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Julie 21, 1938V
w. o. LUM
Original Filed_ July 6, 193a
. IDVéhtO'Y':
' by 7/
is Attorney.
Patented June 21, 1938
PATEN'l‘r orrlca
I , .
Walter 0. Burn, West Caldwell,\N. J., assignor to
General Electric Company, a corporation of”
New York
' '
Original application July 6, 1933, Serial No.
679,172. Divided and this application March
24,1936, Serial No. 70,603
2 Claims, (01. 103-87) unit i2 is operated by means Of the electric motor
‘ll under the, control of the room thermostatic
This application is a division of my prior ap
plication, Serial No._ 679,172, ?led July 6, 1933,
and relating toheating systems.
The present invention'relates to an improved '
form of hot water heating control device, par
switch‘ It.
The improved construction of the v?ow control
unit I2 is shown in Fig. 2. The tubular casing oi
ticularly' adapted for use in thermostatically con
20 is formedto house the check valve 2| and the
trolled hot water house heating systems, although
impeller pump 22 with the operating motor |‘| ’
the invention is not necessarily limited thereto.
The principal object is to provide an improved
form of electrically operated circulation control
‘unit especially constructed for connection into
resiliently suspended from the casing 28 and.
yieldingly connected to drive the impeller pump
22. ‘The casing 20 is provided with the ?anges
the supply main of a hot water heating system
23 at the end thereof so that the control unit
may be readily mounted by means of the cooper
for insuring positive and rapid‘ circulation of the
hot water when heating is required and for pre-'
This permits the flow control unit to be easily '
' venting circulation when heating is not required.
It is a further object to provide an improved
form of hot water circulation control unit which
may be electricallyfoperated under the control '
of a thermostatic switch and arranged to give
. quiet, e?icient and trouble free operation.
ating ?anges 24 in the hot water pipe main l3.
removed for inspection or repair or'another unit
substituted therefor without seriously disturbing
thelpipe connections.
' e check valve 2| operates about the pivot
.25 in cooperating relation with the valve seat 28
which is preferably mounted at an angle in the
Another object is to provide suchan electrically ‘tubular casing 20, (as shown. A restricted air
operated circulation control means in which the bleéder passage 21 permits air-entrapped in the
rate of circulation can be readily adjusted or hot water system to pass when the check valve 2|
is closed. The petcock 28 is provided for releas
In the preferred embodiment of the present ing the entrapped air from the system.v The re 25
invention,- a tubular housing'unit is provided with movable cover plate 29 provides 'access tonthe
check valve 2| and carries the adjustable stop 38
?anges at the ends thereof 'for facilitating, con
nection into the hot water piping system.’ The which determines the extent to which the check
housing‘ unit/is specially formed to combine a valve 2| may be opened and hence the rate of cir 30
30 circulation check valve and electric motor driven culation ‘through the hot water system.
impeller pump for controlling the hot water cir
there/through. . The various. 'advanta- .
‘Thetubular ‘casing 20 is provided with an in- '
ner dividing wall 35 extending substantially lon
geous features will be more fully understood from gitudinally and horizontally ofthe casing and
the following description of the accompanying‘
‘provided with the opening 38' therethrough for
drawing illustrating the preferred embodiment‘ forming the inlet of the impeller pump housing.
thereof. Fig. 1 shows the improved hot water. The-impeller.“ of the pump,, as more clearly
circulation controledevice of the present inven-. shown in Fig"; 3, ‘is provided with a hub 81 for
tion connected in a hot :water heating' system mounting upon the upper end of the pump shaft
38 and has the three pump blades 88 joined at
of the improved type disclosed ininy above men
their" lower sides to the annular shroud 40. The 40 tioned prior application. Fig.‘ 2 is a cross-sec
~ tional view showing the detailed construction of water passes upwardly through the centralopen
the improved controlunit and Fig'. 31s a perspec_ ing formed in the shroud 40 and is ,forced out
tive view showing the form of the pump impeller. radially bythe blades 88. A restricted air bleeder '
passage _-4 I prevents _ acc umulation of air in the
_ In the hotlwater heating system shown. dia
grammatically"in Fig.‘ 1, the, hot waterv is cir
pump housing;
culated through the room heating radiator ill _ ~ _A support or bearing bracket 85 carries the end '
from the hot water oil burner boiler furnace v| l. ‘thrust bushings “for the pump shaft 38. This
The boiler furnace “ii is shown as of the .type bushing bracket togetherv with the motor sup
port 4] are ‘fastened to the casing 28 by means of
6 described ‘and claimed in Patent 1,995,185 a1
though the present invention maybe used with the bolts I 48. .To hold the pump impeller 22 in 550
any other type of hot water boiler furnace -de-' position “and provide a water-tight seal for the
shaft 38, a yielding bellows member 80 is joined
sired. The improved hot water circulation con
trol device I2" is connected in the 'pipe main i8 _ .to a sealing end thrust washer 8|. The spring
of the heating system extending from the top. of 83 forces the sealing washer 8| against the hear
boiler furnace II. The circulation control ing shoulder 8'4 mounted on the shaft 38 so as 55
to bias the shaft 38 vertically upwardly and there
by maintain the impeller 22 in proper operating
circuit to the circulator motor I‘! and the oil
burner motor 1i.
In order that the water in the boiler furnace
1 may be always maintained at a high tempera
ture to provide proper heating of the domestic 21
bearing bracket 45 will be prevented from passing hot water heating coil 13 and to insure a reserve
to the inside of the bellows member. A cap 55 supply of heated water so that the hotwater
is screwed on the bottom end of the support 45 heating system can be supplied with hot water
as soon as the pump is put into operation, a. suit
to secure the bellows member 50 in place.
able thermostatic switch 14 is provided for sep
The electric driving motor I‘! is resiliently sus
pended from the motor supporting bracket 41. arately starting operation of the oil burner mo
tor ll whenever the temperature of the water in
For this purpose the motor is secured to a sup
porting ring 60 which has mounted thereon the ' the boiler furnace falls below a predetermined
studs 6 I. The motor may be removably mounted value. This is particularly advantageous in pro
15 on the ?oating ring 62 by having a bayonet slot viding for an adequate supply of domestic hot
connection between the ring Biand the studs water both in summer and in winter even through
position in its housing. This at the same time
provides a water-tight seal so that any water
which may find its way into the interior of the
6!, for example, whereby the motor may be read
ily released from the ?oating ring 62. The ?oat
_ the room thermostat l4 may not cause operation
of either the water circulating motor I‘! or the
ing ring 62 is supported .by cushion members ' oil burner motor ‘H during the summer time.
What I claim as new and desire to secure by 20
20 having the resilient portions 63 fastened to ele
Letters Patent of the United States, is:
ments 54 and 65 and held in place by the screw
1. A control device for a hot water heating
threaded nuts 65 and 61. Thus one end of the
system comprising a horizontal tubular casing
provided at each end, with means for connecting‘
the casing'in the hot water piping system and 25
resilient member 63 is supported by the motor
support 41 and in turn supports the ?oating ring
62. This cushioned support prevents motor vi
bration from being transmitted to the heating
having adjacent one end thereof a horizontally
piping system. The impeller pump preferably is
driven through a ?exible coupling 10 which is'
extending dividing wall with an opening there
through opposite an opening in the bottom wall
torque variations to prevent transmission of noise
and vibration to the heating system when the
motor I1 is energized to operate the pump.
of the casing to form a centrifugal pump housing
and adjacent the other end thereof a check valve 30
housing, a check valve movably mounted in said
valve housing and biased to the closed position,
a pump shaft having a bearing bracket mounted
The flow control unit 12 is so connected in the
35 hot water pipe main I3 that thermal siphon cir
culation of the hot water tends to ?ow from left
in and sealing the opening in the, bottom wall
of said casing and provided with spring thrust 35
bearing sealing means biasing the shaft vertically
shown as of the type using resilient material in
30 terposed between solid material for taking up
to right through the casing, 20. Thus, it will be
upward into said casing in predetermined align
seen that the normal tendency is to maintain the
check valve 2| closed when the pump is not being
ment with said opening in said dividing wall,
40 operated. The water is circulated through the
casing 20 from right to left when the impeller
pump is operated,.the check valve 2| opening in
its bias, a motor supporting bracket mounted on '
response to the pressure differential created by
said bearing bracket and extending downwardly
from said bearing bracket, and an electric 'motor
suspended from said support and connected with
the pump.
an impeller mounted on the upper end of said
shaft for forcing circulation of the hot water 40
through said opening to open said valve against
The improved flow control device of the pres
ent invention may be operated in a heating sys
tem such as shown in Fig; 1 in the following
manner although it may be used in other ways,
if desired. when heat is called for by closing
of the room thermostat l4, the electromagnetic
switch I5 is energized thereby completing the
energizing circuit for both the water circulating
motor I1 and the oil burner operating motor ‘II.
the lower end of said shaft for driving said im
2. .A circulation control unit for a hot water
heating system comprising a horizontal tubular
casing having a centrifugal pump housing with 50
a vertical ,axis formed inside one end thereof and
a check valve housing formed inside the other
end thereof, a check valve mounted in said valve
This causes fuel to be supplied to the combustion
housing and biased ‘to closed position for pre
chamber of the furnace ii and heat to be trans
ferred from the products of combustion to the
water in the boiler. The pump operates to cir
culate the hot water through the heating system
venting passage of hot water through said cas
ing, an impeller mounted in said pump housing,
an electric motor mounted on said casing and
connected to drive said impeller to force circula
tion of water through said casing to open said
check valve against its bias, and means compris 60
in a direction counter to the normal thermo
00 syphon ?ow of the heating medium. In case a
separate'check valve ‘I2 is used in the return line - ing a pair of restricted air bleeder passages ex-'
of the hot, water heating system as shown in tending inside said casing and adjacent the upper
Fig. 1, it will be understood that the valve 12 is wall thereof, one through said pump housing and
the other through said check valve housing for
' so connected as to open against its biasto permit
circulation whenever the circulating pump 22 is
operated. When su?icient heat has been supplied
by means of, the radiator iii, the room, thermo
stat l4 opens the energizing circuit of the elec
tromagnetic switch i5 which in turn opens the
passing air_through said casing independently
of the operation of said impeller and said check
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