object taking hold of the book l5 or the element ill to 10
is to provide a device of the kind mentioned in
raise the book to a position where it may be
which an advertising token is employed as a coun
used that the token It will also be raised and will
terbalance element for the book. A still further dangle from the ring I ‘l and will attract attention
15 object is to provide a device of the kind mentioned to the token whereupon it has served its purpose
in which the advertising token is associated with
from an advertising standpoint.
the book in such close relation that a person’s
It is also obvious that the element M may be
slipped through the ring l3 so that the book may
be moved substantially the full length of the cord
l4 and when the book is dropped to the floor, the
attention will be immediately attracted to the
advertising token when that person takes hold
20 of the book or the element supporting the book
when the person goes to use the book. These
and other objects will be made more apparent as
this description progresses.
Now referring to the drawing; Fig. l is an ele
25 vation of a corner of a table or desk to which
my advertising novelty has been applied. Fig. 2
is a sectional view taken along the line IIV—II and
looking in the direction of the arrows. Fig. 3 is
an elevation of the corner of a table or desk to
30 which a modi?ed form of the invention has been
token will act as a counterbalance to raise the
book from the ?oor and take up any slack that
there might be in the cord I 4.
Such modi?cations of my invention may be
employed as lie within the scope of the appended
claim without departing from the spirit and in
tention of my invention. Now having fully ex
plained my invention, what I claim as new and
desire to secure by Letters Patent is;
In an advertising device of the class described; 30
applied. Similar numerals of reference desig
nate the same part throughout the several ?gures
of the drawing.
on, said suction cup being adapted to be attached
to a supporting object, a ?exible element, said
a suction cup having an apertured element there
In the drawing is shown a desk or table having
?exible element being slidably supported by said
a top l0 that is supported by the leg I l. The top
I0 extends beyond the leg as illustrated at like.
apertured element, a book and an advertising ob
ject, said book being supported on one end of
At I2 is a rubber vacuum or suction cup element
said ?exible element and said advertising object
that is attached to the under side of the projec
tion of the desk top ID. The cup [2 is provided
40 with a ring [3 through which is passed a string
or other ?exible element I4. At I5 is shown a
book such as a telephone directory, a catalogue
or the like. At I6 is an advertising token that
is suspended on one end of the string l4 and the
5 book I5 is suspended on the other end of the
string I4. At I1 is a ring through which passes
both ends. of the string M, the object of which
will be later explained.
Ni 5
being supported on the other end of said ?exible
element as a counterbalance for said book;
means for attracting attention to said advertis
ing object, said means comprising a ring that is up0
positioned around the end portions of said ?ex
ible element in such a} manner that when the
book is picked up the advertising object will
dangle approximately therefrom as and for the
purpose speci?ed.
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