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June 21, 1938.
Filed DSC. 18, 1936
Patented June 21, 1938
`Arthur J. Filkins, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Paul
Dickinson, Inc.. Chicago, Ill., a corporation of
Illinois `
Application peeember 18,1936, sei-iai Ne. 116,529
i) Claims. (Cl. 18e-_31)
yThis >invention relates vin general to a drain
outlet for a ‘flat or plain surface and is more par
ticul'arly described yas an outlet for a roof.
Among the important objects of the inven
»5 tion are; the provision ‘of improved means for
removably attaching a domed outlet to ‘a roof
insert; to providea domed outlet with an in
tegral clamping ring ‘gravel stop; to provide an
'iinproved‘roof insert for a drain of this type;
‘pipe and forming `a partition for _packing ma
terial lll, such as 'oakurn or the like, inserted
from the bottom of the member around the pipe.
roof insert to a ‘drain pipe; and in general to
produce the ‘structure herein ’shown and de
and for a sealing gasket Il of lead and the like
which 4»is poured in at the `bottom of the member
4 around the pipe l and held in place by a seal
ing groove I2. ¿At the bottom of the ‘extension
is :a clamping gland ring "I3 having an inclined
“surface -|-4 for wedging a packing material l5
toi-provide improved means for attaching the
»In the accompanying drawing illustrating a
of. preferred 'embodiment 'of the invention,
Fig, 1 is 'a View partly in section and partly
in 'side elevation, of aro'of drain ‘structure as ap
plied to a roof;> and
Fig. 2 is a top View of the structure shown in
Fig. l.
>In 'a roof drain it is desirableto provide an
outlet which has a domed structure extending
above the ordinary roof »level to provide for a
rush ’of Water or other liquid, and to provide
-To connect the roof member 4 to a down
spout 1, the lower `end of the member is formed
with a glandv extension 8 having an inward
'angular extension il and closely embracing the
such as filax packing in and around the bottom
of the gland extension 8 and against the parti- ï
-tion 9. This ring i3 is `clamped tightly against
the packing I5 by fastening ‘bolts i'iì inserted
through the out-er ilange of the ring i3 and
through corresponding threaded ears l1 at the
outer side of the extension 8.
A dome member 20 has a number of lateral
openings or slits 2l in its sides and additional
slits or `openings 22 adjacent the bottom and at
the top of the dome are a plurality of openings
23, the sides of which are widened inwardly to
.an ‘increased outlet therefor even 'though ‘the
ordinary lower drain openings are clogged by vprevent the lodgment of any dirt which is large
'anï'ac'cu'mmulation of dirt or debris.
It ¿is also desirable to provide a roof drain
which is leasily and quickly removable for clean
but ‘which 'may be inserted tightly in place,
eo ing
clamping an extending edge of the roofing ma
terial “such 'as waterproof paper, felt or 'the like,
to inake a waterproof joint. In a structure
of this kindy it is also desirable to provide a
gravel stop ‘which 'will engage the ordinary par
..35 "ticlês
*bf gravel vor ‘other roof covering material
and prevent it from clogging the ordinary `lower
discharge openings of the drain. ' A practical
roof drain must also be quickly and adjustably
attached-at the end of a discharge pipe so that
the roof member may be easily adjusted and set
in position, producing a waterproof joint with
the pipe.
Referring now more particularly to the draw
45 ing, a roof drain comprising a roof member 4
is set into or suitably supported by a roof struc
ture 5, including also a roof covering G of lay
ers of roofing material, usually Waterproof paper
or felt, but may also be sheet metal or other
50 similar roofing material, the upper edge of the
member 4 which is preferably in the form of a
circular funnel is ñush with the edge of the roof
below the roofing material 6 so that the edge
of this material extends into the downwardly in
55 clined edgeof the roof member 4.
enough to pass through the outer surface. The
lower rim or edge 24 of the dome is continu
ous and has an outer inclined surface 25 ‘cor
responding to the inner inclination of the mem 30
ber '4. The outer edge also has a partially over
lapping rirn 26 which extends over the top of
the member 4 and has a number of V-shaped
grooves 21 in the upper edge which form liquid
openings tothe inside of the rim, the rim it
self constituting a gravel stop for preventing roof
material from passing freely to the lower edges
of the openings 2l and 22.
Inside of the roof member 4 at each side
thereof are a pair `of projections 28, together
forming a bifurcated hook for engaging the head
29 of a fastening bolt 30 which is inserted from
the inside through one of the slot's 2l to the out
er side of the dome where a clamping surface
3| is provided for engaging a fastening nut 32
preferably of the wing nut type so that it may
be quickly turned up on the threaded portion
of the bolt by the hand or fingers of an oper
In applying the dome member, the bolts ex 50
tending loosely through opposite slots 2l are
moved to engage their heads with the hooks
28 and the thumb nuts 32 are tightened ‘in place
which causes the inclined `surface 25 to bear
against the edge of the roofing sheets E which
overlap the inclined edge of the roof member 4
and the slightly overhanging rim 26 is drawn
down tightly against the top of the roofing
material so that it is clamped tightly in place,
making a watertight connection and preventing
any leakage around the roof drain.
'I'he projections 28 which form the hooks
for engaging the fastening bolts 30 are located
below the clamping surfaces 25 and 3l so that
10 the heads 29 of the bolts are easily engaged
with the fastening hooks formed by the projec
tions without obstruction by the edge of the
roofing cover or sheets 6, so that it is not neces
sary to insert the bolts through the cover nor
15 to damage or disñgure the cover in any way.
Furthermore the bolt heads are more easily
engaged with the hooks than by attempting to
insert them in a threaded opening and- thus to
tighten the parts together. In practice the bolts
are inserted from the bottom through the perfo
rations of the dome and the fastening wing nuts
32 are loosened so that the heads are easily
extended and manipulated to engage the hooks.
'Iihe slots 2l and 22 as well as the openings
23 are largest toward the bottom so that they
tend to be self-cleaning for dirt and foreign ma
terial which tends to lodge and fill up the open
ings, the gravel stop rim tends to prevent the
roof particles from flowing over onto the roof
. ,30 drain and the openings 21 allow the water or
other liquid to pass through almost’ to the level
of the roofing material itself. The dome mem
ber of the roof drain is easily and quickly re
moved for cleaning or replacement and the roof
35 drain itself is easily and quickly installed on
the upper end of a pipe and in contact with
'the roof supporting members.
I claim:
1. A roof drain comprising a roof member and
40 a perforate dome having corresponding inclined
surfaces, to engage a roof cover therebetween
fastening means extending through openings of
the dome, and projections on the inside of the
member beyond and free from the edges of a roof
cover to engage the fastening means without
obstruction with said cover.
2. In a roof drain, a roof member and a dome
therefor having inclined surfaces fitting to
gether at the upper and inner edge of the mem
ber and adapted to engage the edge of roof cover
layers therebetween, and means to clamp the
dome against the member with roof layers there
between, said means comprising a bolt extending
through the dome, and the roof member having
55 projections below the edge of the roof cover for
making engagement with the bolt head.
3. In a roof drain, a roof member having an
inner inclined funnel surface, a perforate dome
having a rim with an inclined surface to fit the
60 outer funnel surface, and with an outer portion
partially overlapping the upper rim of the funnel
surface, pairs of projections at the inside of thel
roof member below the funnel surface, and
fastening bolts inserted through the dome and
the heads adapted to be hooked into engagement
with said projections for fastening the dome to
the roof member.
4. In a roof drain according to claim 3, the
outer rim of the dome extending upwardly about
the edge outside of said bolts to form a gravel 10
stop and having notches downwardly in the up
wardly extending portion for the passage of water
almost to the level of the roof member.
5. In a roof drain, a roof member and a dome
seated within and contacting at its edge in the 15
member and means for securing it thereto at
the inside of the seating edge, the dome having
openings through its wall which are larger at
the bottoms than at the tops to prevent clog
ging the openings, and the lower ends of the 20
openings being below the securing edge and below
the level of the upper edge of the roof member.
6. In a roof drain, a covering dome having
an outer rim and a connected wall which ex
tends below the upper edge of the rim and with 25
slots therein extending vertically and below the
rim, and a roof member in which the dome is
seated by contact with the said outer rim only.
7. In a roof drain, a perforate dome having
an outer rim extending upwardly above the lower 30
ends of the perforations with an outer beveled
clamping edge and having notches in the upper
edge of the rim forming a gravel stop but allow
ling a liquid drainage through the notches, and
a roof member having an inner inclined surface
at the top to engage said clamping edge.
8. In a roof drain, a roof member with a fun
nel opening, a perforate dome having an outer
clamping rim to fit the top of the opening with
a roof layer therebetween, fastening bolts ex~
tending through opposite dome openings, projec 40
tions in the funnel below the clamping rim to
engage the bolt heads, and a contact surface at
the outer side of the dome through which the
bolt extends for flatly engaging a fastening nut
on the bolt.
9. In a roof drain, a roof member having a
funnel opening with a flange at one end to eX
tend under the rooñng and a drain pipe exten
sion at the other, means forming a water-tight
drain pipe connection, and means including a 50
perforate dome with an outer engaging rim for
clamping the edge of roofing between it and the
upper edge of the funnel _for forming a water
tight connection at the top of the roof, said
means including fastening devices inserted
through perforations of the dome and engaging
the roof member vbeyond and free of the clamped
edge of the roofing.
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