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Filed March 22, _1957
- Patented'JuneZl, 1938
2,121,402 _
Hartman n. Knochen, rr., Elysium, ra.
\ Application March 22, 1937, Serial No, 132,893
lClaim. (ci. eti-asti
This invention relates to a necktie holder and-
has for the primary object the provision oi.' an
eflicientyand inexpensive device of this charac
ter which may be comfortably Worn by a person
¿5 and which will maintain a, necktie in proper
position relative, to a collarand will prevent the
necktie from slipping or loosening and thereby
becoming disarranged.
With these and other objects in view, this in-.
10 ventlon consists ` in certain vnovel features of
construction, combination and arrangement of
parts to be hereinafter more fully described and
For a complete understanding of my inven
15 tion, reference is to be had to the following de
scription and accompanying drawing, in which
Figure 1 is a front elevation illustrating a
holder constructed in accordance with the pres~
ent invention and showing the same’applied to
2o a collar button of a collar of a shirt.
Figure 2 is a fragmentary'sectional view show
ing the holder in applied position and support
ing a necktie in proper relation to the collar»
_Figure 3 is a perspectivesview illustrating the
Referring in detail ‘to the> drawing, the nu
meral I indicates a plate in which is formed a
- alot 2 opening outwardly through one end of the
plate and forming a portion ofthe -plate with
' 30 spacedtabs 3 adapted to- 'straddle “a shank I
ora collar button 5,
The collar button ii> is
shown applied to a collar 8 c! a shirt 1.
Integral with the plate l is a hook-shaped
The plate i when adapted to the collar button,
as shown, positions the pin il outwardly and
downwardly with-respect to the collar button.
the pin projecting outwardly between the iiaps
_of the _collar so that it may be inserted in the 5
lmot portion oi a necktie i2 to prevent the
necktie from moving accidentally out of proper k
position with respect to the collar, also prevents
the necktie from, loosening or slipping conse#
quently maintaining the necktie in its proper m
Prior to tying the tie, the plate i is placed
on' the button with the pin III projecting out
wardly between the ñaps of the collar. The tie
is then tied in the usual manner and adjusted 15
properly on the wearer. The knot of the tie is
then passed onto the pin il, thereby retaining
the tie in proper position and the pin also act
ing to prevent the tie from slipping or loosening. ' y
What is claimed is:
A necirtie holder, comprising. a pair of spaced
legs fashioned together at the upper ends there
ci" to constitute a bridge having a folded sec-_
tion extending in parallelism with said legs, said
folded section formed at the lower end thereof
with a substantially right "angular,` extending
shelf, and a pin' having the head section thereof
secured in said shelf and the point section exe
tending axially therefrom. said legs adapted to
be inserted downwardly about the' shank ot a
collar button vbetween the head of said button.
and the outer face of a collar band wbereby‘to - `
position said folded section over the headoi
ñangc 8 located at one end of the plate and ` said button to maintain ., saivzl> shelf 'and pin in ,
a position substantially coextensive with said 35
in Figure 2. Integral with the flange l and ex- 4. shank for supporting a necktie in adjusted posi
, tending at substantially right angles thereto is tionen said pin when penetrated thereby.
35 overlies the head of the collar button, as shown
an attaching ear 8 to which is’secured a pin Ii.
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