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`Íune 7, 19,38.
Filed Sept. 17, 193s
2,1 19,983
Patented June 7, 1938
y i anges?,
Joseph M. Bowen, West Quincy, Mass., assigner to
Gillette Safety Razor Company, Boston, Mass.,
a corporation of Delaware
Application September 17, 1936, Serial No. 101,281
6 Claims.
This invention relates to the packaging of iine
edged blades, such for example as safety razor
In one aspect it consists in a blade
upon the outer faces of the tabs. Preferably 5
and as herein shown, side flaps of the wrapper
In another aspect it consists in a method of pro
tecting blades in that manner by assembling
which project through the tabs.
10 slots in certain of its folded-over portions.
In handling safety razor blades under com
mercial conditions of transportation and dis
tribution and in the more or less casual treat
ment of such blades by the user, the extremely
line, keen edge of the blade is likely to become
dulled by being brought into contact with its
wrapping either at a fold vertex or by being
drawn across or cutting the wrapper in being
removed therefrom. On this account the best
20 and most skillful efforts of the manufacturer in
sharpening blades are often brought to naught,
because of the damage done to the fragile and
delicate structure of the blade edge after it has
been brought to the keenest possible shaving con
dition and before the shaving operation is ac
tually undertaken.
With these conditions in- View an important
object of the present invention Ais to provide
a novel wrapper in which the blade may be fully
enclosed and held positively in such position that
its cutting edge is protected from al1 direct con
tact with the fold vertex lines of the wrapper.
I have discovered that the desired results may
be accomplished b-y slotting the end tabs of the
wrapper so» that the ends of the blade may be
passed through them and so interlocked that
transverse shifting of the blade in the wrapper
is positively prevented. Then, by folding the
side flaps of the wrapper on a line outside the
sharp edge or edges of the blade the latter is
pass through the slots and become superposed
protected completely by a novel Wrapper of sheet
material, and by completely I mean that the blade
is fully enclosed at its ends, side edges and faces.
them in a novel manner with a wrapper having
tering the opposite ends of the blade into slots
therein and then folding or closing the tabs, si
multaneously causing the ends of the blade to
held positively and at all times out of contact
with the fold vertex lines of the wrapper. An
important advantage of such a wrapper is that
it obviates the use of spots of vaseline which
have been relied upon heretofore to attach the
blade to its Wrapper and thus prevent displace
are then folded to cover the ends of the blades
An advantage
of treating the wrapper in the manner outlined
is that each end tab» has a square fold extending
fully across the wrapper blank so that the whole
width thereof may be used in the holder to box
up or position the wrapper and its end tabs.
Moreover, since the corners of the body of the
wrapper are maintained intact, the Wrapper it 15
self may be accurately and positively located by
pins set at the four corners of the blank.
Preferably the wrapper and blade are assem
bled by first turning up the end tabs of the blank
so that the slots therein are located at substan
tially the same level, then locating the blade in
alignment with the slots and subsequently closing
the end tabs and simultaneously lowering the
blade to the body of the wrapper with approxi
mately a toggle action.
Both the wrapper and method of my inven
tion may be> employed with particular advantage
in connection with blades provided with corner
notches defining elongated unsharpened end p0r
tions in the blade, since by the procedure out
lined such a blade will interlock with the wrap
per not only in a transverse sense but also in a
longitudinal or endWise sense.
These and other features of the invention will
be best understood and appreciated from the 35
following description of one manner in which the
method may be put into practice as illustrated in
the accompanying drawing, in which,
Y Fig. l is a plan view of the Wrapper;
Fig. 2 is a View in perspective of a blade posi 40
tioned above a partially folded Wrapper;
Fig. 3 is a corresponding View in front eleva
tion, the blade and Wrapper being shown in
Fig. 4 is a plan View of the Wrapper with its 45
end tabs closed upon a blade; and
Fig. 5 is a plan View of the wrapper completel
upon a blade, the latter being shown in
in general, they are sometimes Variably affected
by hot Weather conditions and it is not always dotted lines.
The wrapper blank, which may be made of 50
50 practical to keep automatic machinery as clean ' thin sheet material such as oiled or waxed paper,
as desired when supplemented by a system for
as shown in Fig. l, comprises a rectangular body
delivering melted vaseline.
The method of- my invention is characterized portion I0 scored to deñne side flaps Il and l2
by the steps of folding slotted end tabs of a and end tabs I3. E'ach end tab tapers outward
ly to a straight end edge and is provided with a 55
55 Wrapper into upright and parallel relation, en
ment therein.
While such means are effective
2 .
V,transverse slotv I4. The slots are located entire
endwise movement. Subsequently, the side flaps
ly without or beyond the fold lines of the tabs Y II Vand I2 are folded'over the end tabsy on fold>
and have inwardly tapering'end edges. The re
f entrant angles `formed at the juncture of the
lines located Withoutl or beyond the sharpened
- side naps VII and I2 with the end tabs I3 supply
thus completed.
convenient Vpoints at Which the blank may be
engaged and positively located Vfor the wrapping
operation by spaced pins I8 or Ythe like, such as
VIn the drawing there'is shown for illustration
a safety razor blade I5 of the Gillette type hav
ingV oppositely disposed Ycutting edges. and re
entrant corner recesses I6 which denne in the
blade elongated unsharpenedend portions Il.
The blade, or _asimilar blade, may be presented
. to the lwrapper in 'automaticV machinery by a
suction head 20 having nozzles which engage the
surface of the blade at spaced points and main
tain the blade in position by a vacuum createdV
edges of the blade and the Wrapping operation is '
Having thus Vdescribed my invention, I claim .
Yas new and desire to secure by Letters'Patent:'--V
1. `A safety razor bladel having shoulders and
unsharpened end portions projectingbeyond the"Y Y
shoulders, in combination with a protecting coverV
having a body portion longer than the blade and.
end tabs folded on a line parallel to and sub-Y '
stantially beneath the ends of the blade, the tabs
being slotted. whereby the unsharpend endsr'of'V
the blade may project through the tabs up to the
2. .A> safety razor blade having shoulders and
unsharpened end portions projecting beyond -the Y
same, in combination with a protecting cover. j
Vin the'head. The head ïis moved by mechanism, , V'comprising a body portion as long as the blade'V
not shown, to carry one blade after another from and end' tabs with- slots through 'which 'said end
a stack in a magazine into position in alignment portions of the blade project, and side flaps ar
with Yand above successive wrappers'which may ranged to cover the portions of the blade which
be presented by a rotary turretl or other mecha
' '25
nism. ' The preliminary position of the blade I5
3. A protected
outside theblade
end tabs.
Y ' shouldered
f ~ end
with respect to the> wrapper is shown in Figs. 2 ' portions, in combination >with a Vwrapper having
and 3; Thebcdy'of they wrapper I5 and the side VVa body portion as long .as the blade and end tabs
' flaps Handl I2 are held. flat, or substantially so,
folded inwardly over theV blade on fold lines
whilethe endV tabs I3 are turned' into upright ‘ spaced apart by thefull length of the blade, theY
and parallel' position, as indicated best in dotted
tabs havingslots to receivethe end portions of.
linesinFig. 3.. In> this condition the slotsY I4 are 1 the blade,” which slots are located nearer to-V 30
brought to thesame level and the blade I 5 is ' gether in theclcsed wrapper than said fold lines.
positioned between and in alignment therewith.
. ll.r AY safety razor blade having »corner notchesf
While the blade isso held the end tabsare bent
deiining unsharpened-'end portions', in combina
simultaneously inwardly by a pair of blades 22 - tion with a4 wrapper having a body Yportion as ’
Vcarried respectively in the ends of bell crank
levers 2I Varranged to .swing Vabout horizontal'
studs 23 and connected together for simultaneous
Ymovement by’gear4 segments 24.
»The preliminary Vaction'of the'blades 22 Vis tol
swing the endítabs I3-inwardly until` the endV por
f tions n of the blade have entered; the siete m
therein. When thisV has onceftaken place the
Y ` blade I5 is quickly lowered upon the face Vofthe
wrapper I 0 and simultaneously 'the'end tabs I3
are'folded` inwardly,v the movement continuing
long as the. blade and tabs folded coincidently
with the end edges ’of the blade and slotted so
that the Vshoulders of the blade engage the .inner
face of each tab _and the end Vportions extend
through the slots andV upon outer‘faces of the
5. A safety razor bladehaving corner notches
deñning unsharpened end'portions, in combina--r
tion with a'wrapper having a body 4portion as long
as the blade'and tapering tabs folded coincidently 45.
'with the endY edges of the blade and slotted above ' '
their respective fold lines at a height leaving-at
withfa toggle action until the tabs I3 have been
brought down into contact' with the upperV face each end of the slotk material substantially equal
` of theï blade I5 andthe ends I'l of the blade to the width of a corner notch.V
g i '
have passed fully through the slotsv I4 and lie
6. A protected bladehaving a wrapper' with a
i in contact with the upper face of’the tabs. It .body portion longer than the over-all length of
will' be seen that in this operation the'end edges
of the shoulders formed by the notches I6 in the
.blade are brought Ainto engagement with the
55 material of theV end naps outside the two ends
' Y of jthe slots lI4 vand that thelongitudinal edges
of the> shoulders >in theV blades are interlocked
with the end v'edges of the slots I4. VThe blade
-is thus held positively against both transverse or
the blade, side naps, andl tabs folded inwardly"
over both ends of the blade', the tabs being slotted
at points beyond their fold-lines and the ends
of the'blades Vprojecting through the slots inthe
inwardly folded Vtabs and being covered Vby .the
5.0i ,
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