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June.14, 19.38.
original Filed April 15,4 1935
2 sheets-sheet 1
fkgYDEH/c/f ¿MMG/‘mm
l June 14, 1938..
original Filed April 13, 1935
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
2,120,951 «
Patented June 14, 1938
STEERING mmm comrAss
Frede-1ers. Hangman, Glen neck, n. J., as- .»
signor to Sperry l(â‘lyroscope Company, Inc.,
Brooklyn, N. Y., a corporation of New York
original application April 13, 1935, ‘serial No.
16,173. Divided and this application Decem
lier 3l, 1936, Serial No. 118,495. In Japan April
7, 1936
8 Claims. (Cl. 177-351)
This invention relates to repeater compas-ses
such as now used for the steering of ships in con
nection with a master compass, such as a gyra
scopic compass.
The gyroscopic compass has now become an
instrument‘of great precision, so that changes
of _course of a minute in azimuth or less may be
detected. It is, however, diilìcult for the helms
man to see such a small change on an ordinary
the forin it is shown in my aforesaid applica
As shown in Fig. 1, my improved steering re
peater may have the appearance of an ordinary
repeater compass with the usual 360° compass 5
card I, lubber line 2, casing 3, and setting knob
4 for setting the card». In addition, however, I
»provide a course indicating pointer 5 which may
be set on any desired course by means of an
10 repeater card and several types of multiple dials - auxiliary setting knob 6, so that it may always 'lo
have been proposed, including an auxiliary or be kept on the lubber line 2. The compass card
fine card driven at 36 to 1 ratio. Such a card, is controlled primarily from a repeater motor 1
however,- is diilìcult for the average helmsman to which is preferably driven from a. multiple
speed selsyn transmitter 8 on the gyro compass,
' '
According to my invention, I propose to retain y this being usually driven at a 36:1 ratio. The 15
motor, however, is not gearedy directly to the
the advantages of the single 360° card which ro
tates once for a complete turn of the ship, but card, but operates one portion of a two-part' fol
Ato show thereon in readable or magnified form low-up controller 9. As shown, the motor ‘I is
a. very small change in the heading of the ship. directly connected to the trolley or revolving
I obtain this improved result by employing a
course indicating pointer in addition to the or
dinary compass card and by driving the compass
card by the so-called ñne or 36:1 or 180:1 re
peater motor instead of the 1:1 motor, with,
_ 25 however, proper reduction gearing therebetween.
The card, therefore, will actually'show a very
small change of course, say one minute of arc,
' but such a small movement at the periphery of
the compass card would not be noticeable by the
30 helmsman, being on the order of only .001 inch.
In order that the helmsman may detect the initial
slight departure of the ship from the course and
to give him immediate warning that the vessel
has commenced to yaw in a new direction, I con
35 neet the pointer referred to above to the card or
motor through a. lost motion device in such a
» fashion that it will move through an initial angle
of suilicient size- to be readily noted by the helms
My invention has especial' application toa re
brush arm $9 of the controller.
Th'e controller is shown as provided with two
split rings I5 and I6, half of each of which is
dead and the live halves are connected respec-_
tively to collector rings I1 and I8. The controller
controls a power or servo motor I9 which is ‘25
shown as of the direct current type, having a _
shunt iield Winding- 20 connected directly across
the supply and a mid-tap resistance 2l connected
across the armature, the center tap being con- ,
nectedto one side of the line. It will readily be 30 -
seen that the motor will be driven in either di
rection, depending upon whether the trolleys are
on the live section of ring I5 or ring I6, and that
in the standstill position the motor is instantly
brought to rest by dynamic braking.
Thepower motor is shown as geared directly,
through motor shaft pinion 22', reduction gears
22 and 80, gears 8l and 82 on shaft 2l, to the
large gear 23 yon the shaft 83 of course pointer 5.
There is interposed between said motor and the 40
_peater compass used in connection with an auto » controller rings-in other words, in the follow
matic steering gear for ships and, in fact, is up connection between the motor and controller
shown in my prior application for letters Patent, rings-a lost motion connection 25. Said con
nection is preferably adjustable so that the
Serial No. 16,173, nled April '13,- 1935, for Auto
45 matic steering for ships. The present application amount of lost motion, and thereby the amount ‘ 45
of initial throw of pointer 5, may be varied to
is therefore a division of _ my aforesaid prior ap
Referring to the drawings showing one form
my invention may assume.
Fig. _1 is a plan view of my improved form of
steering repeater compass.
Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic view, partly in section,
showing the elements of my invention.
Flgßis awiringdiagmlnofthesame.
suit the navigator. ' As shown, there is provided
an eccentric cone 26 on the end of shaft 21, which
partially enters >a conical. depression 2B in a cir
cular block 29 slidably but non-rotatably mount- 50
ed on shaft 3l. Said block may be raised and
lowered to vary the amount of lost motion, as
` by means of a pinion.“ turnedY from- a knob 32>
and meshing with circular rack teeth 33 on the ' »
periphery of said block.
The motor thus drives the shaft 30, which is
shown as forming one arm of a diiïerential gear
train 34. The center arm 35 of said train is nor
mally held stationary by means of intermeshing
gears 36 and 31, but may» be turned from the
it starts to turn in a different direction from that <
in which it has previously been turning, and this
initial movement is transmitted to the course
vpointer 5, but it is not transmitted to the com
pass card. The compass card therefore remains Ul
extremely accurate in itsz-indicatip
:anyïìchanëfes cóul'dffbe ínaîiewin he above
10 by a spring 40 between a collar 4l fixed on shaft
38, and a collar 42, slidably bi'ití"~»nîin"-‘?btatäbly
mounted on the shaft 31~Hand ~1Ãnormall pres d
» against the fixed abutmen 1
the differential rotates ge
construction and many apparently Widely differ
`Át embodiments of this invention could be made ‘
ithout departing from the scope thereof, it is
Hat-:al1 matter contained in the above
` ,in the- accompanying draw
preted as illustrative and not
15 annular gear-45 secured to
carries the contactor and”.
troller 9, said sleeve beingJ~ÃY
wn' as our- al
the bearing
exterior 10.
of the
the" reduction gearing shown to
a long
member 416,.,.is "shown, „gearednthrough'
20 as having a pinion 41 thereon driving ‘“ai"'gear"48
thecard I'y instead of, or in addition to, driving 20
o'nashait _4_8_-’_~_,„_w_hich‘alsorcarriesría pinioni-Asfdriv'f ' lsaid
card fromS-'the p’oweriîmotori4 185"- l""I‘hisï“will
ing a large »gear 50, to the hub of which the come
notïiniianyf‘way alter the loperationï'of :the >pointer
passfeardgl _isvsecurediçg
j _rl
¿_ ;;'I'he-_ gear 48 is :preferably linot- rigidlyl ñxed;_zto
_the >shaft '48,', howevermbutíhas a -’slip‘frictioncons
nection _therewith _ sogthat. the ¿compass i card Smay
be _manually synchronized ,with _the vmaster 'comi
pass. For- this» purpose, îsetting knob_;4,<which `iis
normally =.held 1in itsinoperative‘ orgoutward aposi#
tionfby-„spring 5|-, 1 when pushed fin; _;bringsiy finto
mesh»>- _the _; bevel _gear 55 2,. _on thep'shaft’ thereo_f,: and
bevel _»gear; ,5_3 _on the shaft ¿48%, sogthata l¿by'turn'f
ing _the;l«rnob,-4 _theîa compass card 4may _be ls'etrwith
_out- displacing _the ._ c_ontrol1er.~_-„` The slip;- -friction
35 connection forjgear 48 isshownf as_rprovided by a
spring pressed-_ clutch> ~face _ 54,1 slidably;` but; `non
rotatabiytsecured tothe r>shaft 48,', -whichf presses
against _the face _of _the gearlllty 1whichis held in
_ placelby collar _55.5
In Fig. 4, the partsçhavebeen numberedsimi
larlyA to. Figa-2',Y with _primed numbers,- so `thatíthe
correspondingfparts will be readily' recognized,
and whil_e~__thearrangement; appears _to be differ-_
ent,athe operation, is_-the same;r
In `this c,ase,_the- selsyn;_ repeater` ,1_ is-;sl_1_own` as
gearedto the ,trolleygarniv `6910i Athe controller 9',
andthe jpower ¿motor I_Sâ is shown'Y-as-„connected
_t0 the: shaft _30 ’_ _of - the _, differential _ _34’f . through
gearing 5,65, sprocketsûâand chain ,drive 5_1'.__ In
50 this lease; the. third ¿ann of ¿the 3 differential, _341€
drivesthe course iliointerrâ.'L throughjhelical gear.
ing 58.7and-ñexible'shaft _5_9-f
y«Thé 10st` motionf-.deviçe _12 vvmay ,be Similar .to
that described v_in-_ ¿connection_¿_\with„ Fig; _2 and is
shown as placed'betweens, es_haftßßf andthe
shaft -60 Vof-Íthe ¿gear_=_l45’, t
which-«is ¿mounted
the. \ controller». rines 15h-_and lli-_», said;t gear „also
driving _the large gear.y 50€: which rotates-thesleeve
Gl carrying theßpmpaSS-¿Qardr It@ In ythis case,l
the variationfin the. _amount-of _lest-mauvais
Shownl as :eiïecîßed: lfrom «a \ Cam» §52 Whiçhvraises
and» lowers a ,_ Shaft; @It :Whìçhßarrie :the _hollow
cone 28'___0n the _lostlmotionrlevice _the shaft 63_
bring' âlidably butA .non_:rotatablv: mounted :within
heb O_f;reedilyfbeasfâen~tha
thegeer ‘_.bymeensfoi-„forlt
«in oth forms
61,;.„y Qi
myïinvientioeithe _çourse pointer äforsä' f_;-wi11_: be,
gifverr' ari _initie1_._11lnovement Whenever-„th ship
Che-n_gesiiis ‘_li¿r¢_<.=_ti.r1‘0f_»„-y
helmsmanf- immedia. _
,eso as_:te e1.
5; :whiehîwill ‘ continue-itc" give `ïm'agnified 'indica-v
tions in case of change of the directioni‘o'ff yaw
0f~ th'e'shìp. «1.122
siti?, fw"
^ i if:
¿e `Havingr> vdescribed mïy . invention; whatî »I f claim
andLidesire‘fto = secureby LettersfPatent `is: f ï “ in ‘
.1'.’fIn -liaj 'steering' repeater? compass, a .repeater
Compass zoard, :"anfwauxiliary course" indicator
mounted ¿concentric 1; therewith; i `a ' compass f `re’
-peater motor,:a reversingfcontrollerr actuated by
saidmot‘or, 2a reversible@ power .motor 'governed
by "sai‘da controller Band rdriving «said ícourse indi#
cator, a follow back drive from said power motor
to'saidicontroller including a lost >motion' device, 35
andV means `for driving: said> compassI card" also
from".i .said` "follow: «back » ,driveVv and f lost motion
`¿2.'1In'a Esteering repeater compass; a v.repeater
compass card;V4 an' auxiliary ‘course?‘indica'tor 40
mounted for conjoint reading with said cardya
compass repeater motor _ adapted to ‘be 'rotated va
multiple Y‘number .of v"times for` leach> complete turn
ofthe ship, a source'ofrpowerpal reversing con-_
trolleractuated :byxsaidfmotonwa reversible power
motor.operated`lfrom«said controller and ‘source 45
of` power,l A_driving said >course> indicator >through
reduction; gearing, a follow-back _drive from" said
power- motor _ to;,said -controller including a; lost
motion: device; and `meansz for driving _ saidrcomJ
pass `card ,fromt said; follow. vbackv drive,V lost :mo
tion v_device {andy-reduction;gearing."
_ - ;3.; ‘In-i a: steering; `repeater compass, ~ >a _' repeater
motor> adaptedA to «be rotated-.from :a 'master com
pass,l .a reversing controllergdirectly: _connected to
saidfmotor, affollow-uplparton said controller, a
compass card driven'xthereby, a reversible motor
governed “by `said controller and driving-said, fol
low-up part, a course indicator also
saidreversiblemotor and mounted'forfjoint read
ing with said ,card-»and means'for.giving1said,
indicatoran initial' extra movement not given the
card `upon a1 change in,` the direction `of yawof
Í; Ti?
_L7-_» f‘
_« i
_1,4. PA .steering-„repeater compass for ~ships :hav
ing twomov'a’ble indicating elements,"one of ’which
is a compass card and both of which normally
one- compléte revolution zp'er fc'omplete turn
he ~make
of the ship, and means zien-‘imparting y,to f'only‘one
warning @theta theffshipwis
of said/elem’ents’faniinitlal'magnifledathrow upon
a change in the directionfoflfyaw:oftheïshi
_ olst‘mgtionvcong
_ e5.‘_'Aristeeringsrepeater:compass `for fship's ’h v
Ween ¿thel s power
ing two movableindicatirig‘-elements;` one of.;which
mowrsand its;controlleitfisovthat-ftheämotoremust
turn enough to take up _thisî ”1Q_Str_.motion>fwheni
is a compasszzcard îfandnbothî‘o?fwhich' makefnbne
complete:fr_evoluticurîperizcomplete.` turn i»of_.,_:the 75V.
' ship. means for setting the other of said elements
to show the ship's course, and means for impart
ing to said last namedY element anv initial magni
ñed movement upon initial deviation .of the ship
from its course.
` 6.`A steering repeater compass as claimed in
claim 1, having manual means. for setting said
course indicator to show any desired, course.
'7. In a steering repeater compass, a repeater
motor normally rotated from a master compass,
a compass card rotated in accordance with the
movements of said motor, a reversing controller
directly connected to said motor, a follow-up part
on said controller, a reversible motor governed by
said controller and driving said follow-up part, a
course indicator also driven by said reversible
motor,- and means for giving said indicator an
initial extra movement not 'given the card upon
a change in the direction of yaw of the ship.
8. In a steering repeater compass, a repeater
compass card, a concentric auxiliary course in
dicator, a compass repeater motor, a reversing
controller actuated by ‘said motor, a reversible
power motor governed from said controller and 10
driving said course indicator, and a follow back
drive from said power motor to said controller
including a lost motion device.
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