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June 21, 1938..
Filed Nov. 10, 1937
3 Sheets-Sheet l
June 21,1938.
Filed Nov. 10, 1937
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27551702 Zd/bw/é‘as
Bypzmwtmm ‘
June 21, 1938.
Filed Nov. 10, 1957
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A iiorneys
Patented June 21, 1938
' _ I
Joseph Lapinskas, Cicero, Ill.
Application November 10, 1937, Serial No. 173,929
3 Claims. (Cl. 245—1)
_ The present invention relates to new and use-
cured- together in any suitablemanner, as at 1.
ml .improvements in wire articles and has for
Spaced, concentric wire rings 8 are mounted on
_ one of its important objects to provide, in a
the wires 5. Journalled on the ring 8 for swing- .
-manner as hereinafter set forth, a device of this
ing movement in a vertical plane is a plurality
5 character which is capable of assuming various of wire loops 9 which are preferably of substan
novel shapes and which is adapted for a number , tially the shape shown to advantages in Fig. l
of different uses‘, such as a basket'or receptacle. of the drawings. The loops 9, it will be noted.
, a support, etc.
are. slidably interconnected for operation in uni
Another important object of the invention is
m to provide a wire article of the aforementioned
son. on their free ends the loops 9 are twisted in
a manner to form eyes ill.
’ .
character embodying a‘ novel construction and '
The upper unit i of the article comprises a ring 10
arrangement of bottom or base.
I I of suitable heavy wire. Journalled on the ring
Still another very important object of the inIi for swinging movement in a vertical plane are
vention is to provide, in a wire article of the type what may be referred to as upper and lower
15 comprising upper and lower units vincluding
'swingingloops, novel means for connecting said
loops together for operation in unison. '
Other objects of the invention are to provide
a wire article of the character described which
20 will be comparatively simple in construction.
strong, durable, highly e?icient and reliable in
use, compact, light in weight, attractive in appearance and which maybe manufactured at
7 low cost.
‘ _
series of wire loops i2 and i3, respectively. It 15
will be noted that the loops l2 and. it are also
slidably interconnected for operation‘in unison.
Further, loops l3 are twisted on their free ends
in a manner to provide eyes ll which are en
gaged in the eyes ill thus connecting said loops 20
i3 to-the loops 9 for operation therewith.
On their free ends the upper loops II, are
formed to provide eyes It.‘ Mounted in the eyes
I5 is an‘ endless chain or other suitable ?exible
All of the foregoing and still further objects
and advantages of the invention will become apparent from a study of the following speci?cation,
element l6 which may be utilized for supp0rting25 the article as well as for drawing the loops l2 in
wardly. Threaded through the eyes ill on the
taken in connection with the accompanying
loops 9 is an endless ?exible element in the form
drawings wherein ‘like characters of reference
of a ribbon, wire or the like II which, in addition
30 designate corresponding partsv throughout the
several views, and wherein:
Figure 1 is an elevational view of an embodi~
ment of the invention, '
Figure 2 is a plan view of‘ the bottom or base
35 of the article.
It will thus be seen- that a wire article of at
tractive appearance has been provided which is
capable'of assuming a large number of di?erent
shapes, such as those illustrated in Figs. 3 to 6; 35 -
Figures 3 to 6,v inclusive, are phantom views
inclusive, of the drawings. While the device is
illustrating a- number of different shapes which
the article is capable of assuming. _
Figure '7 is a. fragmentary view in perspective,
intended primarily for use 85 a basket 01' recep
tacle, it lswadapte'd'i'for many ‘other‘uses, suclras
a Support for various articles- When in a com
40 ‘showing a portion of the bottom or base,
to being ornamental, may limit the spread of 30
said loops and support them in open position.
- .
Referring now to the drawings in-detail, it will
pletely collapsed» or folded position the device will
occupy a minimum 01' We
be seen that the embodimentv of the invention
It is believed that the many advantages of a
which has been illustrated comprises upper and. wire article constructed in accordance with the
lower units‘ which are designated generally by present invention will be readily understood and '
45 the reference numeralsl and 2; respectively. The although a preferred embodiment of the device 45
lower unit 2 includes a ring 3 of-suitable heavy is as illustrated and described, it is to be under
wire having formed therein at spaced points de-_ , stood that changes in the details 01’ construction -
pending loops constituting supporting legs I.
may be resorted to which will fall within the
Mounted diametrically on the ring- 3 and secured
scope of the invention as claimed.
50 at their ends thereto are supporting‘ wires 5. As
illustrated to advantage in Figs. 1 and 7 of the
drawings, certain of the wires 5 are Wrapped
around and securedtothe neck portions of the
' loops 4, as at 6, in a manner to strengthen said
55 loops 4. Where they cross, the wires 5 are se-'
What is claimed ls:—'-
1.-An article of the class described comprising
upper and lower units, the lower unit including 9.
wire supporting ring, a plurality of slidably in
terconnected loops journalled on said supporting ,
ring for swinging movement in a vertical plane. 55
the free ends of said loops being formed to pro
vide eyes, an endless ?exible element mounted
in said eyes, the upper unit comprising a wire
ring, slldably interconnected loops journalled on
the second named ring for swinging movement
in a vertical plane, the free ends of said second
named loops being formed to provide eyes en
gaged in the ?rst named eyes for connecting the
mounted diametrically on said ring, the end por
tions of_ certain of said wires being wrapped
around and secured to the neck portions of ‘said
3. An article of the class described comprising
upper and lower units, each unit including a
ring and slidably interconnected loops joumalled
on said ring, means operatively connecting the
?rst and second named loops together for opera- ‘ loops of the lower unit to certain of the loops of
the upper unit for operation in unison therewith, 10
eyes on the free ends of the remaining loops of
2. An article of the class described compris
10 tion in unison.
ing operatlvely connected upper and lower fold
able units, said lower unit comprising a wire ring
the upper units, and an endless ?exible element
mounted in said eyes and constituting a support
including depending loops at spaced points pro- I for the article.
15 viding supporting legs, and a plurality of wires
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