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June 14, v1938.
Filed June 3, 1937
1f 1718
§ 1211
I" .
Patented June 14, 1938
Benjamin F. Coile, Athens, Ga., assignor of one
half to Paul Keller, Athens, Ga.
Application June 3,1937, Serial No. 146,142
10 Claims.
This invention relates to knitting machines and
more especially to the web holding mechanism
of such machines.
(01. 66--107)
butts l8 of the web holder's l9 arranged in the
grooves l5.
‘ A web holder ring 20 ?ts tightly into the upper
end of the needle cylinder l0 and has an ex
teriorly turned ?ange 20’ to rest upon the top
ingly holding them in position for free recipro- ' edge of the needle cylinder. This ring 20 also
has a substantial ?ange 2| extending outwardly
In known web-holding mechanism, a web from an upper part thereof and providing a pair
An object of this invention is new and novel
means for lubricating the web holders and yield
of spaced parallel bearing surfaces 22 and 23.
holder ring has radial slots in which are ar
The bearing surface 22 is provided by the bottom 10
rotated cam. Each web holder has a portion for surface of ?ange 2| and the surface 23 forms
‘engagement with the bottom of the web, holder
ring to prevent vertical movement of the holders
by the knitting needles.
Heretofore, it has been customary to lubricate
the web holders and needles merely by pouring
oil on to the Web-holder ring which is very ob
jectionable due to the fact that there is nothing
to prevent the oil from running off with theresult
v20 that the web holders and needles run dry and
become hot, causing excessive wear and the
formation of a black substance which, when the
mechanism is again oiled, is wiped oif'on the
fabric. The present invention obviates the con
25 ditions above described and, according to the
invention, the web-holder ring is provided with
an annular groove in which is arranged a felt
wick which is engaged by the inner ends of the
web holders. The felt wick is saturated with oil
30 and reciprocation of the holders causes applica
tion of lubricant to the sides as well as the bot
tom of the holders with transfer of some of the
lubricant to the needles.
The thorough lubrica
tion of the holders and needles prevents them
00 Q1 from becoming hot and minimizes the wear.
Other objects, novel features and advantages
will become apparent from the'following speci?
cation and accompanying drawing, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a vertical section through a web
40 holding mechanism embodying the invention;
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the web-holder ring;
Fig. 3 is an enlarged ‘ fragmentary section
_ through the web-holder ring showing a web
holder in elevation, and
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of the
web holder ring.
The needle cylinder I0 is provided with ex
terior grooves II in which are arranged needles
I2. A web holder bed I3 is tightly ?tted on a
5 O flange |4 formed on the needle cylinder l0. As
is usual in the art, the bed I3 is radially grooved
at |5, the last-named grooves being spaced be
tween the needle grooves “. On the bed In is
rotatablymounted a- web-holder cam ring l6
having a ?ange H for engagement with the
part of the top of the'ring 20. The body of the
?ange 2| has an upstanding portion 2|’ which
is substantially triangular inv cross section, the _
hypotenuse of the triangle extending down
wardly and inwardly, whereby a downwardly and
inwardly inclined surface is provided. The part
2|’ is provided with a plurality of radial slots
24 to receive the web-holders and thebody por
tion of ?ange 2| is provided with the slots 24" for
the needles 25'.
As is well understood, ring 20 supports a plu
rality of web holders 25 for movement radially
of said ring, and guides them during their move
ment in and out. These web holders are each
provided with an upper arm 26 which passes
through the slots 24 and rests upon the upper
bearing surface 23, and a lower arm 21 which
moves under the ?ange 2| with its upper surface
engaging the under bearing surface 22. ‘This 30
arrangement of arms and bearing surfaces and
slots insures proper movement of the web holders
during operation.
I provide an annular groove 28 in the upper
surface of ring 20 and providea wick 29 of felt 35
or other suitable material in said groove. It is
to be noted that the wick 29 is located near the
inner ends of the radial slots 24 in the web hold
ing ring 20 and near the bottom of the inclined
surface 30 of the slotted portion of said ring.
Any suitable lubricant is used to saturate the
wick 29. The arm 26 of the web holder 25 en
gages the wick 29 and as it reciprocates across
the wick, it is lubricated. Some of the lubricant
is carried by the web holders through the grooves iii 5
24 and supplied to the needles. Thus both the web holders and needles are thoroughly lubri
cated thereby preventing them from becoming
hot and minimizing wear. Also, the wick 29
serves to yieldingly hold the arm 26 in position
tending to prevent canting of the web holder by
pull exerted from the needles I2. The wick,
therefore, not only serves to effect lubrication of
the web holders and needles, but also minimizes
the possibility of binding of the arms 26 and 21
. against the surfaces of the ?ange 2|.
The above-described arrangement provides 1 a
highly e?lcient and inexpensive device- for ef
fecting thorough and uniform lubrication of the
web- holders and needles. The wick-retains suf.?cient lubricant for a long period of operation
and reduces waste of lubricant to a minimum.
having a slotted ?ange provided withvan'annu
lar surface coplanar-with the bottoms of- said .
slots, a. groove in said annular surface, a lubri
eating wick in said groove and web holders in.
said slots ‘engaging said wick.
6.‘ In a knitting mechanism,_ an‘ exterlorly
grooved cylinder, needles in-the grooves, a ring
carried by said cylinder and-‘having radial slots, » -
It is one advantage of the arrangement that no:
web holders in said slots, ‘each web holder be
10 additional mechanism is. required for the knit- ‘ ing arranged between two-needles,‘.and an annu
ting machine as it is necessary .only to provide -' m lubricating‘ wick supported by said ring for. .
a groove in ‘the web ,holder'ringadjacent the
inner ends of the-webholder grooves.
simultaneous' engagement ‘by said web holders.
The thor- ' >
ough and uniform lubrication of the web holders
7. In a knitting mechanism, an exteriorly~
grooved cylinder, needles in the grooves, ,a ring
15 and needles insures‘ that they do not ‘become ' - carried by said ‘cylinder, said ring having radial
unduly heated and thereby wear is minimized. .slots and being provided with upper and lower 1.5
Also, the above-described arrangement prevents
planar surfaces of which the former is adjacent 1
damage to the fabric from deposits thereon
of black substance resulting from improper lu-4
the inner ends of said slots, 'w'eb holders in said
slots andibeing recessed to provide upper ‘and.
lower arms engaging-said surfaces, and a lubri
It is'of course understood that various modi
g?cations maybe made in the above-described
web-holdingpmechanism without in any way de-'
cating wick supported by- said ring- for'engage
ment by said upper arm's.
8.] In a knitting‘ mechanism, an exteriorly
parting from the spirit of the invention as- de grooved cylinder, needles in the grooves, a ring '
?ned in the appended claims.
' carried by said cylinder, said ring having a
'- slotted ?ange provided'with an annular sur
1; In a knitting. machine, a'web-holder ring face coplanar with'thebottoms' of said slots, a
having radial slots for receiving the web hold groove in, said annular surface, -a lubricating
' ers, saidlring having an annular grooveadja- ' wick in said groove and webv holders in said slot
30 cent the inner ends'of. said slots,-and a lubricat . engaging said - wick.
ing wick arrangedinsaid groove;
. _2. _A web holder mechanism comprising a ring‘
having radial slots for receiving web-holders, and
an. annular lubricating wick: supported by said
35 ring for simultaneous engagement by web hold
em in said slots.>
m9'l..-In' a knitting mechanism, an _exteriorly
grooved. cylinder, needles inthe _grooves,- a ring
carried by said 'cylinder,..- said ring having. a
slotted ?ange providediw'ith upper and lower _
plane surfaces of ,which the formeris adjacent 35
' the inner ends of said slots-and has an annular _
'3. In a knitting machine, a ~web-holder ring a groove, ,a' lubricating wickin said “groove, and
having a ?ange provided with radial slots for re _ web holders in said slots, said web holders be- '
ceiving the web holders and provided with‘up- _ ing recessed to provide upper arms engaging said
40 per andlower plane surfaces of which‘the form
' , er is adjacent the inner ends- ofsaid slots-and
> has an annular groove, web holders in .said'slots
‘upper surface and wick and lower arms engagi
_ing said lower surfaces.‘
.40 ,
10; In. a knitting mechanism, an eirteriorly .
and being recessed to provideupper and lower . grooved cylinder. needles in the grooves, va ring
arms engaging said surfaces, and a lubricating ' carried‘ by: said cylinder, said ring having a '
4.5. wick in said-groove engaged-by said upper arms. slotted-?ange‘ provided with an annular surface 45
- 4. In ‘a knitting machine, a web holder ring . adjacent the inner ends’ of the slots',.a lubri
having radial‘ slots for receiving" web' holders. cating wicksupported by said ?ange and _web
said rlnghaving an annular groove, web holders
in said’slots and a lubricating wick in said vgroove '
50 engaged by said ‘web holders.-;_
holders in said slots,_ said web .holdersqhaving. -
portions engaging said surface and said wlck..4
.5. A web holder 'mechanism'compl'lsing arm!
- ‘BENJAMIN ‘E. ‘con-E. .
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