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June 14, 1938.
H. A. w. WOOD
Original Filed Aug. 4, 1932
2 Sheets-Sheet l
June 14, 1938.
H. A. w. WOOE;
Original Filed Aug. 4, 1932
2 Sheets-Sheet: 2
llllllllllllll lllillH
' Pafented'June 14, 1.938 . I.
I 2,120,845
Henry A. Wise Wood, New York. N. Y., assignor to
Wood Newspaper Machinery Corporation, New.
York, N. Y., a corpora/?an of Virginia
Application August 4, 19:2, Serial No. 021,438
Renewed May 28, 1937
3 Claims. (0!. 101-350)
This invention relates to ink fountains for
printing presses and the like and particularly for
presses printing in different colors.
The principal objects of the invention are to
Each fountain roll is driven through a gear ll
secured to the end which projects through the
fountain bowl. It meshes with a gear i2, carried
on the shaft i3’, whichextends across the width
5 provide the fountain of the inking device in a
of the press. The shaft II is driven from a source
of power through bevel gears l4 and ii. of
course, there is one gear [2 for each movable
plurality of units, individually removable; to
provide an ink fountain of a length less than the
full width of the paper to be printed, and to pro
vide a fountain having separately removable con
10 tainers for inks of different colors.
will appear hereinafter.
Reference is to be had to the accompanying
drawings, in which
Fig. 1 is an end view of a part of a printing
press showing a preferred embodiment of this
invention, the fountain being shown in section;
Fig. 2 is a plan of a part of the ink fountain;
Fig. 3 is a side elevation;
Fig. 4 is a sectional view of a part of th
20 fountain showing the adjusting device.
When different colored inks are used in the
same inking system, it has been customary here
tofore to have a single fountain with partitions in
it separating it into compartments for the ‘dif
ferent color inks.
This involves some cli?lculty
owing to leakage through the partitions and‘
especially to the fact that it is difficult to clean
one of the compartments when it has to be
emptied and a different colored ink put in. it.
This invention is designed to eliminate these dif
iiculties and to avoid the delay and difficulty of
the cleaning of the fountains.
The invention is shown as applied to an inking
gear ii carried on the. end of that particular
‘ fountain roll.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
fountain which cooperates with its corresponding
A brace it provides means for mounting each
removable fountain bowl I0 which rests on a ma
chined surface on its upper side. This machined
surface cooperates with feet ii on the several
fountain bowls and the latter carry a T-slot con 15
struction ?tting over T-bars I8. These T-bars
are yieldingly pressed upwardly by springs iii
to provide a clearance so that the fountain bowl
ll may be slipped on and held in position. Ad
justing lugs 2i are provided which threadedly 0
carry adjusting screws 23. These screws 23 bear
against bars 29 which may be considered as
integral with the brace l6 and extend between
feet I'I. They are used for adjusting the fountain
roll to the desired distance from the pick-up roll
‘I. Each individual fountain bowl of course is
adjusted in a way to adjust the position of its
fountain roll.
Each fountain bowl is fixed in adjusted position
by a hinged bolt 28 secured to bar 29 and thumb
nut 22 so that good inking can be obtained. Each.
fountain bowl IQ is securely clamped by lock bolts
2. to the brace It by the T-bars i8 against the
underslung ledges of the fountain bowl.
mechanism for a newspaper or the like having a
In each fountain bowl is a fountain back 24 se
fountain for each page width of the press, the
fountain being shown as of the overshot type,
although the invention is not limited to that type
cured to provide a rigid mounting for the blade
25 by a clamping strip 26. The usual fountain
blade adjusting screws 21 are provided and regu~
of fountain.
lated in the usual manner.
Only the plate cylinder 2 of the
printing couple is shown and it is illustrated as
The adjustments have been described and the
method of fastening the parts in position. When
supplied with ink through a system of the ordi
nary type, which involves form rolls 3, ink drum , it is desired to clean one of the fountain bowls Iii,
4, distributor 5, transfer roller 6, pick-up roller
‘I and spray catcher 8. The fountain rollv 9
runs very close to the pick-up roller 1 but does
not touch it. These inking rollers are arranged
as is usual in this art.
The combined fountain is made up of fountain
roll sections 9, each one of approximately one
page width, that is, sufficiently wide to ink a
‘single page. ’ Each fountain roll is rotatably sup
ported in a small fountain bowl i0. Each one
of-these'bowls constitutes a section of the main
fountain in the same way that the short fountain
55 roll does' of the main fountain roll.
the bolts 20 are loosened, wing nuts 22 are
loosened and bolts 28 swing down, permitting the
entire bowl with its contents to be lifted free of
the press without disturbing the other fountain
bowls. The ink may be emptied and the foun
tain thoroughly cleaned in an efficient and easy '
manner and returned to position with equal
Although I have illustrated and described only
one form of the invention I am aware of the fact
that modifications can be made therein by any
person skilled in the art without departing
.from the scope of the invention as expressed in
the claims. Therefore I do not wish to be
limited in this respect otherwise than as set forth
in the claims, but what I claim is:—
stantially the same width, a brace running
under the several bowls, open slotted lull cu
ried by said bowls, jointed adjusting screws ex
1. In a printing press, the combination with a
tending through the lugs and capable of beinx
plate cylinder and a series of rolls for transfers-ins
ink thereto. of a plurality of fountain bowls ar
ranged end to end, a fountain roll in each bowl
for supplying ink to the ink rolls, said fountain
roll being less than full page width of the press,
10 and quickly detachable means projecting to an
accessible point in front of the bowl whereby each
fountain bowl is independently detachable and
detached from them readily, and a bar integral
with the brace against which said screws bear
2. In an inking device, the combination of a
15 plurality of fountain bowls, each one of a width '
sumcient to supply ink for a single page; of the
printed product, a fountain roll therein of sub
whereby the bowl may be individually adjusted.
3. In an inking' device, the combination of a
plurality of separate ink bowls, a plurality of
T-bars’ extending under said bowls, said bowls
having feet in which T-slots are provided for re
ceiving the T-bars, means for pressing said T
bars upwardly and yieldingly, and means for
clamping the T-bars down in position to hold the
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