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June 7, 1938.
Filed Jan. 6, 1937
W?’ '
J"9 _ 33050,
Patented June 7, 1938
’ 2,119,832
Maurice J. Schless, New York, N. Y.
Application January 6, 1937, Serial No. 119,321
4 Claims. (01. 206-76)
This invention relates to a display frame or the display frame with ring holding means of
the like for use by merchants inshow windows
and show cases wherein jewelry or other mer
chandise are placed on display to attract the
5 attention of prospective purchasers.
At the present time it is customary to display
jewelry such as rings in a show case or show
such construction that the ring ‘may be very
easily applied or removed therefrom and when
in place be ?rmly gripped between jaws extend
ing rearwardly from margins of a slot through
which-the ring is passed as it is applied to the display frame.‘
window where it may be viewed during the day‘
A further object resides in the provision of a
and to remove valuable jewelry from the window ring or other jewelry supporting device in which
10 or show case when the store is closed for the
an element having an opening therein is pro 10.
night and thus prevent loss by theft. Removal vided
on opposite sides of the opening with re
of the jewelry leaves vacant spaces in the dis
play and spoils the appearance of the window silient coacting jaws to removably grip a ring or
other piece of jewelry inserted through said
during the evening and night.
Therefore one object of this invention is to
is the provi 15provide a display device including a frame and
in- con
a card removably carried thereby whereby a
struction, strong and durable and Very attractive
ring may be supported in the frame with the in
card as a background during the day and the
Still another object of the invention resides
20 card or another card substituted therefor serves as
an advertising medium when the ring is removed. in providing a device which is simple and dur
able in construction, inexpensive to manufacture
It will thus be seen that the frame may remain and one which will be very efficient in operation.
in the show" window with a cheaper ring sub;
With these and numerous other objects in
stituted in place of a valuable ring or the frame
25 may be left in the show window with merely a view, my invention consists in the novel features
of construction, combination and arrangement 25v
card inserted therein and bearing advertising of
parts as will be hereinafter referred to and
matter referring to the ring removed or other more
particularly pointed out in the speci?ca~
jewelry sold in the store.
It will also be obvious‘
that the frame with an advertising card may be' _
30 used merely for advertising purposes or for or
namental purposes to add to the attractiveness
of a show window in which jewelry or other mer
chandise are displayed, or the frame may belused
to display photographs, prints or other pictorial
Another object of the invention is to provide
a frame so constructed that a ring may be re
tion and claims.
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
ing drawing wherein:
Figure 1 is a view showing the‘ improved ring
display. frame in front elevation;
Figure 2 is a rear elevation of the ring dis
play frame;
Figure 3 is a ‘sectional view taken vertically 35"
through the display frame along the line 3—-3 of
Figure 1;
movably mounted in the frame and the frame
Figure 4 is’ a fragmentary sectional view upon
then set in an upright but slightly inclined po
an enlarged scale taken vertically through hold
sition so that the ring may be viewed to advan
ing means for one ring with the ring shown in
tage by a person standing in front of a display elevation and about to be passed through‘ the
window in which the frame is placed. _
Another object of the invention is» to so form
the frame that a card may be mounted therein
slot of the‘ frame;
Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 4 showing
the ring in place and gripped by jaws of the dis
bearing data referring to the ring and the ring play frame;
passed through the card into engagement with
Figure 6 is a sectional view taken horizontally
ring holding means carried by a backing of the along the line 6-6 of Figure 5; .
Figure '7 is a perspective view of
Another object of the invention is to so form when one ring is displayed; and the card ‘used
the frame and companion cards that either one
Figure 8 is a perspective view of‘the cardused
or two rings may be displayed, holding means when
displaying two rings.
. V V
for a second ring being hidden by the card when
only one ring is on display and thus providing
any attractive display at all times.
Another object of the invention is to provide material which is rigidenough to be form re
taining but at the same time sufficiently resilient
2 .
to permit a ring to be ?rmly gripped by jaws
and from an inspection of Figure 1 it will be seen
that when only one ring is displayed in the frame
between which the ring is thrust when on display ,
the second slot ll formed through the back I of
in the frame.
the frame will be covered and concealed from
This frame has a stiff back or sheet I of suffi
view by the card. The card may have printed
cient thickness to
thereto. Marginal
thickened so that
provide side ?anges
impart the desired rigidity
portions of the frame are
they project forwardly and
2 and upper and lower ?anges
3 and 4 which overhang the front face of the
The back
10 backing as clearly shown in Figure 3.
ing sheet terminates adjacent the inner edge of
thereon the name of the stone in the ring and
the selling price may also be either printed or
written upon the front face of the card. By hav
ing the card inserted into the frame through the
slot 5 at the top thereof the card may be easily 10
withdrawn and another substituted when two
the upper ?ange 3, thus providing a slot 5 through
which a card 6 may be thrust downwardly into
rings are to be displayed instead of the one shown
in Figure 1. When the card is in place its mar
the frame where it will be ?rmly held flat against
15 the front face of the backing with its side edge
portions engaged in the grooves or tracks de
?ned by the side ?anges 2 and its lower edge por
tion overlapped by the lower flange 4 and seated
in the groove de?ned thereby. The upper edge
portion projects above the upper end of the back
ing in order that it may be gripped and the card
drawn upwardly out of place when it is desired
to remove a card and substitute another. There
has also been provided a space or slot 1 at the
25 lower end of the backing through which a pin
or ?nger nail may be passed to assist in shifting
the card upwardly. Props 8 extend rearwardly
from the lower portion of the frame and extend
longitudinally thereof at opposite sides of the
30 rear face of the backing as shown in Figures 2
and 3 and referring to these ?gures it will be seen
that the props are stepped’ inwardly towards their
upper ends and reduced in thickness towards
their rear edges to add to the appearanceof the
frame and prevent them from showing too prom
inently when the frame is viewed from a position
to one side thereof. 'Lower‘ ends of the props
terminate upwardly from the lower edge of the
frame and therefore when the frame is set in‘an
40 upright position upon a support 9 which may be
a portion of a show window the frame will rest
upon the rear ends of lower edge faces of the
props and the frame will be disposed at a rear
ward incline and prevented from tilting forward
45 ly and falling over.
This also disposes the frame
at such an angle that a person standing in front
of a show window may have a good view of a ring
If) displayed in-the frame.
In order'to permitthe ring. to be applied to
50 the display frame and securely but removably
held, there has been provided slots H and com
panion upper and lower jaws l2 and [3 extending
rearwardly from the backing l aboveand-below
the slots. These jaws are formed integral with
55 the backing sheet and have a slight resilience,
being curved slightly longitudinally and trans
versely and converge towards their rear ends'so
that the confronting flat faces‘ Ill formed about
the arcuate marginal edges of the jaws as shown
in Figures 4, 5 and 6 will .bespaced from each
ginal portions are overlapped by ?anges of the
frame and the card will be ?rmly held in place. 15
As the slots of the card register with the slots
of the backing I the rings may be inserted or
removed without disturbing the card. While
provision has only been made for two rings it is
to be understood that the frame and cards may 20
be provided with as many slots and cooperating
jaws as desired.
Use of the device for displaying rings has been
emphasized but it is desired to call attention to
the fact that its use is not restricted to display of 251
rings as it may be used for displaying other
jewelry having portions of such dimensions that
they may berpassed through the slots of the
cards and the backing of the frame or cards
alone bearing advertising matter or ornamented 30'
in an attractive manner may be slid into the
frame through the upper slot 5 into the frame
where they will be attractively set off by the
frame and conceal the slots formed in the back
ing. It will thus be seen that the frame will be 35
found very useful by merchants for displaying
rings and other jewelry and as a frame for hold
ing advertising cards.
While I. have shown‘ and described a display
frame, particularly adapted for use in displaying
rings and advertising or merchandise cards for
use in connection therewith or for use in connec
tion with other merchandise, it will be under
stood that the use is not limited thereto. The
frame is equally well adapted for the display of 45
other merchandise which may be inserted in a
slot in the back of a frame or said frame may
be utilized to display photographs, prints or other
pictorial illustrations. Naturally, when used for
the display of prints, photographs or other illus
trations, the slots and the projections forming
the jaws in the rear of the frame perform no
useful functions. It is also to be understood that
one of the important features of my invention
is the production of a ring carrier or other
jewelry supporting member with coacting resil
ient jaws projecting from opposite sides or por
tions of a slot or cut out portion in the member
and I do not wish to be limited in the applica
tion of this feature to a frame such as illustrated 60
in the drawing herein, as this structure is equally
well adapted to use and application in connec
other a distance less than the thickness of the
ring. By this arrangement the ring can be thrust tion with'supporting elements or members of an
through the slot I! and rearwardly between the. entirely different structure, conformation and
upper and lower jaws, and during this'movement?
65 the ring will be forced between the marginal por
From the foregoing description of the construc
tions of the jaws until it reaches the position tion of my improved device, the operation thereof
shown in Figure '5 in which the rear portion of
the ring will lee-disposed between the flat faces and the method of applying the same to use will
readily understood. It will be seen that I
l4 and ?rmly. gripped ‘by the jaws. .Therefore be
have provided a simple, inexpensive andef?cient 70
the ring will be ?rmly :held in place but can means for carrying out the objects of the inven
be easily removed when it is desired to substitute
tion and while I have particularly described the
another ring for one previously placed on dis
play in a show window. The card 6 may be
formed with either one or two slots [5 according
75 'to whether one or two rings are to be displayed
elements best adapted to perform the functions
set forth, it is obvious that various changes in
form, proportion and in the minor details of con 75
‘ 2,119,832
struction may be resorted to, without departing
from the spirit or sacri?cing any of the principles
of the invention.
Having thus described the invention, what is
claimed is:
1. In a display device, a frame having a back
ing formed with a ring receiving slot, and com
panion jaws extending rearwardly from said back
ing at opposite sides of the slot and being of a
passed through the slot may be forced rearwardly
between the spaced marginal edges of the jaws
and gripped between the same.
3. In a display device, a frame having a back
ing formed with a ring receiving slot, and com
panion jaws extending rearwardly from said
backing at opposite sides of said slot, said jaws
being resilient and being of a concavo-convexed
10 concavo-convexed formation with their concaved 1 formation with their concaved faces disposed in
wards in confronting relation to each other, said 10
faces disposed inwards and formed with flat con
fronting surfaces about their margins in close jaws converging rearwardly and formed with ar
proximity to each other whereby a ring of a cuate rear edges, confronting inner faces of the
thickness adapting it to be passed freely through
15 the slot but greater than the distance between
the said edge portions of the jaws may be gripped
between the ?at faces of the jaws.
2. In a display device, a frame having a back
ing formed with a ring receiving slot, and com
20 panion jaws extending rearwardly from said
backing at opposite sides of the slot, said jaws
being of a concavo-convexed formation with the
concaved faces disposed inwards and being formed
of resilient material and converging towards
25 their free rear ends and having their marginal
edge portions spaced from each other a distance
less than the thickness of a ring whereby a ring
jaws having their arcuate marginal portions
formed with. flat surfaces for gripping a ring
passed through the slot and forced between the
?at marginal surfaces of the inner faces of the
4. In a jewelry supporting member, a body
having an opening therein and coacting slightly
resilient jaws of concavo-convexed formation 20
having their concaved faces disposed inwards, said
jaws extending from said body on opposite sides
of said opening in converging relation to each
other for removably gripping an element inserted
through said opening.
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