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June 21, 1938.
Filed Feb. 15, 1957
Patented June 21, 1938
Victor R. Heftler, Detroit, Mich., assìgnor to
Zenith Carburetor Company, Detroit, Mich., a
corporation of Michigan
Application February 15, 1937, Serial No. 125,707
2 Claims. (Cl. 261,-72)
an opening in the cover plate as indicated at 32,
and its other end internally threaded as at 34.
'I'he passage 30 has intermediate its length an
ceedingly cheap and simple yet durable and eiil- annular boss 36 forming an orifice 38 which is
cient carburetor.
Another object of the invention is to provide a controlled as by a needle 40 mounted for travel 5
in the threaded end 34 of the passage 30. A
miniature carburetor for small power plants hav
spring-pressed detent 42 mounted in a recess in ì
ing but few component parts so that its manu
the body portion cooperates with the serrated
facture and assembly may be economically fa
This invention relates to carburetors.
An object of the invention is to provide an ex
under surface of the head of needle 4I) for re
Another object of the invention isto provide a.
carburetor associated with a conventional fuel
tank in such a manner as to reduce ñre hazards.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a carburetor in which the fluid in the fuel cham
ber maybe maintained at a constant level.
Yet a further object of the invention is to pro
vide a carburetor including a float chamber sub
merged in a fuel tank and opening directly into
the fuel tank.
taining the needle in adjusted position.
A Venturi tube 44 formed in the body portion
28 has a fuel suction inlet port 46 communicating
with the passage 36 beyond the controlled orifice
38. 'I'he air intake end of the Venturi tube has
diametrically disposed air inlet slots 48, and a. 15
cap 50 fitted for rotation on the tube has slots
52 adapted to register with the slots 48 to serve
as a choke valve.
The cap is held against dis
placement as by a pin 54 in the Venturi tube re
ceiving a slot 56 in the wall of the cap. By ro- 20
Other'objects and advantages of the invention
Will appear from the following description taken ' tating the cap 50 the air inlet may be regulated
in connection with the drawing forming a part of as desired. The discharge end of the venturi has
formed thereon a clamp 58 for attaching a fuel
this specification and in which,---Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a fuel tank having delivery tube 60 connecting the Venturi tube to
a carburetor mounted in its top;
Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of the carburetor,
partly in elevation and partly in section, associ
ated with a fuel tank having parts broken away; '
Fig. 3 is a sectional View substantially on line
3-3, Fig. 2;
Fig. 4 is a sectional view substantially on line
4_4, Fig. 3;
Fig. 5 is a sectional view of the float chamber
takenl just back of the fuel delivery tube;
Fig. 6 is a sectional view of a modification o
the ñoat chamber; and
Fig. '1 is a sectional view substantially on line
1-1, Fig. 6.
Referring to the drawing for more speciñc de
tails of the invention, I6 represents a conven
tional fuel tank having a drain opening which
may be closed as by a plug I2 and a filling open
ing which may be closed as by a cap I4. The
tank also has in its top an opening which may be
closed as by a cover 'plate I6 provided with a
flange I8 detachably secured to the tank with a
suitable gasket 20 interposed for sealing purposes.
the manifold or intake port of a power plant, not 25
shown.- A thimble 62 fitted snugly in thepassage
36 has a flange 64 suitably secured to the cover
plate I6. This thimble receives and has fixedly
secured thereto one end of a fuel delivery tube.
66, the other end of which extends into a float 80
chamber 68 and communicates therewith adja
cent the bottom of the chamber. A check valve
16 at the lower end of the tube prevents reverse
flow of the fuel therein.
The float chamber is iixedly secured to the tube '35
66 and a vent tube 12 suitably secured in the top
of the float chamber extends through and is per
manently secured to the cover plate I6, the pro
truding end of the vent tube being deformed as at
14 to inhibit the intake of foreign substances. 40
The fuel delivery tube 66 and the vent tube 12
serve a double purpose in that they not only con
duct fuel and air but also support the ñoat cham
ber in the fuel tank.
As shown; the float chamber is of such a size 45
that it may beeasily passed through the opening
in the top of the tank.- The ñoat chamber is
This cover plate I6 supports a carburetor partly
within and partly outside of the tank.
preferably suspended in the fuel tank adjacentv
the bottom thereof and is provided in its bottom
'I'he carburetor includes a base 22 clamped on
the cover plate I6 as by screws 24 with a suit
able gasket 26 interposed for sealing purposes
with an intake port 16 opening directly into the 50
tank and screened as indicated at 18, and the in
take port is controlled as by a valve 80 actuated
and a body portion 28 formed normal to the base.
by a float 82.v
`A passage 30 vextending through the base and
body portion has one of its ends registering with
A modification of the ñoat chamber is ill
trated in Figs. 6 and '7. In this'modiñcation a 55
ñoat chamber Illll is suspended in a fuel tank
|02 from the body of the carburetor. As shown,
a fluid delivery tube |04 and a vent tube |06,
adapted to be secured to the body portion of the
carburetor and the cover plate as in the preferred
form of the invention, support the float chamber
is, therefore, to be limited only by the scope of
the appended claims.
Having thus described the various features of
|00 in a sump |08 formed in the bottom of the
combustion engine, comprising a. fuel tank having
fuel tank, and a bracket lili secured to the wall
an opening in its top, a covery plate for the open
ing, a carburetor fixed to the cover plate and pro
of the float chamber embraces the tubes.
The float chamber includes cylindrical cup sec
tions ||2 and ||4 threaded together as indicated
at IIB and an inverted perforated cup H8
the invention, what I claim as new and desire to
secure by Letters Patent is,
1. A charge forming apparatus for an internal
vided with a horizontal Venturi passage, a float 10
chamber located adjacent the bottom of the tank
and having an inlet located adjacent the bottom
mounted concentrically within the cup section' of the tank, a liquid fuel conduit extending from
H2 providing a guide for a, spherical float |20. the ñoat chamber to the carburetor, a vent con
A sleeve |22 supported at one end .and closed at duit connecting the float chamber to atmosphere,
its other end is mounted concentrically in the said conduits being fixed to the cover plate and
inverted cup ||8 and extends upwardly through float chamber, and a check valve preventing re~
the cup section ||2 into the tank adjacent the turn flow in the liquid fuel conduit.
2. A charge forming 'apparatus for an internal
bottom thereof, and the closed end of the sleeve combustion
engine comprising a fuel tank having
-is provided with an orii‘lce I 24 controlled as by a
an opening in its top, a cover plate for the open
pin |26 on the float |20.
a. fuel lift carburetor ñxed to the cover plate
AIn operation, suction created by the power in'g,
and provided with a horizontal mixing passage,
plant draws air through the Venturi tube 44. adjustable fuel and air inlets for the mixing pas
This movement of air through the Venturi tube sage, a fuel chamber positioned within the tank
sucks fuel from the float chamber 68 past the having an inlet located below the normal fuel
check valve '10, through the fuel delivery tube 66 level therein, means for maintaining the fuel
and the passage 30 past the needle 40, thence level in the chamber constant, a liquid fuel con
through the port 46 into the Venturi tube, where duit extending from the bottom portion of the
_it is vaporized and conducted through the tube fuel chamber to said fuel inlet and providedwith
60 to the power plant.
a check valve below the fuel level in the chamber,
Although this invention has been described in and a vent conduit extending from the float
connection with certain speciñc embodiments, f chamber to atmosphere through the cover plate,
the principles involved are susceptible of nu
said conduits being fixed to the cover plate and
merous other applications that will readily oc
float chamber.
cur to persons skilled in the art. The invention
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