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June 7, 1938.
Filed April 27, 1936
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
/%4/?/?/ c/ lfm/a/a/Pa
June 7, 1938.
Filed April 27, 1936
7' 4.
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BY /74/P/P/c/ l/r/yw/a?sz;
Patented‘ June 7, 1938
mnmean'r comm-1R COMBINATION
Harry J. Langhorst, Larchmont, N. Y., assignor
to American Cyanamid & Chemical Corpora
tion, New York, N. Y., a corporation of Dela
Application April 2'1, 1936, Serial No. 76,576
2 Claims. (Cl. 299-24)
The present invention relates to an improved the manner of collapsing one modi?cation of the
fumigant combination, that is, an absorbent car
rier having absorbed therein a volatile fumigant.
Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing a
There is on the market today, a product known modi?ed form of the invention;
5 as “Zyklon Discoids". These articles are com
Fig. 5 is an edge view of Fig. 4.
paratively thin cellulosic discs having absorbed
Referring now with particularity to the em
therein liquid hydrocyanic acid. They are nor
bodiments illustrated in Figs. 1, 2 and 3, absorb
mally packed in tins which contain a de?nite ent areas are shown at l of some suitable ma
number of these discs and a de?nite quantity terial capable of absorbing or holding within
10 of liquid hydrocyanic acid so that each disc is its pores a volatile fumigant. Cellulosic mate- 1o
known to contain substantially the same pre ‘ rial has been found to be admirably adapted for
determined quantity of liquid fumigant. It,
this'purpose and speci?cally wood pulp. As the
therefore, becomes a matter of simple calcula
absorbed fumigant, liquid hydrocyanic acid is
tion to determine the number of discs necessary _ preferred, .either with or without warning agents
16 for a space to be fumigated, based upon the cubic due to the fact that this material is readily and I‘
contents of the space and the quantity of hy
completely volatile. Any other type of absorbent
drocyanic acid required to fumigate that space. and fumigant may be used which will permit
The present invention is an improvement upon requisite quantities to be absorbed and subse
the fumigant combination above described and quently released upon exposure to the atmos
20 has for its object the arrangement of such discs phere within the space being fumigated.
or other absorbent carrier in such form that
The areas I are preferably tied together by
they or it may be collapsed upon itself during means of a strip 2 which, in this case, extends
shipment and storage but which in use, may be between the areas and throughout a diameter
expanded to expose substantially the entire area thereof. This strip may be of paper, cloth or
25 thereof to permit the liquid fumigant to volatilize. the like adhered to the areas I by means of any 25
To this end, the invention contemplates any suitable adhesive which is not soluble in the liq
absorbent carrier which may be collapsed upon uid fumigant.
itself either in the form of discs or other areas
K container is shown at 1 adapted to contain
separately made and subsequently attached to
a plurality of these absorbent areas in a col
30 gether, this arrangement making possible the
lapsed condition as shown in Fig. 3. when a so
collapsing of the carrier upon itself so that the predetermined number of these absorbent areas
thus collapsed carrier may be placed in the con
are placed in the container and a predetermined
tainer during shipment and storage. Upon use, quantity of liquid fumigant added to the can,
the carrier may be expanded, that is, unfolded, each of the areas will absorb its proportionate
35 the‘ desired area. of carrier separated from the share of the fumigant. Consequently, a uniform as
remainder and placed within the space to be and known quantity of fumigant will be con
fumigated, preferably in an expanded condition tained within each area.
so as to facilitate vaporization of the fumigant.
When fumigating with these areas, it only be
Any liquid fumigant which is readily volatile comes necessary to decide the number of discs
“3 may be used, although liquid hydrocyanic acid desired to be placed in the space tobe fumi- 4o
is preferred either with or without a warning gated and to tear off the necessary number and
material such as cyanogen chloride, chloropicrin, place them in that space.
or other warning materials. In some cases, a
In order to assist in the volatilizatibn of the
liquid fumigant, perforations 4 are provided so
‘5 iachrymatory warning agent may be used.
The invention further consists in the novel that such discs may be hung or suspended within 45
arrangement, combination and construction of the space to be fumigated to expose both sides
parts more fully hereinafter described and shown thereof.
in the accompanying drawings.
In the drawings:
Fig, 1 is a fragmentary perspective view show
ing the manner of removal of the absorbent ma
terial from a container;
Fig. 2 is a partial front elevation;
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view showing
Where more than one area is placed within a
space to be fumigated, such‘ number being tied _
together, the operator is always sure that the 50
number of areas placed in the space are removed
after the fumigating period.
In Figs. 4 and 5 another form of tying the
areas together is shown to consist of a sewed ele
ment 8 with a section 9 in between discs from 65
1. An elxpandible and collapsible fumigating
which the discs'may be suspended where de- '
It will be apparent
the combination here
in shown serves the desired purpose oi’~(1') as
suring that the number of areas‘ placed in the
space to be i'umigated are subsequently removed;
_(2) facilitates removal of the areas‘ from the
container; (3) permits ready exposure or both
article comprising, 'a plurality of absorbent car
riers each having a large surface area relative to
its thickness and having a volatile liquid fu
mi'gant absorbed therein, in an amount inex
oess oi.’ that occurring by nature in said ab
sorbent carriers, and ?exible, elongated, and
easily severable suspending means amxed to and‘.
sides of the absorbent when suspended in the - connecting said carriers with-reach other in series
10 ‘space to be iumigated and thus facilitates vola
tilization oi’ the tumigant; and (4) the tie acts
as a support for a suspended string of areas
otherwise being perhaps not strong enough to
sustain their weight plus that of the liquid fumi
While the invention has been shown and de
scribed with particular reference to speciilc em
bodiments, it is to be understood that\it is not
to be limited thereto but is to be construed
broadly and restricted only by the scope oi’ the
' I claim:
and extending throughout and beyond the length 10
of the series 01' carriers when in the expanded
position, whereby a series oisaid carriers may be
placed in suspended position to enable the vola
tilization oi’ the iumigant, said carriers being
capable of being collapsed upon each other in’
surface to surface contact for shipping and stor
age purposes.
2. An article for fumigating purposes as claim
ed in claim 1, in which the carriers are absorbent
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