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June ‘14, 1938.
2,120,260 .
Fi'l‘ed ’June 7, 1923
Patented June 14, 1938
Daniel Benson Replogle, Berkeley, Calif., assignor _
to The Ohio Citizens Trust Company, Toledo.
Ohio, a corporation of Ohio, as trustee
> Application June 7, 1928, Serial. No. 283,585
8 Claims.
This invention relates to cleaning tools adapted.
(Ci. 15-43)
but ‘being. su?lciently resilient to permit sufficient
to be used in connection with pneumatic. or
small vertical vibrations of the stroker I”. ,
suction cleaners which are electrically driven,
The vibrations are‘ produced by the electro
magnetic buzzer in the encasements 8, 8, carrying
and more particularly in connection with air
’5 method cleaners known commercially under the
registered trade-mark “Air-Way". ‘The inven
a common plate or vibrator‘ arm 5, screwed to a
the encasement walls at 9, 9, etc. . Either type,
tion relates more in detail to attachments for
vthe current breaker, or the alternating current
type buzzer can be used, but the one here shown
is an alternating current type buzzer in which
the armature strain is regulated by the extension 10
“Air-Way" cleaning tools of the type described
in my application for Letters Patent Serial No.
10 15,529, ?led March 14, 1925.
The objects of the invention are to provide an
electrically operated attachment to be connected
to the ?oor tool and operated by an electrical ex
tension cord from the motor, to improve the ac- '
15 tion of the floor tool by vibrating a portion of
the face of the tool, to make and combine an
electrical buzzer with such ?oor tool when op
erated on stationary plants; and other objects as
may appear from this speci?cation and may be
20 pointed out in the claims.
To these ends, the invention consists of the-de
sign, construction and arrangement of parts and
elements as shall ‘now be described and as are
illustrated in the drawing, in which:
Figure 1 is a plan view with sections taken on
the lines C——D and E-F of Figure 3.
Figure 2 is a reduced size view in perspective
of one end of the buzzer attachment; a similar
end being broken away.
Figure 3 shows a section taken on the line A-B
of Figure 1.'
Figure 4 is a. greatly reduced viewin perspec- ‘
springs l0, l0, which springs are to be varied
in tension by the knurled nuts H, H, according
to the power and current applied through the
coils l2, I2, etc. which may be’ wound to work
in series or in parallel, but are‘ here shown as in 15
two pairs, each pair in series but all designed
to act in unison on the common arm 5, to lugs
of which the springsv l0, l0, are-hooked at Ill’,
ID’. The portions to which the coil cores are
‘attached at l2’, I!’ are the top covers of the
encasements 8, 8, connected to the arm 5, which
not only vibrates but extendsv through under the
pipe 3 the whole length of the device, so that
clamps l3, l3 which are welded to the sides of
the encasements 8, 8, at 8', 8', will hold the
entire device ?rmly in position when the hooks
l3’, l3’ are caught over the body of the tool
and hooks l3", l3'fof'the clamps are caught
under the edge of the tool channel as shown. A
rubber guard 8" surrounds the base of encase 30
ment 8.
The vibration of the arm} of the device is
tive of an “Air-Way” cleaner with one of the _ e?ected by current from the cord H which may
buzzer ‘attachments connected'to the tool there 'lead from any electrical source, but is here shown
Similar characters of reference refer to like
as coming from an extension ‘from the motor of 35
an “Air-Way" cleaner l5 which in turn receives
its current from a cord IS, the cords l4’ and H’
and corresponding parts in the several ?gures. _
, Referring to the drawing, the body of the
leading to the coils, being merely extensions of
floor tool I, having .‘pring support rollers 2, 2'
the lead
40 designed to hold it above the carpet to be cleaned,
is to be supplied with air suction through the
pipe 3. An "Air-way” cleaner tool is provided
with channels to hold strokers as 4 but when the
present improvement is to be used one of the
I I.
The cleaner with the attachment in place is to
be used by moving back and forth over the car
peted ?oor. ‘As the in-rushing air. lifts the car
pet against the strokers, the buzzing or rapid
vibrations of the lip or stroker l’ imparts its
45 strokers 4' is to be removed and mounted on the vibrations to the lifted carpet dislodging imbedded 45
vibrator arm 5 carrying the armature 6 and the particles of dust which plain air currents will not
channel socket l, in the latter of which the affect. when the tool is pressed down upon the
stroker I’ is held securely and to be vibrated so ‘ ?oor between the spring support rollers, the lip or
that its lower lip portion shall buzz or beat the stroker 4’ will of course beat upon the ?at lying ,
50 carpet which is sucked up against it by the in
carpet upon the floor.
rushing air.‘ A rubber‘ substitute strip 4" is
placed in the channel of the ?oor tool from which
the stroker has been removed and its ‘lower edge
is arranged to impinge on the upper side of the
55 tilted stroker 4', making a seal against leakage
Having thus described the invention and the
operation in the present embodiment thereof, I
do not wish to be con?ned to the details as shown
since many of them may be greatly modi?ed with
out departing from the spirit of the invention.
I claim broadly:
1. An attachment unit for a cleaning tool
having a ?oor engaging lip, comprising a casing,
an electro-magnet carried by said casing having a
vibrator arm also carried by the casing and car
spaced spring clips carried by the casing and nt
ting over the exterior of said nozzle for detach
ably connecting said supplemental unit to the.
floor tool.
6. In a pneumatic cleaner, an elongated ‘suc
rying another lip for said tool, means for de
tion nozzle, supplemental non-‘meta'llic'lip mem
tachably connecting the casing to the tool and ' bers carried by the nozzle along the longitudinal '
means for bringing electric current to the elec
edges thereof and de?ning a mouth, a vibrator
actuating unit connected to the nozzle externally
2. In combination with the floor tool of a suc
. tion cleaner having an unobstructed suction in
let, a vibrator unit detachably secured to the
floor tool comprising a casing, an electro-magnet
and vibrator arm carried by the casing, spring
15 clips for detachably connecting the casing to the
exterior of the ?oor tool, and a ?oopengaging
lip carried by the vibrator arm.
3. In combination with a suction cleaner hav
ing an elongated nozzle with an unobstructed suc
tion inlet,-a vibrator unit det'achably connected
to the nozzle externally of the suction inlet, com
prising a pair of casings each carrying an elec
tro-magnet, a common vibrator arm carried joint
lyby both of the casings, a ?oor-engaging lip
25 operated by the vibrator arm, and clamps car
ried by said casings for detachably securing said
unit to the nozzle.
4. A supplemental unit for attachment to the
?oor tool of a suction cleaner, comprising a cas~
30 ing, an electric current consuming device located
within the casing, and spring clips carried by the
casing for detachably securing the casing to the
outside of the ?oor tool.
5. In combination with a floor tool for a suc
-35 tion cleaner, having an elongated suction nozzle;
a supplemental unit for attachment to the ?oor
tool, comprising a casing, an electric current con
suming device located within the casing, and
and in rear thereof, said unit including an elec
tromagnet independent of the suction producing
means having a vibrating armature, and an oscil
lating element actuated by said armature and
cooperating with the nozzle in the cleaning oper
ation, said element having a surface engaging 16
portion extending past the inner edge of the‘ rear
7. In combination with a suction cleaner hav
ing an elongated nozzle, a _vibrator actuating
means mounted externally and in rear of the 20
nozzle, and including a pair of spaced electro
magnet carrying units, one mounted adjacent
each end of the nozzle, each unit being provided
with means for attachment to the nozzle, electro
magnets carried by’ said units, and surface en 25
gaging vibrator means actuated by said electro
magnets and cooperating with the nozzle in the
cleaning operation.
8. In a pneumatic cleaner, an, elongated nozzle
having a suction inlet, a vibrator actuating unit 30
connected at the rear of the lnozzle externally of
the suction inlet, and including a pair of spaced
electromagnets, one mounted adjacent each end
of the nozzle, and a surface agitating means actu
ated by said electromagnets and cooperating with 36
the nozzle in the cleaning operation.
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