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June 21, ‘1938.
Filed March 10, 1957
677606.; I Jami/773s,
Patented June 21, 1938
omen STATES2,121,295eArmToFFl
Charles T. Jennings,‘ Medford, N. J. ‘
Application March 10, 1937, Serial No. 130,133
3 Claims.‘ (01. 273-47)
The present invention relates generally to golf
clubs, and while I‘ have illustrated the invention
‘ speci?cally in connection with‘ a putter, its gen
eral application is contemplated by the claims.
held in position by'suitable screws [2. As stated,
the head In may'also be constructed as semi
transparent, in which event the head would pref
One of the chief characteristics of the inven
tion resides in providing the club head with a
erably be constructed of metal like a shell, then
inlaid with transparent material, so that the
sight above referred to would be .plainly visible.
transverse sight to give proper alignment for the
stroke, with a resultant increase in accuracy'on
club head is characterized with a transverse sight
part of the person using the club.
‘ of a distinctive color to afford proper alignment
Another important object of the invention re
sides in constructing the club head of transparent
or semi-transparent material, wherein the sight
is located but‘plainly visible for the purpose in
In carrying out theinvention I comprehend the
- provision of a club head constructed of amate
‘rial which enables the club to slip more easily
over the green than other clubs, ‘and‘consequently
protect “carpet like” greens from injury, as Well
20 as to prevent stubb-ing of the club in back of the
ball while stroking.
The nature and advantages of the invention
‘will be better understood when the following‘ de
tail description is read in connection with the ac
companying drawing, the invention residing in
the construction, combination and arrangement
of parts as claimed.
In accordance with the present invention the I
In the drawing forming part of the application,
like numerals of reference indicate similar parts
for the stroke, with the sight preferably located
within the head and thus protected from the
elements, or from being marred or otherwise in
jured which would render its use less e?icient or
desirable. In this connection, the club head is ’
preferably provided with a transverse bore l3
adapted to receive a ?lling of any suitable mate
rial, either in the form of a solid or a liquid, and
of distinctive color constituting a sight to give
proper alignment forthe stroke, and thus in
crease the accuracy of the person using the club.
It will be noted that the sight is a separate ele
ment and located in the club head in such spaced
relation to the bottom thereof, that it occupies
a position in direct alignment with the proper
point of contact of the club head with the ball to
promote accuracy of the stroke. The bore l3_ is
partially extended through the head, opening at
one side of the club head to facilitate the inser
tion of the ?lling l4, and terminating short of the
30 in the ‘several views, and wherein:
- face of the head as illustrated in Figure 3. The 30
} ~
Figure 1 is a view in elevation of a golf club bore vmay, of course, vary in dimensions, and
embodying the invention.
Figure 2 is a plan view.
Figure 3 is a section taken on line 3-3 of
35 Figure 1.
Referring to the drawing in detail In indicates
the head of the club which may be of any con
ventional form, but essentially constructed ofv
some suitable transparentor semi-transparent
material for the purposes to be presently set
forth. I preferably construct the head In of
amber‘ transparent “Pyralin” possessing a design
similar to the well known/lead and aluminum
clubs. Consequently, the head I!) possesses a
45 comparatively high degree of smoothness which
‘ enables the club to slip' more readily over the
green than other clubs, and will therefore not
harm or injure “carpet like” greens. Further
more, a club constructed in accordance with the
50 instant invention will not stub in back of the ball
while stroking. Balance is afforded the club by
after the ?lling [4, preferably white lead, is placed
therein, the open end of the bore is closed by a
removable plug I5. Manifestly, some colors are
more distinctive than others, and by virtue of the 35
construction illustrated different color sights can
be selectively employed to meet the requirements
of the particular person using the club. In other
words, the ?llers l4 Vary in distinctive colors,
and a sight of any particular color can'be readily
inserted within the club head, depending upon
the vision or requirements of the person using the
club. The plug is engaged by the weight II and
consequently held against casual displacement ‘
thereby. Manifestly, the ?lling constituting the
sight can be of any desired character and color
and is always plainly visible. It is also capable of
being readily positioned within or removed from
the bore in the club head as the occasion might
While it is believed that from the foregoing
use of a suitable weight H which is ?tted in a description the nature and advantages of the in
vention will be readily apparent, I desire to have
recess formed in the head, and shaped to con
form to the contour of the latter to lie flush with ‘ it understood that I do not limit myself to what
the surface thereof as illustrated. The weight is is herein illustrated or described, and that such 55
changes may be resorted to when desired as fall
within the scope of what is claimed.
What is claimed is:
tive color positioned in said bore and constituting
a sight for proper alignment of the stroke, and
means normally closing said open end of the bore
1. A golf club includinga transparenthead hav-.
and including a balance weight supported by the
ing a transverse bore open at one end, a ?ller of
distinctive color positioned in said bore and con
stituting a sight for proper alignment of the
head ?ush with the surface thereof.
3. The combination with a golf club having a
transparent head characterized with a transverse
stroke, and means for closing said open end of
the bore.
bore open at one end, of a ?ller of distinctive color
removably inserted in said bore for use as a sight
2. A golf club including a transparent head
having a. transverse bore partially extended there
for proper alignment of the stroke, and. means 10
for closing said open end of the bore.
through and open at one end, a ?ller of distinc
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