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Patented June
- Jose Vidal Basque, Habana, Cuba
Application July 27, 1936, ‘Serial No. 92,871
1 Claim. (01. 271-42)
This invention refers to refrigerators, its‘ main
purpose being to provide ‘means through which
the cooling water tank may be detached from
the cock therein; said arrangement allows to
5v withdraw the tank without having to disconnect
the same from the cock.
- A further object of the invention is to provide
means to avoid any loss of cold due to this novel
arrangement of the refrigerator.
Referring to the drawings:
’ -
A nut I9 is threaded to ‘the rear portion of
bushing 3 bearing therein a packing disk 20.
- The above arrangement is made to cooperate 5
with another one directly connected to the cool
in{; water tank 2|.
22 is a short horizontal pipe secured to, a
wall of the tank, through a washer 23, nut 23'
and packing rings 24. Threaded to pipe 22 there 10
Figure 1 is a front elevation of the
held by a forked bracket It which is integral
with the sleeve 6.
Figure 2 is a front elevation of said refrigera
tor shown with its door open.
Figure 3 is a partial sectional ‘ view through
line 3-3 of Figure 1.
is a pipe 25, a valve 26 being set therein. Fig
ure 10 shows in detail said valve which'has lon
gitudinallgrooves 26' and a boring 21 there
through. The front face of valve 26 is bevelled
‘as shown in 26".
Through boring 21 is mounted a rod 28 which
Figure 4 is another sectional view according‘ ends in a bevelled head 29.‘ A packing ring 30
to line 4-4 of Figure 2.
Figure 5 is a sectional view in an enlarged
scale showing the improvements of the present‘
Figure 6 is a cross sectional view through line
il-'-t of Figure 5.
Figures 7 and'B are sectional views in detail
25 of the di?erent parts of the invention; theFig
. ure 8 showing a modi?ed embodiment of same.
is ?tted between head‘ 29 and block 26.
_ The rear end of rod 28 protrudes out from '
block 28 and is secured through nut 3| to spring 20_
coil 32 hearing against recess 22' or pipe 22.
Pipe25 is ?anged at 25', said ?ange acting
as a stop for two washers 33 and packing ring
32 which are loosely mounted as to provide a
yieldable engagement when these parts are forced 25
against ?ange 26' under the strength of spring
.Figure 9 is a sectional view of an operative" ,25 coiled around pipe 25.
The operation of the device is as ‘follows:
Assuming the different parts of the position
Figures 10, 11 and 12 are perspective detail shown in Figure 2. Upon closing the door 2, 30
position; and
30 views of the di?erent parts embodying the in
Numeral l refers to a refrigerator cabinet and
2 the door therein. Said door has a horizontal
opening through which bushing 2 fits, having
an integral washer 2". The bottom of bush
ing 2 is slotted at d whereto an outlet pipe 5 is
Threaded to bushing 2 there is a sleeve 2
held by nut 11; the forward end of said sleeve
2 is a grooved disk 2'. The sleeve 6 has reduced
portions 2" and the spaces therein are ?lled
with an insulating material 2. Through the
sleeve 2 is slidably arranged a rod El which is
45 partially square in cross section, as shown in
Figure 11, being cylindrically shaped at the rear
the outer washer 22, under the stress of spring
22, engages with the packing 20 at the washer
l2 and the forward end of pipe 25 will house into
bushing 2 near to the stem 9". The shutter i'l
will close the opening 2.
For withdrawing water from the deposit 2i it’
is merely necessary to push rod 2 inwardly against
the strength of spring ill, ‘and 'as shown in Fig
ure 9, stem 2" will push inwardly valve 26 against
the strength of spring 22. The water will ?ow so
out from tank 2i through pipes 22 and 25 and
grooves 26' to outlet 2, as in that position shut
ter_ ill will be swung up through the meshing
of the toothed portions of rod 2 and block it;
the outflow of the water being pointed out by an i
and having a groove 2' connected to a guiding
Upon releasing rod 2,‘ thestfength of springs
screw it. A spring ii is coiled around rod 9, 22 and it will return the ‘parts to the former
said rod 2 ending, as shown in Figure 11, in a position shown in Figure 5 closing the shutter
stem 2" and having’ a pin i2 mounted therein.
ll over the opening 2. Said closure will prevent 50
The lower part of. rod 9;, near the stem 2",‘ any loss of cold, especially in the event that the
. has a toothed portion it, as shown in Figure 11, tank 2i and the parts attached thereto be with
‘ which is in mesh with a toothed block it, piv
drawn for purposes of repairing or re?lling.
oted at it to an ear it of'a shutter plate H . It is understood that the removing of the tank
be e
done by simply opening the door 2. l
which closes the opening 4. Said block it is
It is also understood that many changes may
be made within the scope of the invention, for
instance the arrangement can be made in one
of the wall sides of the cabinet instead 0! in the
door of same. Inthis assumption the packing
20 will be’ made having a protruding ring as
shown in Figure 8, in order to provide a tight
pipe, a spring-controlled rod for opening said
valve slidably mounted in said support, said sup
port being separable from said pipe, yieldable
spring-controlled sealing means interposed be
tween said support and said pipe to prevent es
cape of liquid when‘said pipe and support are
in engagement and when said valve is opened,
a discharge pipe, a shutter plate for closing said
discharge pipe. and means for actuating said
10 - In a faucet, a pipe, a spring-controlled valve shutter plate when said rod is operated.
within said pipe, a support independent of said JOSE VIDAL BOSQUE.
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