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June 21, 1938.
I D,
original “Filed Sept. 17, 1934
Z1 _
,2“ In Z2149.
Patented June 21, 1938
Dee La Rue, Chicago, Ill.
Application September 17, 1934, Serial No. 744,306
Renewed November 13, 1937
' 3 Claims.
This invention relates to improvements in bras
siéres and relates particularly to what may be
called» mother's brassieres, or lying-in bras
sieres or nursing brassieres.
The advantages of my invention will be real
ized, especially by the nursing mother of a new
born infant. Such a mother is in about as weak
ened a state as she could be and it is desirable
to eliminate as much movement and inconven
10 ience of all kinds as is possible for the best in
terest of both the mother and the child.
The brassiere arrangements now in use for
such purposes are attended. with much disadvan
tage as is well known. Much lifting and shift
erence to the accompanying drawing ‘forming .'
part of this specification; and in which:
Fig. 1 is a front perspective view showing the
device applied to the body;
Fig. v2 is a side elevational view taken on the
line ‘2-4 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 1, except that the
adjustable ?ap is removed;
Fig. 4 is a rear elevation of the entire device;
Fig. 5 is an enlarged view of one breast por 10
tion and side with the flap closed;
Fig. 6 is a view similar to that of Fig. 5, with
the flap turned back;
Fig. 7 is an enlarged sectional view taken on
ing of the body is necessary to arrange for the
the line 1-1 of Fig. 5 of the adjustable inset of
nursing of the- child} and also an unnecessary
large breast area is‘ exposed with attendant
my invention; and
danger from cold and also embarrassment, be
sides other well known disadvantages.
My object has been to provide a brassiere
whereby a mother may nurse a ‘child with a min
imum of movement andinconvenience, and with
a minimum of exposure. Another object has
been to provide a brassiére which will be self ad
justable easily, both around the waist and over
the shoulders ‘and one which will be easily re
movable. In addition, another object has been
to provide a brassiere which will properly retain
and position the breasts, giving the necessary lift.
To this end I have illustrated in‘the preferred
form selected, a brassiére having a pair of open
> ings for the breasts and a'. pair of flaps adapted
_to be cross hooked to close the brassiere and pro
tect the breasts and effectively contain and po
Fig. 8 is a view of the modi?ed form of shoul
der strap arrangement.
The preferred form selected in the drawing to
illustrate the principle of my invention com- 2
prises a brassiére l0 having a back body portion
H, a left front body portion l2 and a right front
body portion l3. The back‘body portion II is
provided with shoulder strap portions l4 hav
ing eyelets I5. The shoulder strap portions M N) in
are narrow as shown and are broadened at I6,
as shown particularly in Fig. 4, at the bottom
as they merge into the back body portion II to
prevent distortion as will be manifest. The back
body portion II, and practically the entire bras
siére I0 is provided with a reinforcing band ll‘
to strengthen the device and prevent distortion.
The back body portion ll is cut to form the rel
atively low cut back, as shown, and is deeply cut,
sition the-breasts, and either or both of which ‘ as shown, to provide right and left underarm (.3 Li
may be unfastened to provide for convenient and portions l8. Each of the underarm portions I8
safe nursing. I have also provided-for fastening is sewn to an inset l9, each side of which is
the brassiere by simple means in the front hemmed as at 20, and each hem 2!! isprovided
whereby it may be easily unfastened for self re
with eyelets 2|, as shown in Figs.'5 and 7.
40 , moval if desired. I have provided also for simple
The back body portion H is‘ in one piece in ‘
self adjustment around the waist and over the the form shown, except for the band I1, and the
portion II is adapted to be laced to the front
After use for nursing the ?aps may be stitched right and left breast portions as will appear here: ‘
if desired and the brassiére may be used in that inafter.
45 condition permanently to retain the advantages
The two body portions l2 and I3 are substan
of its natural uplift and positioning andother tially the same and description of one will suf
Another object has been to provide a device
of the kind which will be simple in construction
and reasonable in cost to manufacture.
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
The invention consists in the combinations
and arrangements of parts hereinafter described
The invention will be best understood. by ref
?ce. Taking the left front body portion I 2; it
is made in one piece in the preferred form shown,
and has an integrally formed hooked strap por
tion 22 and hooks 23 for engagement with one
strap portion M. The left front body portion I2
is provided with an aperture 24 which is ?tted
around the central portion of the left breast
and through which the central portion of the
breast may extend outwardly.
A reinforcing
band 25. is sewn around the aperture 24.
will be manifest that lateral adjustment may
be accomplished very easily by the user herself
The portion I! in the preferred form illus
trated is made up of three pieces, 23, 21 and 23,
each way.
cut on curves and stitched together to form a
pocket 23 as shown in Fig. 2, which structure
and result will be manifest to those skilled in
the art, without further explanation. A dart 33
is also provided in the body portion l2 to com
10 plete a desired pocket structure and make a de- -
sirable fit.
The body portion i2 is also provided with a
straight edge hemmed portion 3| with eyelets
and this adjustment may cover one or more sizes
In Fig. 8, a modi?cation of the shoulder strap
means is shown, and the body portions l2 and
I3 have modi?ed pointed strap engagement por
tions 50 and the back portion II has modified
pointed strap engaging portions 5| provided with
buttons 52. An elastic strap is provided with a 10
plurality of button holes 54 for vertical adjust
ment. By this means the user may conveniently
make effective self adjustment. The importance,
of this self adjustment laterally and vertically
drawing that the other body portion I3 is sim
should be manifest, but its full importance will
ilarly constructed with a seamed edge portion, be realized by those who have had practical ex
32, and of course, it will be understood from the
33 withhooks 34.
The arrangement is such . perience with the devices now in use on the mar
that the hem portion 33 laps over on the hem
portion 3| with the hooks and eyelets engaging
20 invisibly to close the front of the brassiere and
_ also to make the brassiere easily removable.
My arrangement eliminates practically all of
the necessary shifting and other inconveniences 20
attached tov such devices.
Means are provided, for example, in the case
of a nursing mother, for concealing and pro
tecting the breast when she is not nursing, and
25 for conveniently exposing the breast in' nursing
without removing or opening the brassiere
The operation of the device will be manifest
without explanation.
I have, in the preferred form shown, provided
illustrated forms'of flaps and body portion ar 25
rangements and various cuts and darts to form
the pockets and various means of adjustment,
To accomplish the result of the preferred form but it should be realized that these features are
shown, I provide 'a ?ap 35 on a body portion merely forms used to illustrate the invention
i2 and another flap 35 on the body portion l3. and may be varied as the particular arrange 30
These ?aps,are particularly illustrated in Figs. ments that I have shown are not necessary. I,
1, 4, 5 and 6. Each flap is substantially the same \ therefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise
and the description of one will be sufficient. The details of construction set forth, but desire to
?ap 35 is composed of three pieces, 31, 38 and avail myself of such variations and modifications
35 33 in the preferred form shown, and they are
as come within the scope of the appended claims. 35
seamed together by seams 40. The piece 31 is
Having thus described my invention, what I
provided in the form shown with a pair of darts claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
4| and the pieces are out on curves as shown in
the preferred form and darts are arranged as
40 will be understood by those experienced in the
art, to form a pocket 42 in each ?ap, said pocket
42 being clearly illustrated, particularly in Fig. 2.
The body portion i2 and the flap 35 and the
inset l9 are stitched together in a seam 43 and
the seam 43 is provided with eyelets 44. The
flap 35 and the body portion I! are stitched also,
as at seam 45 shown in Fig. 4 and are stitched
also as at seam 46, shown in Figs. 4 and 6.
By this arrangement, the flap is partially sewn
50 to the body portion II. The arrangement of the
seams 45 and 46 particularly, completes forma
tion of the pocket 42 so that when 'the flap is
hooked as hereinafter described it will lift and
properly position and retain the breast.
55 unstitched or free end of the flap as illustrated
in Fig. 6 is provided with a hook adapted to
engage an eyelet 43 on the body portion l2.
In the same manner, the other flap is provided
with a hook and the body portion I3 is provided
60 with an eyelet ‘for engagement. It will thus be
seen that when the flaps are lapped and hooked
as shown in Fig. 1, the desired positioning and lift
will be accomplished. It will be manifest that
the flap registers with and covers the aperture
65 24 to effectively protect the breast in hooked
condition and may easily be unhooked ,to con
veniently expose only a minimum necessary
breast ‘area, thereby also protecting the breast;
Laces 43 are provided for each pair of eyelets
2| and 44 for adjustment. By this means it
Patent is:
1. In a device of the kind described, a bras
siere body portion provided with a pair of pock 40
ets for containing parts of the body and provided
with a circular opening in each of said pockets
said brassiere body portion also having means
adapted to provide for a vertical support of said
parts of the body, ?aps lateraly secured to said 45
body portion adjacent said opening said ?aps
being formed in a pocket-like shape to provide
auxiliary supporting means for supporting said
parts of the body in a vertical and lateral man
ner, and detachable securing means for the ends 50
of said ?aps said securing means being adapted
for the overlapping of the free ends of said ?aps
for vertical and lateral support.
2. In a device of the kind described, a brassiere
body portion provided with a pair of openings,
?aps laterally secured to said body portion ad
jacent said openings, and detachable securing
means for securing the free ends of said flaps
with one ?ap overlapping the other.
3. In a device of the kind described, a bras
siere body portion provided with a pair of open
ings, ?aps laterally secured to said body portion
adjacent said openings, said flaps being formed
in a pocket like shape to provide auxiliary sup 65
porting means for supporting parts of the body,
and detachable securing means for securing the
free ends of said ?aps with one ?ap overlapping
the other.
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