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_ coWLlNG-‘FAstrENEn
,n , .,tljämât
w y
ISeaìttIe,` AWashl
` ject óffríárèh ¿fiscales
tionÄw-itlifan ¿opening of slightly larger >diameter
thanthe screw, means for alignment‘of theïsprlng '
and "screw: .«when'i1the device ‘lis Lused'ï' for’ securing »
v, parts, together which‘can not beishifted relativev
to- each other to» eñ‘ec'tf’a registry'of theapertures'." ..5
- Thelongitudinal. yieldability ofA the conical por-'1l
‘tion of >`the . spring provides the rtension :by ¿which
the-:,cowling isV firmly connected` to» its support.'
yThe screw: has fa; "shank portion ' formed vwith a ~
¿is ssanitari;viewing. sicçrnbleiéi , specialthread 32fthat` is preferably square shaped
thaparts secured `together in@v to cause the collapsing of the retaining spring by
f force components 'acting in thedirection of-the.
axis of the screw„l thereby ‘eliminating‘any tendl` ‘ï
ency to expand the-spring and reducing to a-'mini-` 1
mum; the. :force required'y to compress ythe J retain
, ingvwcoil.
4In order toy »permanently retain #the f `
,y l 4¿ `is
any elevationalyview
_; screw in' place in the cowling,'lthe screw is «formed
' '
g, 5 is affront. elevationalnview of_ the‘screw
“ingfsïufpportf _l0
~ ¢
f with a groove 34, to receive a »split retairiing‘rlng‘
36; Thistscrewfisr-also formed with a .groove 3B' Y "
-adjacent’toîitsfhead to‘receive a* packing in'.th`e= ’
cowlingftlffsecured together rformatta leather .washer 40,‘which serves to pro-'
*2y-,my nevelanchorine arrangement consistina»
vide; -When ithe ,screw is seated, an; eñective seal '
against leakage; 4wherrused yasal fastener “in a '
'liquid-proof:compartmènt,. such as-in floats- ïor A
«,«ñyingboatsr The? screw head is ¿ provided with 25
a conicaiabutting face >I8 and a flat top surface
. Cowling support. Thefcowling is preferably coni
42 having thereon a transverse slot M to receive`
`cally countersunkto receive the conicalfface »I8 a suitable’ tool. The depth of the slot issuch
of the screwvh'ead,v andris provided >with'a re
' ì inforcing,,wear-resisting `groxninet 20 correspond
" ingly countersunk toA Acomplement »the counter
fsunlrvportion '22 of the cowling. The grommet
projects through and is folded overand crimped
` to the conical portion of’the cowling; shown atA 24.
` rThe `grommet is -further ksecured'to the‘cowling
` " by crimping" the same, by providing transverse
fcrimps or'ridges 26 projecting'on the outwardly
presenting face thereof. f The projections Acooper
'ate with :the-notches 21er 28 formed in theabut
" ting’co'nicaltface of the; screw head lto prevent
' rotationl thereof due toy vibration when the cowl
-ïi'ng and; support are ñrmly secured together.A
The cowling support is likewise countersunk, 29,`
to receive the countersunkportion of the cowling;`
`”a`nd„has permanently secured thereto on'its in
wardly presenting face in concentric relation with
thek opening, the retaining spring i6 ¿bymeans of
arivetßß.A The spring is preferably formed, for
a portion of _its length, of conical shape at the
l 'linnen end thereof, and is‘cylindrical for the re
* mainder of its length, the vconical portion being
suiliciently large‘to encompass the conical coun
that it provides, -with the conical abutting face f
of the'head, notches 21 for: engagement vwiththe
projections or `ridges 26 to retain the screw
against rotationv due to vibration when the mem-`
bersare nrmiy connected together. The screw
head is provided with further notches 28v which
provide for greater reñnement of adjustment of 35
the screwE Provision is made to prevent wear
and rattling between the members to= be` con
nected which, as illustrated, is in the form of a
fibrous materialfriction plate 46 cemented to
the innergface ofthe cowiing and provided with
suitable perforation registering with the counter
sunk'portion of the cowling.
It is believed that the many advantages of a
fastening device constructed >in accordance with
the present invention will be readily understood. '
The language and expressions which have been '
employed throughout the specification are used
as terms of description only and not ofvlimita-`
tion, andgsaid termsare intended _to include all
the equivalents and such modifications as are
possible to‘be vemployed within the scope of the .
appended claims.`
¿tersunk portion 29 ofthe Cowling; support» The I
Whatis claimed is:
Spring, as thus provided, is laterally and longitu
y 1. In combination, a pair of members to be
` `idinally yieldab1e„therebyv providing, in coopera
connected, provided with openings to register
with one another, one of said members having a
helical spring iixedly secured in concentric rela
tion with the opening on the inwardly presenting
face thereof, and a screw member rotatably
mounted in said opening, said screw and said
helical spring being so constructed and arranged
4. A screw element adapted for anchorage with`
for said memberssaid screw and the member to
be connectedthat'~ is disposed .adjacent thereto
a coiled wire to connectapair of members, said
having complemental engaging‘portions for fix
screw element having a lthreaded shank’portion
and an abutting head portion, said head portion
edly securing said screw against rotation with» having, on the abutting face thereof one or more
respect to its supporting member, when the mem'- ' notches adapted for complementa] engagement
y \
withone or more ridges on the member tobe'
2. In combination, a pair or rriembers,>` to `-be
connected, provided with- openings to register
connected adjacent said head for ñxedly secur
with one another, one of said members having
with when ' said _anchorage 4is accomplished.
a helical spring ?lxediy secured in `concentric
relation with the opening on the inwardly _pre-A
5. A screw element adapted for anchorage‘with
a coiledwire to connect a pair of members, said
ing said screw against relative rotation there
screw element having a square threaded shank
having one or more ridges adjacent the opening i portion and a head portion, said head portion
on the outwardly. presenting face thereof and a
having one or more notches adapted forcem
screwfmember 'rotatably mounted in said open
ing, said screwand said hêlical'spl‘ing being S0
plemental engagement with one or more “ridges _
, constructed andsarranged as to pi‘Qvidea yieid- »
with said ridges for iixedly` securing said screw
against rotation with respect to itssupporting
member, when the members are ñrmly connected
as to provide a yieldingly threaded connection
bers are ñrmly connected together.
or more notchet` on the abutting face of said head
portion adapted for complemental engagement
ingly threaded connection for said members, said
A«screw having a head portion ï‘providedïwith‘ one
0n the member adjacent said head for fixedly`
securing -` said screw i against `relative rotation
therewith. whensaid anchorage is accomplished. . a»
6;> A screweiexnent to connect apair or mem
'orf-more notcheson the abutting >.fete vof‘ saidl bers. ‘having a square threaded shank` portion
headsportion adapted for complemented Yengagea > adapted for threaded engagement withV a fyieldf
ment vwith said .ridgesfor iixediy securing said able anchoring element and a head portion pro- i
30 screw-against Arotation with respect t0 its sur# vided with a locking connection integrally formed
1 porting memberpwhen the" members are nrmly thereon and adapted for complementa! (engage
connected; together,
y3. InV combination, a pair of members to be
connected», provided `with”"onetimes. to register
35 with'-, oneanother, one of lsaid members having a
helical `slürii'ig ñxedly secured in concentric rela
tion with Ythe opening. on the inwardly present
ing! face thereof, theothel‘ “ci said members‘hav»
ing a reinforcing grommet of wearèr‘esisting ma-` '
.ment with one o! the members to be’ connected
to prevent relative rotation- therewith
anchorage is accomplished.
when anni“v ‘
7. Y A fastening device for securing together two
members comprising, in combination.' -a coiled î
wire adapted to be supported by one of said mem- `
bersy and yieldable lateraily'- and longitudinally
with respect thereto and a -screw element having
40 terial fixedly secured in the opening thereof 'and ’ a square threaded shank` portion >and a head
having one or- more ridges on the outwardly pre
portion, said head portion having one or more"
senting face of said grommet and a> screw‘imem-- ~ notches adapted for complemental engagement
ber rotatably mounted in- said "Qpenil'igr said -with a ridge or ridges on the other of said vmem
screw -»member and said helical Ispring being eol _ bers to-be'connected, for fixedly securing said
.as Cil
constructed and arranged as to'. provide a yield
ingly threaded connection Vfor said members, said
screw having a1 head portion provided with one
screw against Arelative rotation therewith when
said anchorage is accomplished. ;
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