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June 7, 1938;
E. M, n_sl-:MANN
Filed Oct. 3, 1936
Patented June 7, 1938
Eric M. Ilsemann, Newark, N. J.
Application 0ctober'3, 1936, Serial No. 103,938
6 claims. (c1. S12-s4)
The present invention relates to a dispenser
for dispensing rod-like articles. More particu
larly the present invention relates to a sanitary
rotating drum dispenser for dispensing or vend
- ing articles such as toothpicks, cigarettes or the
A primary object of the present invention're
sides in the provision of a simple, inexpensive
dispenser of the above mentioned character.
Another important object »of the present in
vention resides in providing a dispenser for rod
like articles with a partition adapted to support
the articles to be dispensed, to retain the articles
in a dispensing drum as they are carried to a
discharge point and provide a discharge chute for
verse discharge opening I3 extending the full
width of face I2. The opposite side walls I4 and
I5 of body member II, at a point above the VVlevel
of opening I3, are provided with circular aper- l
tures IB for a purpose to be hereinafter pointed
The lower end of member I I is closed by a cup
shaped closure Il which is connected to member
II by spot welding as indicated at IB. A rein.
iorcing plate i9 is secured to the center of clo
sure il to strengthen the same in order that
dispenser IG may be connected to a suitable base
ZI. Base ZI may be of any suitable material but
preferably takes the form of a rectangular wood
en.block as indicated in the drawing. Dispenser
lil is preferably connected to base 2l by a screw
said articles.
A further object of the present invention re
sides in providing a dispenser of the above men
tioned character with means for agitating the
articles to align the same with the dispensing
drum and supply them to the drum one at a time.
23 and 2d in base 2l and plate I9 and is Ysecured
in place by a nut 25 threaded thereon. Reinforc
ing beads 2S are die-pressed in body II or formed
of any suitable metal and welded to body II to
Another object of the present invention resides
impart the desired transverse rigidity to the dis~
in providing a dispenser of the above mentioned
character with means for preventing jamming of
the articles in the dispensing drum.
A further object of the present invention re
sides in providing a dispenser of the above men
tioned character with means to prevent the
weight of the articles in the dispenser from effect
ing the articles at the drum supply opening and
also prevent the arching and consequent jam
ming of the articles at theY supply opening.
A further object of the present invention re
sides in supporting the dispensing drum of a dis
penser of the above mentioned character -on a
stud between the opposite threaded ends in such
22 which passes freely vthrough suitable apertures
An’agitator plate 2'! is secured to the inner face
of wall I2, adjacent the top of body member II,
in any suitable manner. Spot welding, indicated
at 28, is preferably utilized to secure plate 2l
along flat portion 29 to Wall I2 as shown. Plate
2l below portion 29 is offset at 3! and provided
with transverse corrugations 32 for a purpose to
be presently described.
supporting portion 35, an article guiding portion
3S, a discharge chute 3l and a securing portion
38 is also provided by the present invention.
Guiding portion 36, as seen in Figure 2, is of gen
ating shaft for the drum.
Further objects will appear as the description
proceeds in connection with the appended claims
and attached drawing wherein:
erally circular ccniiguration and is designed to
loosely receive a dispensing drum 39.
Figure 1 is a front elevational view of a dis
F‘igure 2 is a transverse, vertical sectional view
taken on line 2_2 of Figure 1.
With continued reference toA the drawing'
wherein like reference numerals are used to desig
nate the same parts in the several figures, the
numeral II] indicates the dispenser of the present
invention in its entirety.
Dispenser IIJ comprises an open ended, tubular
sheet metal, body member II, preferably of rec
tangular shape. The front wall I2 oi member II
‘ adjacent its lower end is provided with a rtrans
A partition member 33 having a vertically eX
tending securing portion 34, a sloping article
a manner that the stud also serves as the -oper
penser made in accordance with the present in
we m.
Drum 39 is generally circular in cross-section
and is provided with a plurality of longitudinally
extending slots «i6 of surñcient depth to receive
a single article to be dispensed. Walls 4I of slots
4G, as seen in Figure 2, are slightly shorter than
walls 42 and the peripheral surface 43 of drum
39 is cut back on a small arc as at 44 to provide
a smooth unbroken surface between slots 40 so
that the articles will be disposed well down in
slots 40. Drum 39 at its ends is provided with
reduced hubs 45, as seen in Figure 1. ' Any
suit- i?
able material, such as wood, sheet metal or the
like, may be used for forming drum 39.
Drum 3d is preferably formed of wood an
prior to the insertion of member 33 in member
I -I ,‘ an .ejector element 41 comprising a single
strip of wire 48 bent to provide spaced hook
like portions 49 in its transversely extending por
tion 5I and offset leg portions 52 terminating in
loops 53is placed in position with loops 53 loosely
receiving hubs 45. Drum 39 with ejector element
41 in place is then inserted in member II and
secured in a manner to be hereinafter described.
Member 33 is then inserted in member II and
portion 3B thereof forced around drum 39. Por
10 tions 34 and 38 are then weldedrat 58 to rear
Y wall 53 and the rear of wall I2 to securely fasten
member 33 in place.
It will be noted that member 33 is of slightly
less `width than member I I and as a consequence
a space 54 is provided between member 33 and
and the walls I4 and I5 of member I I. Spaces
54 are designed to receive legs r52 of ejector 41,
as seen in Figure 1. Hook-like portions 49 pro
vide a receiver designed to catch the article dis
20 pensed by drum 39.
Chute 31, as seen in Figure 2, terminates at
59 approximately midway of slot I3 and legs 52
of ejector 41 extend through slot I3 on either
side of chute 31 with hook portions' 49 disposed
25 in front of wall I2. Member 33 between por
tions 35 and 36 is provided with a downwardly
curved portion 69 designed to cooperate with plate
21 and form a narrow opening for passage of said
A suitable wood screw 6I is inserted through
aperture I6 in wall I4 and threaded into the
slots 4I) and the article in aperture 69 will beV
supplied to slot 40. vTab 61 then cams end 66
of plate 21 out of the slot leaving the article
At the same time plate 21 will be vibrated, due
to the movement ofrend 66 into and out of slot
40. This vibration will prevent the arching` of
the articles abo-ve aperture 69 and cause the arti
cles to be properly aligned with aperture 69` due
to their passage over corrugations 32.
As rotation of drum 39 is continued the article
in slot 40 is carried around with'drum 39 and
held in slot 40 due to the close fit of portion 36 ~
of member 33 with respect to the periphery of
drum 39. At the same timethe ends of the arti 15
cle in slot 40 which extend beyond the ends of
drum 39 will be brought into engagement with
legs 13 of loops 53 and forced out of or ejected
from slot 40 as the slot clears portion 36 of mem
ber 33. The ejection of the article from slot 40 ~20
deposits the article upon chute 31. The article
then passes along chute 31 under influencev of
gravity and out through slot I3 into the receiver
formed by hooks 49 of ejector 41.
The invention may be embodied in other spe
ciñc forms without departing from the spirit> or
essential characteristics thereof. The present
embodiments are therefore to be considered in
all respects as illustrative and lnot restrictive, the
scope of the invention being indicated by the 30
appended claims rather than by theforegoing
adjacent hub 45 of drum 39. An unthreaded por- ' description, and all changes which come within
tion 62 of a width corresponding to the thickness
of wall I4 is provided on screw 6I. k’Portion 62
provides a bearing surface for engagement with
the wall of aperture I6. A stud 63 having an
unthreaded portion 64 providing a bearing sur
face for engagement with aperture I6 of wall I5
is threaded into the other hub 45 of drum 39. A
40 knob 65 is threaded on the other end of stud 63
the knob being disposed on the outside of body
member II and serving as the means for rotat
ing drum 39 in dispensing the articles from dis
penser IIl. The threads on screw 6I and stud 63
45 are preferably all right-hand threads so that the
rotation of drum 39 by means of knob 65 tends
to moresecurely embed the screw and stud in
the hubs 45 and knob 65. y
>The lowermost end 66 of plate 21 is provided
50 with a tab 61 and is designed to engage the
periphery of drum 39. End 66 of plate 21 also
extends below return curved portion 60 of mem
ber 33 to provide a supply aperture 69 designed
to supply articles singly to slots 49 of drum 39.
From an inspection of Figure 2, it will be seen
that aperture 69 is disposed below portion 6D
at one side of drum 39.
As a consequence the
weight of the articles in dispenser I0 is prevented
from acting upon the article in aperture 69 and
60 as a result the supply of a single article to slot
VIl!) is assured.
A cup-like cover 1I is provided for closing the
Y top of member I I after the articles are deposited
in member II.
65 Toothpicks or other similar articles are placed
in dispenser I9 by removing cover 1I. The arti
cles are placed in dispenser I9 with their longi
tudinal axes disposed transversely of member 33
and their ends slightly spaced inwardly of walls
70 I4 and I5. It will be clear that the articles will
pass into the space 'I2 between member 33 and
plate 21 and-that a single article will be received
in aperture V69 which is of sufficient size to re
ceive only one article. Upon rotation of drum
75 39, end 66 of plate 21 will drop into one of the
the meaning and range of equivalency Yof the
claims are therefore intended to be embraced
What is claimed and desired to be secured by
United States Letters Patent isz
l. An article dispenser comprising a housing
for receiving articles to be dispensed; a dis
pensing drum rotatably supported insaid hous 40
ing;-« a partition secured to opposite walls of said
housing and sloping from one of said walls to
said drum and from said drum to said other
wall, said ñrst mentioned sloping portion ex«
tending over said drum to support the articles 45
above said drum and having a circular portion
between said sloping portions for surrounding a
portion of said drum and retaining the articles
to be dispensed in said drum and a plate secured
to said housing and cooperating with said par-V
tition to deliver articles separately to said drum.
2. The combination defined in claim l wherein
said container is provided with a discharge open
ing and said second mentioned sloping portionr
terminates at said opening to ’provide a discharge
3. The combination defined in claim 1 wherein
said plate is secured adjacent the top of said
housing and comprises a corrugated spring metal
plate extending downwardly to a point below and 60
adjacent said ñrst mentioned portion of said
partition to provide an article supply aperture
at a point unaffected by the weight of the ar
ticles in-said dispenser.
4.'A dispenser for use in dispensing rod-like 65
articles comprising a container for said articles,
a discharge chute in said'container, meansrfor
selecting one of said articles and discharging it
into said chute, a combined ejector and receiving
receptacle consisting of a length of- wire having 70
spaced hook shaped elements intermediate its
ends forming a receptacle for said discharged -
articles, supporting legs extending into said con
tainer and receiving said chute therebetween and
loops at the ends of said legs encircling a por
tion of said means and operating to eject said
articles from said means.
5. A dispenser for use in dispensing rod-like
articles comprising an elongated box-like body
having a transverse discharge opening in one of
its Walls adjacent the bottom thereof, a parti
tion member having one end secured adjacent
the top of the wall opposite said ñrst mentio-ned
Wall, said partition sloping toward the center of
said body and having a downwardly curved por
tion near the center of said body and a sub
stantially circular portion underlying said curved
portion and terminating in a discharge chute, a
spring metal plate secured to said ñrst men
tioned wall of said body adjacent the top there
of, said plate having transverse corrugations
therein and a tip disposed below said curved
portion of said partition,l said partition and said
plate cooperating to support said articles in said
20 body and provide a supply opening below said
curved portion and between said curved portion
and said tip whereby an article supplied to said
opening is relieved of substantially all down
Ward pressure of said supported articles, a dis
25 pensing drum engaging said tip and having
transverse slots for receiving an article from said
supply opening, means for rotating said drum to
cause said slots to engage said tip to vibrate
said plate and cause an article to fall from said
30 supply opening into said slot and be carried
around in said slot with its ends protruding be
yond the ends of said slot, an ejector comprising
wire loops disposed adjacent the ends of said
slots for engaging the ends of said article and
forcing it out of said slot onto said chute after
said article reaches the end of said circular por
tion and spaced wire hooks integral With said
loops disposed outside of said body and adjacent
said discharge opening for receiving said article
from said chute.
6. A dispenser for use in dispensing rod-like 10
articles comprising an open ended sheet metal
housing having a discharge opening; a partition
member diagonally disposed in said housing and
providing a supporting portion, a circular guid
ing portion and a discharge chute; a dispensing 15
drum disposed in said guiding portion with a por
tion of said supporting portion extending com
pletely over said drum; a vibrator plate disposed
in said housing and having' one end engaging
said drum below said extending portion of said 20
supporting portion; means for rotating said
drum to vibrate said plateand supply articles
to said drum and discharge articles from said
drum to said chute; and alone piece wire mem
ber having loops adjacent said drum for eject 25
ing articles from said drum and spaced hook
shaped elements adjacent said discharge opening
and outside of said housing for receiving articles
from said chute.
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