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June 21, 1938.,
Filed April 7,_ 1937
2 Sheets-SheetV l
jJune 21, 1938.
' „
lFiled April 7, 1957
‘ .112W
)32' "
v2 sheets-‘sheet 2
Patented June 21, 1938
William H. Kuh, Marinette, Wis., assigner to
. Eisendrath Glove Company, Chicago, Ill.,
corporation of Illinois
Application April 7, 1937, Serial No. 135,568
2 Claims.
The invention relates to gloves and has as
an object the provision of a glove having the
warmth characteristics of avfur-lined glove but
eliminating objectionable features thereof.
It is a further object of the invention to pro
vide a glove that will offer all the advantages
of a fur-lined glove but is economical to produce
and superior in use to a fur-lined glove.
Further objects of the invention will appear
10 from the following description when read in con
nection with the accompanying drawings show
ing an illustrative embodiment of the invention,
and wherein'.---
Figure 1 is an elevation from the palm side; ~
Figs. 2 and 3 are transverse sections on lines
2-2 and 3--3 respectively of Figure 1;
Fig. 4 is an elevation of the lining for the'
Fig. 5 is a plan view of a thumb blank for a
20 lining;
Fig. 6 is an elevation of the palm lining with
the thumb- lining and the wrist lining omitted;
Fig. 'l is a perspective view of a wrist lining
Fig. 8 is an elevation of the palm side of the
complete lining; and
Fig. 9 is an elevation of the palm side of the
glove blank.
As shown the device comprises a glove blank
30 or outer portion I0 and a lining made up of a
back portion II of fur and a front portion I2
of absorbent fabric. The lining of the glove is
completed by means of a thumb blank I3 and a
wrist lining I4, the thumb portion being prefer
35 ably formed of the same material as that of
portion I2, and the Wrist lining of the same ma
terial as portion II.
In the making up of the lining the thumb lin
_ing is closed and sewn into the opening I3' in
the usual manner and the members II and I2
are sewn together along the index finger side
24 throughout. The little ñnger side is then
sewn as shown at I5, Figure 8, to a point I6 ap
proximately at the juncture of the ñnger blank
5 with the palm blank. The parts II and I2 are
also united by stitching around the tips of the
fingers, as indicated at I'I, I8, I9, 20, leaving the
side edges of the finger blanks of the palm and
back disconnected with the exception of the _in
dex ñnger edge. The wrist lining I4 which is
desirably of fur is then attached by stitching 2I
after which the assembled lining is drawn into
the glove blank II] and secured thereto by the
binding and hemming at 22, 23.
A fur-lined glove is objectionable to many
persons because the fur and pelt are relatively
non-absorbent and the hands as a whole are
often kept too warm, causing the palms to per
spire. This perspiration is not absorbed, caus- l0
ing discomfort to the wearer. In the glove of the
present invention the palm portion of the lining
is made of absorbent material, which incidental
ly is fabric and longer wearing than is the usual
fur of a fur-lined glove. The glove therefore 15
actually wears longer and is more comfortable
-although cheaper to produce. The fur which
is objectionable from the non-absorbent stand
point is not necessary for warmth in the palm
side of the lining.
Further, the glove of the present invention is
less bulky when objects are grasped by the hand
encased therein as the absorbent fabric of the
lining is less bulky than is fur. This fact makes
the glove very fine for use as a driving glove, 25
giving ample protection to the back of the hand
and yet allowing a ñrm grasp of the steering
Minor changes may be made in the physical
embodiment of the invention within the scope 30
of the appended claims without departing from
the spirit thereof. '
I claim:
1. A glove lining comprising, in combination:
a fur back lining portion with the hair side in- 35
ward; an absorbent fabric palm lining portion;
rows of stitching joining only the registering
edges of said lining portions at the index finger
edge, about the finger tip edges and through the
little finger edge of the palm and back portion.
2. A lined glove comprising, in combination;
an outer glove body; a lining enclosed in said
body and secured thereto only at the Wrist; said
lining comprising a back of fur with the hair
turned inwardly and a palmar side of fabric; 45
the inter-digital edges of said back and palm
lining being disconnected.
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