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June 21, 1938.
_ s._ M. DE'LYCAMP
Filed April 2, 195,6v
lnvenia 7':
Gcaipl'ohel‘f?el ca mp.
2,121,521 *
‘ Patented-JuneZi, 1938 v
Scipione M. Del Camp, Maywood, 111., assignor
Manufacturing garporation, Chicago.
' 111., a corporation 01 min
Application April 2, 1938, SerialNo. 12,826
My invention relates toan improved plug for ‘most clearly shown in Figs. 1 and 2. After the ‘
electrical connections.
bead 0 has been formed, the insulating plates 3
. One of the objects of my invention is to provide
and ‘6 are in ?xed assembly one with another
an electrical plug which is constructed in a way. between the head 8 and the bead 22. The large
plate 6, in my preferred form, is provided with
5 to’ prevent ‘physical contact between the opera
tor's ?ngers and the prongs of the plug when the -' a series of apertures In (Fig. 10) which are
plug is inserted into or removed from a cooperat
ing electrical socket. ‘The use or such a device is‘
particularly desirable when one or more of the
located at predetermined points within the pe
riphery of the plate to conform with the positions
of the ?nger-shaped elements 4. ‘The purpose‘ of
' the apertures II is to provide a space for re 10
'10 plug prongs carries a relatively high voltage.
ceiving the elements 4 when they are bent to
Referringto the drawing, in which I have il
lustrated a preferred embodiment of my inven—
Fig. 1 is a plan view of my improved electrical
‘ 15- plug member;
Fig. 2 is a section taken on the ling 2-! of
Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view‘ of the plug mem
ber shown in Fig. 1;
Fig.‘ 4 is a section taken along the line 4-4
engage the plate 3 so that they will not interfere
to preventdisposition of the plate 8 in adjacent v
relationship‘to the plate 8.
The plate 6 is purposely formed of such dimen 15
sions as to make the prongs 'l inaccessible to the
?ngers oi’ the operator when the container I, or
the plate 8 itself, is grasped for engagement with
‘or removal from a socket member, not shown.
For this reason it will be noticed that the plate 20
I is of substantially greater diameter than the
diameter of the container l adjacent to its open
end and forms a peripheral ?ange around the
plug member;
Fig. Bis a bottom plan view of the container " container I at the open end (Figs. 1-3) with the
result that the operator's ?ngers, when in con
shown in Fig. 5; and
Fig. 'l is a sectional view of the container shown ‘ tact with the container l, are prevented from
of Fig. 2;
Fig. 5 is a plan view of the container part of my
in Fig. 5.
Referring now in detail to the drawing, I
have shown in Figs. 1-3 an electrical plug mem
ber having a housing part in the form of a sheet
30 metal container I which may be of a tubular
slipping over the edge and touching any one of
the prongs 1. Thus it will be seen that as a re
sult of my invention 1 have provided a simple and
inexpensive means for carrying out the purpose
in mind.
Although. Iv have illustrated and described a
provided. in my preferred ‘form, with a peripheral preferred embodiment of my inventionJ do not
?ange 2 formed from the material or the con- ' wish to be ?niited thereby because the scope of
tainer adjacent to an open end (Figs. 5 and '1). my invention is best de?ned in the following 35
35 Aninsulating platelisdisposed within the?ange
' or any other suitable..shape. The container I is
I claim:
2 and is held in ?xed assembly therewith by“
A plug for electrical connections including a
means of a plurality of ?nger-shaped elements 4
integral with the material of the container at tubular sheetmetal container having an ‘open
the open end and bent over, as shown in Figs. 2 end. a‘plurality of ?ngers integral. with one of
4° and 4, to engage one face of the insulating-plate . said open ends, an insulating plate of small di
3. An opening 5 is extruded on the side or end ameter and an insulating plate of large diameter a
of the container l directly opposite to the end in ?xed assembly with said container at said
carrying the plate 3 to allow the entrance of a open‘ end, said large plate having a number of
Y apertures locatedat predetermined points with
‘wire or group of wires into the container.
' 45
1 The main feature of my invention is the rela
tively large insulating plate 6 which is ?xed
at the open end of the container l in substan
tially adjacent relation to the plate]. A plu
rality‘of contact prongs ‘l is carried by the plates
5° s and s and adapted for contact with cooperat
in contact
of a socket member (not
shown). Each of the contact prongs ‘l is turned
over at one of its free ends so as to provide a
in the periphery thereof vand equal in number to
the number of said ?ngers, said fingers disposed
within the apertures of said large plate and in
clamping engagement with said small plate
whereby said small plate is secured firmly to said
container within said open end, and a plurality 50
of contact prongs carried by said plates, said
prongs having integralmeans
said '1
plates between them whereby‘ said plates are
head portion I engaging one surface of the plate
held in assembled relation. said large plate hav
container adjacent said open end.
55:. Theshankofeachprong‘liscollapsedto
tion on its lengthso that the bead willlie adia
c‘cnt-to the outside‘surface of the plate 6.1a.
ing a diameter substantially larger than said
sermons n. on. can’.
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