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> Patented June
' ,u-Ni'ri: sr-A're PATENT" OFFICE
wamca'rmo rum) '
William G. Klitzke, Portland, Oreg.
Drawing. Application March‘ so, 1931, ‘
Serial No. 133,907
2 Claims. (01. 87-9)
While the soap preferred for use in this prepa.»
This invention relates to the class of lubrica
ration is that sold under the trade name pre»
'- .tion, and” pertains particularly to an improved
viously referred to, other pure soaps may be exn-I
lubricating ?uid designed primarily for lubricat
ployed, therefore it is-to be understood that the
invention is not to be limited to the use of “ivory” 5
ing valves and other sliding parts of musical wind
5 _ instruments.
for its primary ob
soap chips.
The present invention has
ject to provide an improved free ?owing and.
nondrying lubricating ?uid which may be freely
used upon valves and other sliding parts of
10 musical wind instruments, such as cornets, trom
degree of lubricating actiombut in the present
case the use of a soap-and water solution alone,
while e?ective for a short period of time, would
?nally defeat‘ the purpose for which it is used by
vdrying out and hindering the movement of the
instrument parts between which it ~might be
placed. For this reason the addition of kerosene
bones or the like, without danger of damaging
the metal of the'instrument and without becom
ing eventually gummy so as to require the clean
ing of the parts.
15 '
It is well known‘ that soaps have a certain
and citronella oils serves the double function of w
The present invention‘broadly contemplates the ' preventing the drying out of the soap after the
provision of a soap in water solution having added
thereto an oil or oils which forms the double
function of preventing the drying out and gum
ming of the soap and providing additional lubri
cant for the parts to which the ?uid is applied.
More speci?cally the invention comprises a
‘mixture or emulsion of water, kerosene, a soap
such as the brand commonly sold under the trade
name “Ivory", and oil of citronella. In making
water has evaporated and of adding an additional
lubricant to the mixture. ‘The combination of
the kerosene with the soap and water mixture ‘
also tends to retard the evaporation of the water m
of the mixture.
,What' is claimed, is:
1. A lubricating ?uid for the purpose described,
comprising an emulsion consisting of a mixture '
of a fully formed soap, water in which the soap 25
up the lubricating ?uid the water is ?rst heated,
25 and the soap, in the form of “Ivory” soap chips, is dissolved, kerosene oil, and citronella oil and
which is. characterized by the factthat it remains
is dissolved therein. After a complete solution thin and free-?owing under all ‘conditions and ' '
has been effected,
not gum.
thoroughly mixed in so as to form an emulsion. does
2. A lubricating ?uid for the purpose described, w
O‘This emulsion is then
consisting of an emulsion containing water one
then has added oil of citronella which will thin gallon, soap (chip, ?ake or powder) one~iourth
out the previously formed thickened liquid.
ounce. the soap being dissolved in the water,
As a speci?c example o! the invention, it is
preferred that the ingredients be taken in the ‘kerosene oil two gallons‘, and oil of citroneila
35 following proportions:
three ounces.
Water ____________________ _..__.._..gallons.._ ,
Kerosene ____________________ .._do_.._..
011 of citronella ________________ .._ounces__‘
Soap chips or powder (Ivory soap
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