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June 21, 1938.‘
Filed July 12, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
h’zllz'am T’Vallace ‘
A iiorneys
June 21,1938.
2,121,136 '
Filed July 12, 1937
2 S-héets-Sheet 2 >
VIII!’ 1 I I
Patented June 21, 1938
2,121,136 '
William ,Wallace, Chicago, Ill.
. Application July 12, 1937, Serial No. 153,242
1 Claim.
(Cl. 206-29)
the paper board or cardboard folder constituting
the sheath is denoted as a unit by the numeral 9.
Thisinvention relates to that'class of pocket
type safety matches referred to in the art and
trade as book matches, match folders, and the
like, and the purpose of the invention is to gen
5 erally improve upon structures in this classi?ca
tion by incorporating in the folder unique im
provements and re?nements of an aptly ?tted
It includes the customary back flap Ill carrying
the book of matches H, and the front closing
cover or ?ap l2 hingedly joined to the ?ap ID, as 45,
indicated at l3. As is customary, the relatively
stationary back section or flap 10 has an inturned .
lower end l4 providing a keeper channel in which
the matches II are riveted or otherwise fastened,
Needless to say, I am sufficiently conversant as at l5. On the exterior of this back is a match‘ 10
striking strip it of proper abrasive material.
with the prior art to appreciate that it is com
As shown to advantage in Figures 2 and 4, the
paratively active and characterized by many and
varied constructions. Thus, it is my primary aim free swingable end of the cover i2 is provided
to generally improve upon a pocket accessory of with an inturned ?ange H which constitutes a
15 this type by equipping it with selectively usable reinforcing element. Incidentally, if desired, an 15
externally disposed match igniting abrasive sur- ‘ additional set or book of matches can be fastened
faces, and to further include in the arrangement between the flange l1 and the cover l2, (not
a simple and economical retention clip or catch shown). Centrally attached to and projecting
type calculated to provide a more‘ satisfactory
packet characterized essentially by greater safety.
at right angles from the doubled end or ?ange I1
for the swingable cover. ,
‘ 20
More speci?cally, the chosen embodiment of
the inventive concept is thought to be distinctive
in that a reinforced cover is provided, the rein
forcement having mounted thereon an adequate
1y stabilized clip functioning as a fastener for
25 the closable cover.
Other features and advantages will become
more readily apparent from the following de
scription and drawings.
In the drawings, wherein like numerals are em
30 ployed to designate like parts throughout the
Figure l is a perspective view which may be
conveniently referredto as a rear observation
of the improved match folder constructed in ac
35 cordance with the principles of my invention.
Figure 2 is a plan view, that is,,a View looking
is a substantially U-shaped wire clip l8 which 20
constitutes a keeper or catch and this is adapted
to project into a keeper slot l9 formed in the
back section or panel in. As shown to advan
tage, in Figures 7 and 8, the catch includes a U
shaped central portion which forms the catch 25
proper, this having outstanding attaching exten
sions 20 having lateral terminals 2! and 22 form
ing the attaching and retention tangs or ?ngers.
The portions 20 rest in contact with the flange I1,
and the extensions Zll extend through the double 30.
fold of material, the terminals ‘M and 22 being
bent in opposite substantial parallelism. For ex
ample, as shown in Figures 2 and 3, they are bent
laterally, that is, one bend extends inwardly, and
the other one outwardly, so as to prevent rock- 35
down on top of the structure, when the cover
ing of the clip in its mounting. This retains the
clip at true right angles to the ?ange H at all
flap is swung completely to open position.
times so that it is in readiness for reception
Figure 3 is a reverse plan view of the arrange
ment depicted in Figure 2.
Figure 4 is a perspective view similar to Figure
in the keeper slot l9. It is yet to be pointed out
that a second or additional abrasive match strik- 4°
ing surface or strip is provided on the exterior of
the cover at the free end portion thereof, as de
1 showing the cover swung partly to open posi
‘noted by‘the numeral 23. Thus, both striking
Figure 5 is an exaggerated detail transverse surfaces are on the exterior of the sheath or
w or vertical section on the line 5-5 of Figure 1.
packet, whereby to promote the element of safety
Figure 6 is a section on the line 6-6 of Figure 3. by properly shielding the matches housed within
Figure '7 is a perspective view of the improved
wire member forming the catch or clip, this view
showing the wire before it is bent to its ‘?nal stage
W for anchorage; and
Figure 8 is a view based on Figure 7 showing
the terminals bent into zig-z'ag form to facilitate
maintenance of said clip.
Referring now to the drawings by distinguish
ing reference numerals, it will be observed that
said sheath.
The gist of the invention resides, it is believed,
in the provision of the ?ange-equipped cover I! 50
having the retention catch or clip I8, this being
of‘ special con?guration whereby to adequately
align it with the keeper slot l9. These features
are properly selected and coordinated to facili
tate opening and closing of the cover [2 and to 55
render the use of the device as safe as possible,
within reason.
It is thought that the description taken in con
nection with the drawings will enable a clear
understanding of the invention to be had.
one end inserted in said pocket end attached to
the backing panel, a cover ?ap hingedly attached
to said back panel and covering the matches, the
free end of said cover panel being formed with an
inturned reinforcing ?ange, a substantially U Ci
Therefore, a more lengthy description is thought
shaped catch, said catch having end portions
While the preferred embodiment of the inven
passing through the ?anged end of said cover
panel, the terminals thereof being bent laterally
tion has been shown and described, it is to be
in directions opposite to each other to prevent
10 understoood that minor changes coming within
the ?eld of invention claimed may be resorted to
if desired.
I claim:
A safety match folder comprising a sheath
II embodying a backing panel having an end turned
in to form a pocket, a battery of matches having
rocking of the catch and to maintain it at sub
stantial right angles to the cover panel at‘ all
times, and said turned in end of the back flap
being provided with a keeper slot for removable
reception of said catch.
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