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June 21, 1938.
Filed June 1, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
14/2720" Z7. [wreak/(e
June 21, 1938.
Filed June 1, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Arr/Par‘ 5 Max/(61
. l 2,121,254;
21,‘ 1938 'v
tun-no STATES ‘PATENT; - omen
and slidably supports a‘ vslotted‘ sleeve! provided
‘ This‘ invention relates’ to differentials and more
particularly to a locking 'device therefor and
‘has for the primary object the provision of a‘de- '
vice of this character which will permit an op-‘
5 eratorofa motor vehicle to lock or render the dif- I,
ferential‘action of the‘differential of said vehicle ‘'
inoperative; should one'of the drive wheels lose‘
with pairs of cams ill. The sleeve 9 has formed
therein an annular groove “to be engaged by
fork connecting elements I!‘ pivoted on a fork B,
as shown'at M. The fork isfpivot'aliy mounted .5
on the'housing 2, as shown at II, and is‘ con
nected to an arm I6 by a link II. The arm is
secured on a shaft l8 journaled in the housing
traction and the vehicle become stalled so that
each drive wheel will receive power and thereby ‘ 2 and to which a hand control 19 is connected.
"I'he‘hand control 'may be of any desired'con- 10 ' '
' struction and extends into convenient reach of
permit the stalled'vehicl'e to readily extract itself
under itsv own power. _ ; '
With these and other objectsin view, this ‘in the ‘operator of the motor vehicle‘ so ‘that said vention consists in certain_nove1 features of con-v fork may be rocked on its pivot for-the purpose I
struction, combination and arrangement of parts of shifting the ‘positionofthe. sleeve v9 on: the
to be hereinafter more fully described. and.
For a complete understanding of my invention,
reference is to be had to the following description
and accompanyingdrawings, in which ., ,
bearing I.‘
One of the axle gears inthe hub to thereof‘ is‘ -
provided with openings 20 ‘aligning with ‘openings
2|‘ formed ‘in the overlying bearing sleeve la. of
‘the spider cage I. r The openings 2'0 and 2| align
Figure 1 is a fragmentary vertical sectional with the openings in the bearing‘a. slidable in .20"
the openings of ' the bearing 8 and theopenings
view illustrating a differential for a motor ve
hicle equipped with a locking device constructed 20 and ‘2|’ are radial locking pins 22 urged in the
in accordance with my invention and showing ' direction oflthe openings Illby coil springs .23.
the differential free to have its differential action'.. The pins 22 carry heads 24 to ride onto and off
Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1 showing a or thecams ill in accordance withthe position 25‘
of the sleeve 9. The. heads when in engagement
the differential action‘locked or rendered inoper
with the cams hold thepins‘out of'the openings
Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view showing 20 permitting the differential .to have it's usualv
the locking pins for rendering the. differential differential action. ,However, when the heads are
. _
3 __disengaged from the cams the pins enter the 30
openings 20‘ and lock1 one of the axle gears and
section, showing the. hand control for the lock- 1‘ thereby destroy the ‘differential action so that ,
.Figure 4, is a fragmentary plan view, partly in
ingfork; and
delivered ‘equally, ‘onto both
‘ the power will be
Figure 5 is a side elevation illustrating a shift
What is claimed is:
Figure 6 is a fragmentary'perspective view‘
showing the control means for the shifting fork.
Referring invdetail to the drawings, the numer
1. In combination-with a differential including
‘a spider cage carrying’v spider gears meshing with
axle gears and the hub of one of .the latter
al I indicates a conventional type of differential
employed on motor vehicles and which includes a
named ‘gears having openings, locking pins slid
a spider cage 4 carrying the usual spider gears 5
the axle gears, a slotted sleeve slidable on the cage
ably mounted in said cage; springs actingon said 40
40 housing 2, a ring gear 3 having secured? thereto pins to urge them into the openings of one of
and having the pins extending therethrough,
cams carried by said sleeve to engage the pins
45 which may be assumed to be‘journal‘ed in the" forvdisengaging the pins from ,the openings-to 45 "
housing 2 in the conventional manner. _ The hubs permit the di?e'rential to have a differential ‘action, ' and an operating Pmeans' connected with i
6a of the axle gears are embraced‘ by and jour
naled in bearing‘ sleeves to 'of the spider cage.
2. -In combination with a differential including
The ring gear '3 ismounted fast on the spider cage. a spider
cage carrying spider gears meshing with '50
50 The foregoing description describes brie?y a con
, ventional type- or differential and. to which my axle ‘gears and the hub of one of the latter-named
which mesh with axle gears 6-, the reduced diam-,
eter bearing hubs of which are splined'on axles ‘I
In adapting this invention to the differential,
the spider cage 4- has formed-integrally there
with an annular bearing 8 provided with openings
gears having openings, vlocking ‘pins i'slidably ,
mounted in said a cage; springs acting - on said
pins to‘ urge them into the openings of meet the
axle gearsja slotted'sleeve slidable on the cage 55 '
and having the pins extending therethroughand
provided with a groove, cams carried by said
sleeve to engage the pins for disengaging the
pins from the openings to permit the diii'erential
to have a diii'ere'ntial action, a pivotally mounted
; i'ork engageable with the groove oi the sleeve,
and an operating means connected to said iork.
8. In combination with a diiierential including
a spider cage carrying spider gears meshing with
10 axle gears, the hub oi’ one oi‘said last named
gear hubs being provided with an external recess
within and exposed to its surrounding bearing, a,
radial opening in the last said bearing for align
ment with its gear ‘hub recess under rotation of
the parts one with respect to the other, a locking
pin slidabiy carried by said cage~ and working
radially through and being closely embraced by
said bearing recess for projection into locking en
gagementwith said gear hub recess, and means '
for selectively extending and retracting said locks
ing pin.
mounted in said cage, and means for selectively
In a diiierential, the combination with axial
extending the pins into the hub openings to lock ly 6.spaced
driven members each adapted-tor con
the. differential against diiierential action or with
15 drawing the pins from said openings to permit nection to an opposite axle shalt section and hav
ing a reduced diameter hub, a cage-acting mem
diii'erential action, said last named means includ
her having bearing sleeves closely embracing said .
- ing a slotted sleeve slidable on the cage and havdriven member hubs, means for imparting rotary
ing the pins extended through the slots therein, motion to said cage-acting member, and dif
and cam elements carried by said sleeve and slid
ferential mechanism contained in said cage-act
abl! engaging said pins.
~ ing member and operatively connecting the same
4. In combination with a diiierential including to the axially spaced drlven'members for dit
a, spider cage carrying spider gears meshing with
sears having openings, locking pins slidably
axle gears, the hub oi’ one oi’ the latter-named
gears having openings, ‘ locking pins slidably
mounted in said cage, and means for selectively
‘extending said pins into the hub openings to lock
the diilerential against diii'erential action or with
drawingthe pins from the'hub openings to per
mit diii'erential action, ,said last-named means
including a slotted sleeve slidable on the cage
‘ and having the pins extending through the slots
“slidably engaging the pins, a pivotally mounted
i'erentiai driving action thereon, of at least one
externalrecess in the hub oi’ one of the driven
members exposed to the bearing sleeve therefore,
at least one locking pin carried by the cage and
working radially slidably through but being close
ly embraced by said last named bearing sleeve
for interlocking engagement with said hub recess.
and operating means for actuating said pin to
project the same into the said hub recess to lock
the differential against diilerential action and '
withdrawing the pinirom the hub recess to per
free di?erential action.
fork intermediately engaging the groove 01' the, mit
7. The structure de?ned in claim 8 in which
said operating means inchldes a sleeve slidably
sleeve, and an operating means connected to said
ii. The combination with adiilerential includ
ing a slider cage provided with axially spaced
bearings. axle gears- having reduced diameter
bearing hubs working throughand iournaled in
said bearings, one of said reduced diameter axle
mounted on said cage-acting member and pro
vided with slots through which said lock pin ex
tends, and cooperating cam surfaces on said
sleeve and locking pin.
an'mon 1:. mm.
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