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June >14, 1938.
Filed Sept. 15, 1936
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Patented June 14, 1938
Treflle E. Fournier, Fitchburg, Mass.
Application September15, 1936, Serial No. 100,933
(Cl. 292-62)
1 Claim.
This invention relates to improvements in
means for fastening and securing window screens
or storm Windows to window casings and the
primary object of the invention is to provide com
5 plemental interlocking ñxtures which when ap
8 and storm window 9 to be set in place against *Y
or within the window casing. To this end, each
side frame I0 of the screen is provided with an
opening or recess II so located therein as to be
positioned properly adjacent the Window casing 5
plied to the window sash, screen, and storm
Window, respectively, enable the screen and storm
windows to be interchangeably placed on the
sash in proper and intended position whenever
recess 3 when the screen is in place against the
casing as shown in Figure 7. Disposed over each
recess II and fastened to the screen frame by
10 desired and without use of tools or any major
alterations in sash, screen or window.
A further object of the invention is to pro
I2 for a cup I3, the latter being housed Within
and snugly fitting the recess in the manner illus
trated. A comparatively short pull rod or pin I4
extends into the cup through a central opening
screws or other suitable fasteners is a cover plate
vide interlocking ñxtures which are substantially
permanent when once fastened to the window in the cover plate and at its inner end is con
15 casing and to the screen and storm Window with nected with a disc or washer I5 contacting the
sides of the cup and serving as a cross~head or
which they are to be used.
An additional object of the invention is to guide for steadying the rod in its movement in
wardly and outwardly of the cup. Mounted on
provide a spring locking device for securely fas
tening and holding the window or screen in place the outer end of the pull rod and turning about
the axis of the latter is a keeper engaging- ele 20
20 by spring tension.
With the above object in view my invention ment comprising a flat plate having a rounded
residesin the novel construction,arrangement and -nose latch portion I6 and a reduced portion I'I,
the latter serving as a single hold or grip and
combination of parts h-ereinafter more fully de
scribed With reference to the accompanying draw .~ being curved as shown to accommodate the linger.
Rod I4 may be either fixed to the keeper en
25 ings wherein:
Figure l is a plan View from the inside of a gaging element to turn therewith or the said ele
ment may be loose on the rod to turn freely
window casing and screen provided With inter
thereon. Concealed within the cup and encircling
locking fixtures in accordance with the presen
Figure 2 is a plan view of one of the side frames
of the window casing showing keeper plates with
arcuate cam slots.
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure l but show
ing the screen replaced by a storm window.
Figure 4 is a View in front elevation of a side
frame of a window casing showing a keeper plate
with an angular cam slot.
Figure 5 is a vertical central section of the part
shown in Figure 4.
Figure 6 is a detail View of the latch unit to be
aiîixed to the screen or storm window.
Figure 7 is a sectional View of adjacent frames
ci window casings and screens equipped with and
secured together by the improved fastener, the
45 parts of which are clearly shown.
For the purposes of this invention, the Window
casing I is provided at diametrically opposite
points near the top and bottom of the side frames
2 with recesses 3 as shown in Figures 1 and 5.
50 Over each recess is placed a keeper plate 4 fas
tened to the casing by screws 5. The portion of
the plate overlying the recess is cut out to provide
a cam edge 6 and stop slot 'I. 'I'he fastening or
latching elements which engage the keeper plate
55 are carried respectively by the particular screen
the pull rod with Vone end bearing against the
disc and the other end bearing against the cover.
plate is a coil spring I8. This spring is tensioned
to expand between the cover plate and the disc
and normally holds the rod Well Within the cup
with the disc bearing end thereof substantially
at the bottom of the cup and the latch bearing
end close to the cover plate. Thus, in order to
fasten the screen to the casing, the pull rod. is
necessarily moved outwardly to align the latch
element with the cam slot of the keeper and this
movement is opposed by the resistance of the
spring, which spring resistance is increased in
proportion to the spring compression. The spring
resistance is overcome in the ñrst instance by the
pull of the linger against part I'I until the latch
element is turned to cause part IB to enter the 45
keeper slot and bear` against the low portion of
the cam edge I6. As the latch travels over the
high part of the cam edge, the outward movement
of the pull rod continues with further compres
sion of the spring until the latch element is
ñnally seated in the stop slot. At this time, the
parts are positioned substantially as shown in
Figure 7 from which it will be apparent that the
force of the spring against the washer I5 tends to
hold the latch I6 firmly in the stop slot and the 55
spring force acting against the cover plate I2
tends to bind the frame IIJ tightly against the
casing 2 to» provide a Weatherproof and insect
excluding joint.
Due to the fact that screens are generally used
over the lower half only of a window casing, for
the purposes of the present invention they require
of the frame is substantially devoid of unsightly
projecting or objectionable fixtures.
Having thus described the invention, what is
claimed is:
Means _for detachably fastening screen and
storm window frames in overlapping engagement
with an exterior frame of a window casing com
but two fasteners for interlocking engagement
prising keeper means carried by a part of the
with the lower pair of casing keeper elements.
inner edge of said exterior frame, a cup carried
by the screen or storm window frame and opening 10
10 For full length screens or storm windows four
fasteners may be employed as shown in Figure 3.
Screens and storm windows are used interchange
ably with a common window casing and the com
plemental elements of the herein disclosed novel
15 fastener are permanent on the screen and storm
window and on the window casing when once
properly afiixed thereto. The concealment of the
spring and cup Within the body of the frame and
the general arrangement and construction ofthe
fastener parts provide for a simple compact
fastener inexpensive to manufacture and easy
to install, the installation being such that the face
out on the inner face of said frame, a cover plate
closing the open end of the cup and attached to
the inner face of said frame, said cover plate
having an opening therein, a rod passing through
the opening, a washer connected to the inner end 15
of the rod and slidably arranged in the cup, a
Vspring encircling the rod and located between the
washer and vthe cover plate, a latch plate con
nected with the outer end of the rod and having
a rounded end for engaging the keeper means,
the opposite end being reduced in Width and
bowedto form a finger piece.
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