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June 7, 1938'
Original Filed Oct. 7, 1955
/,%nfezz C
Patented June 7, 1938
sr'rss Pr
v T orrrcs -
Warren 0. Merrill, Los Angeles, Calif.. assignor
to Irving S. Baltimore, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application October 7,- 1935, SerialNo. 43,857
Renewed January 19, 1938
2 Claims. ((51. 62-915)
My invention relates to 'means for converting
dry ice into carbon dioxide gas and more par
ticularly to an apparatus in which this conver
sion or sublimation is. accelerated after the dry
ice has been put into the tank or container in
which it is put in broken pieces.
It is known that vwhen dry ice is placed in a
pressure tank and sealed, that it will melt and
developa pressure within the pressure tank and
thus carbon dioxide gas is obtained for soda foun
tain purposes. It takes considerable time, how
ever, and frequently a dispenser desires carbon
dioxide gas under pressure without waiting for
the natural sublimation of the dry ice.
I have conceived the idea of providing a pres
sure tank having means in the bottom thereof to
receive small pieces of dry ice, while the larger
pieces are supported upon this holding means and
above the smaller pieces which have passed
therethrough or‘ down-into the lower part of the
tank. By breaking some of the dry ice into small
pieces I increase the ‘surface thereof which in
itself will accelerate the sublimation thereof, but
by increasing the metal in the bottom of the tank
which contacts said small pieces, the sublimation
is still further accelerated.
In order to further explain my invention, I
have shown on the accompanying sheet of draw;
ings, one practical embodiment thereof, which I
will now describe.
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a pressure tank, '
partly in longitudinal section, showing my inven
tion embodied therein; and
Figure 2 is a cross sectional view thereof taken
on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.
Referring in detail to the drawing, .I have
shown a pressure tank of larger diameter than
those usually used, which tank is designated 3,
and provided at its top with an opening 4, and
40 a cover 5 constructed to close said opening from
In the showing here made, I have provided a
sort of grid 1, which can be cast or made up in
any suitable way and providing a lot of tubular‘
receptacles, designated 8, 8, down into which
small pieces of the dry ice can be put. This in
crease of metal in the bottom of the tank and
which contacts with these small pieces of dry ice,
greatly accelerates the sublimation thereof. The
larger or usual pieces will rest upon the top of
said grid 1, and the tank can be ?lled therewith, 10
as desired.
The usual service valve -9 is also
It will be seen that very rapid sublimation of
the dry ice takes place at once on account of the
small pieces into which it is broken and because 15
of the greatly increased metal surface with which
these small pieces come in contact, the sublima
tion is speeded up very much. It is known that
the metal holds'certain heat and because of this
and the increased surface contact, I have found
that quick sublimation can be had for quick use
of a tank after it has been put into place and
connected with the dispensing mechanism.
I am aware that changes can be made in my in;
vention as here shown for descriptive purposes,
and that other means for receiving and holding 25
the smaller pieces of ice below the larger pieces,
for the purpose described, and I do not limit my
invention to the showing made, except as I may
be limited by the hereto appended claims. ‘
I claim:
1. A tank constructed to hold pressure and
having a closure therefor, and adapted to receive
pieces of dry ice for conversion into carbon di
oxide gas, and means provided within said tank
to receive and hold a quantity of small pieces 35
of dry ice for more rapid sublimation, said means -
providing increased surface for contact with said
small pieces to accelerate the sublimation thereof.
2. .A converter tank for converting dry ice into
dioxide gas and consisting of a tank body 40
pressure developed within said tank will hold '
for holding high pressure and adapt
said cover closed. Suitable gasket is provided at ed to receive and hold larger pieces of dry ice
5' to cause perfect seal of the cover with the
the inside, substantially as shown, whereby the
opening of the tank. A small chain 6 can be at
tached to said cover to hold it from dropping
, down into the tank when the pressure is low.
My invention consists in providing in the bot
tom of the tank space for small pieces of dry ice
50 so they will melt more quickly and at the same
time provide means for. supporting the usual or
larger pieces as they are put into the tank. I
for slower sublimation, and means within said
tank providing a series of pockets to receive small 45
pieces of dry ice for rapid sublimation to develop
initial pressure when said tank is closed for
service, said means providingincreased surface '
for contact with said small pieces, for the purpose
referred to‘.
'- WARREN 0. mm.
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