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June 21, _1938,
Filed Dec. 14. 1937
James W. Morgan
./o?m Denn/5
Patented June 21, 1938
ArtNr orleans
y 2,121,477
John Dennis and James William Morgan,
Chico, Calif.
Application December 14, 1937, Serial No. 179,674
6 Claims.
generally to ' range
burners and in particular is directed to an im
provement in range »burner mountings. In
present ranges, the `burners are mounted beneath
5 the grille in a stationary position relative thereto.
With such arrangement when the fuel control
valve is fully open, the distance between the
burner and grille is such that the hottest point
of the flame is in proper relation to the bottom
of a vessel on the grille; however, when the valve
is partially closed `to reduce the llame length, the
4(Cl. 126-39)
wide collar 5, formed with an outwardly pro
jecting top flange 1, surrounds the neck 5. Pins
ö disposed at 180i’ relative to each other, are
threaded into bosses 9 and project radially from
the neck into opposed spiral slots Ill in the collar
5. The collar 6 is «rotatably mountedin position
by means of an annular supporting member II
which engages beneath flange 1 and is provided
with lugs I2 which are bolted to a horizontal bar
I3 at spaced points as clearly shown in Fig. 3,
The burner is provided with an integral and de
hottest point ‘of the ñame is too far removed pending fork I4 which slidably straddles bar I3
from the vessel bottom for-‘highest e-fñciency.
l and prevents rotation of the burner.
To overcome `this objection, it is our principal
A fuel and air mixing pipe I5, of goose-neck
object to provide a range burner mounting
wherein the burner is mounted for movement to
wards or away from the grille; such mounting in
cluding manual actuating mechanism. to effect
such burner movement. By reason of such as
20 sembly, the burner can be raised toward the
grille when the flame is reduced in length, and
lowered away from the grille when the flame is
. at maximum length.
As an additional object, we arrange the burner
actuating mechanism in operative connection
with the fuel control valve stem whereby upon ro
tation of said stem to a predetermined valve po
sition, the burner will be automatically adjusted
to proper relative position beneath the grille for
30 the flame length at such valve position.
A further object of the invention is to produce
configuration, rests intermediate its ends on an
other horizontal bar I6. The inner end of pipe I5
is vertical, as at I1, and slidably but closely en
gages within burner neck 5.
The outer end of the pipe is formed with the
usual air intake bell I8 into which a fuel jet I9
extends from a valve 20 interposed in a horizontal
fuel supply pipe 2| disposed adjacent skirt 3.
A valve stem 22 extends forward horizontally
from the valve 20 through the skirt ‘3, a radial
handle 23 being'flxed on the outer end of the
stem. A bevel gear 24 is ñxed on stem 22 close
behind skirt 3 and meshes with another bevel
gear 25 mounted horizontally below stem 22 as
shown. A radial arm 26 is fixed on gear 25 and
a pivoted connecting rod 21 extends from the 30
outer end of arm 26 to the lower edge of collar 6.
The amount of throw of rod 21 may be adjusted
a simple and inexpensive device and yet one
which will be exceedingly effective for the pur
pose for which it is designed.
These objects we accomplish by means of such
by changing the point of pivotal connection with
structure and relative arrangement of parts as
will fully appear by a perusal of the following
specification and claims.
In the drawing similar characters of reference
In use our device functions in the following
manner: When the handle 23 is turned so that
40 indicate corresponding parts in the several views:
Figure 1 is a side elevation partly in section, of
our improved range burner mounting as installed
and with
45 in raised
the burner in lowered position.
2 is a similar view but with the burner
3 is a sectional plan on line 3--3 of
Fig. 2.
Referring now more particularly to the char
acters of reference on the drawing, the numeral
50 I indicates the top of a range provided with a
removable grille 2; a front plate or skirt 3 eX
tending vertically downward from the front
edge of the top-all as usual.
A burner 4, having a vertical depending neck
A relatively
55 5, is disposed beneath the grille.
arm 26.
the valve is fully open and the burner flame at
full length, gear actuated arm 26 and rod 21
will have rotated collar 6 in such direction that
pins 8 have moved to the lower end of slots I0
lowering the burner.
However, when the valve 20 is partially closed,
the collar will be turned a certain amount in the
other direction causing pins 8 to slide up the 45
slots and raise the burner an amount propor
tionate to the reduction in flame length.
As a result the hottest point of the ñame can be
maintained in proper position relative to the
bottom of a vessel on the grille.
Our improved burner mounting is Very eiïlcient
and effects substantial savingsin fuel, and when
the flame is reduced in length, the heating ability
and heating speed of the llame is materially 55
increased over present day stationary burners due
to the fact that the shorter flame is brought into
said slot, and manually actuated means to ro
close proximity to the bottom of a vessel on the
3. A range as in claim 2 including a fuel con
trol valve having a stem, said last named means
including a lever assembly connected between said
stern and the rotatable member.
From the foregoing description it Will be readily
seen that We have produced such a device as sub
stantially fulfills the objects of the invention as
set forth herein.
While this specification sets forth in detail the
present and preferred construction of the device,
still in practice such deviations from such detail
may be resorted to as do not form a departure
from the spirit of the invention as defined by the
appended claims.
Having thus described our invention, what We
claim as new and useful and desire to secure by
Letters Patent is:
1. In a gas range, a grille, a burner disposed
beneath the grille, said burner having a vertical
neck, a collar surrounding the neck, means
mounting the burner and collar for relative rota
tion, means between the neck and collar to effect
vertical movement of the burner upon such rela
tive rotation, a fuel control valve having a stem,
and means connected to the stem to rotate the
neck and collar relative to each other upon rota
tion of said stem.
2. In a gas range, a grille, a burner disposed
beneath the grille, said burner having a vertical
neck, means mounting the neck for vertical move
ment but against rotation, a member mounted for
rotation about said neck and having a spiral slot
therein, a radial pin on the neck projecting~ into
tate said member and move the burner verti
4. In a gas range, a grille, a burner disposed
beneath the grille, said burner having a vertical
neck, means mounting the burner for vertical
movement but against rotation, a collar surround
ing the neck and rotatable relative thereto, the
collar having a spiral slot therein, a radial pin
mounted on the neck and engaging in the slot,
an air and fuel mixing pipe having a vertical
inner end slidably engaging in the burner neck,
a fuel control valve associated with the outer end
of said pipe, the valve having a rotatable stem,
and means connected between the stem and col
lar whereby to rotate the latter upon rotation of
the stem.
5. A range as in claim 4 in which said first
named means comprises a vertical fork formed
on the burner and a ñxed bar over which said
fork slidably engages.
6, A range as in claim 4 in which said last
named means includes a rod connected at one
end _to the collar at a point radially of its axis,
an arm pivoted for rotation in the same plane as
the rod and mounted for actuation from said
stem, the other end of the rod being connected
to the arm.
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