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1121521, 21938.,
Filed March 24, 1937
. ......................“...1.*.1.J.
lull J
Patented June 21, 193%
John A. Riley, 'i‘oledo, Ulric
duplication March as, i937, Eel-lei No. 122,751
2 claims. lili. rte-sol)
This invention relates to towels and is more
cloth” or similar moisture absorbing iabrics, such
possible to manufacture and use large towels,
since the strips of closely woven material pro
vide a ready means for reduction in size or‘ the
as are used for bath sheets and beach robes and
towel to eliminate a defectively woven area or
, _ particularly directed to large size sheets oi ‘.‘terry
which measure some forty inches by sixty inches. a damaged place in the body. The small rec
Sheets of this‘ size as heretofore manufactured tangular sections of moisture absorbing material
are very expensive if made of good material, due , are made of such size that they may be combined
to the fact that any defect in the weave during
to form standard units such as small bath towels,
manufacture necessitates. the rejection of the hand towels, or wash cloths. Each of these, when
large unit.
. ~
formed from the large sheet i, will be completely 10
Although desirable for use in hotels and homes. surrounded with a hemmed edge in the usual
such large towels are not in general use, not only
because of the high initial cost, but also because
Further advantages accrue from the use of th
, 5
- when such a towel becomes torn or cut in use
' its value has been practically destroyed, although
a large part of the fabric may still be in good
The primary object of my invention is to pro-.
vide a large towel which will be less expensive
to manufacture because of reduced‘ losses from
defects and a large portion of which can be sal
vaged for continued ?rst-class use, even though,
thelarge towel has become torn, out or otherwise
damaged in ‘spots.
' 1
present invention in that, by folding the large
towel for storage purposes on the lines de?ned by
the strips 3 andd, the bulk of the towel is con
siderably reduced so that less storage space is
required. Also, the weight of the towel is re
duced without seriously impairing its moisture
absorbing properties.
it will be seen that while the present invention
is simple and economical, it provides very de?~
nlte advantages which have heretofore not been
Another object of the invention vis the provi ‘ available.‘ While it has been described in con-,
nectlon with a towel oi’ a particular size, it should 25
sion of a large body of toweiing having its sur
faces composed principally of “terry cloth”, but be appreciated that this description is purely by
which may be readily divided into smaller units way of illustration and not of limitation.
Having thus described my ‘invention, what I
when occasion requires.
Other objects and advantages oi’ the invention claim as new, and desire to secure by ‘United
will become apparent as the description proceeds, States Letters Patent, is:
1. A complete, ?nished towel. the obverse and
reference being had to the accompanying draw
ing, in which-
Figure 1 is a somewhat diagrammatic plan view
of a towel woven in accordance with the present .
invention, and vll'ig. 2 is a fragmentary perspec
tlve view somewhat enlarged, taken along line
i-t of Fig. l.
In the drawing, l designates a body oitowelé
ing having rectangular sections ii of moisture ab
sol-hing material woven therein. Each moisture
absorbing section is of a looped fabric commer-i
cially known as “terry cloth” and is in the form
v of a rectangular section completely surrounded
by closely woven sections or strips of material
from which the loops iorrning the moisture ab
sorbing surface or the “terry cloth" are omitted.
Thus, strips t of the‘closely woven materialor
“mock selvedge" run longitudinally of the body l
50 at equally spaced intervals and are intersected‘
by equally spaced strips ll of similar material
woven laterally oi’ the body. The strips ti and t
' are oi such weave that it out they will not ravel
said towel having similar rectangular sections of
looped, moisture absorbing fabric such as “terry 35
cloth" spaced both iaterally'and longitudinally
by strips of material from which the loops are
omitted, said strips running parallel to the edges
of the towel and being suihcientiy wide to per
mit hemming when the towel is cut to form 40
smaller rectangular units of towelling.
2. A ?nished towel, the obverse and reverse
faces of which 'are the same, surrounded on all
four sides by a border of substantially. smooth
material which is finished, ready for use,‘ said
towel, having substantially rectangular sections
of uniform size formed or looped moisture-ab
sorbing fabric such as “terry cloth” spaced lat
erally and longitudinally by strips of material
from which the loops have been omitted, said
strips running parallel to the respective borders
of the towel, and being sumclently wide to per
the looped fabric known as “terry cloth” and
rnit hemmuig when the towel is cut, whereby said
"terry cloth” sections will combine with adjacent 55
sections to form smaller substantially standard
' endeavor to-heni or bind the edge to prevent
units oi’ toweliing when said towel is separated
but may be hemmed or sewed. It will be under
55 stood that it is commercially impractical to out‘
raveling since the bound edge is thick and cum
reverse faces of which are the same, all four
edges of the towel being ?nished, ready for use, .
along said lateral or longitudinal strips.
The present invention makes it economically
Joint A. RILEY.
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