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June 28, 1938. '
Filéd Sept. 25, 1935
2 Sheets-She‘et 1'
@0596 ,‘Daibzf
r My!
June‘ 28, 1938.
Filed Sept. 25, 19:55
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Gaoggz? ‘Danika?’
Patented June 28, 1938
2,121,788 ‘
I ‘
" ' UNIT-ED suits? PATENT
Ga‘... 0. Dailier, seams, Wash; now by judicial
change of name Ome Craig Daiber
Applicationhsepte'mber 25, 1935, Serial No. 42,102
Other and more speci?c objects will be appar
My‘ present invention relates to the art of out
ent from thefollowing description taken in con
nection with the accompanying drawings, wherein
door sleeping equipment and more particularly
to a'garment-like sleeping bag. »
Figure 1 is a plan view of my sleeping bag... . '
certain ‘parts being broken away yandzshownuin' ' 5
Persons accustomed to camping ‘and sleeping ', ,
5 in the open have for many ‘yearsused the so
called sleeping bag, instead of the more conven
tional bed' made of blankets, quilts and the like.
the ‘ ,
Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view, in perspec;
The reason for this is that a minimum‘weight tive, taken substantially along the lines, 2.--2 ‘of
of sleepingv equipment provides the :maximum » Figure 1.
10 warmth as there is no chance ofthe covers being
Figure 3 illustrates my sleeping bag as it would ,
disarranged and not providing uniform coverage be used if the wearer decided to use it as a gar
throughout a person's ‘body. One of the prin
cipal objections, however, to the sleeping bag
ment, ‘while walking about.
has been that once'a person has retired it is
bag as it is used for protection of the user while 15
Figure 4 is aplan view showing mysleeping
'15 very di?lcult to get out of-the'bag again, and
top, the average. bag does not permit one to
Referring to the drawings, throughout which"
.like reference characters indicate like parts,’ 6
move around after awakening so that fullcir
culation can be restored before getting entirely,
designatesjthe outer covering of my bag. This,v _,
out of the bag to dress. This is not particularly . may be of any material that has proved suits, 20 ‘
20 discomforting to the summer camper but is a able for bag covering.‘ Itymay range from the
matter of some concern to the person using a‘ porous duck .or twill materials to ‘the various ~
types. of water-proof material, in aiccordar'icev ‘
r with the use to which the bag is‘to be put and 1;;
sleeping bag in high altitudes and in cold
With my present sleeping bag I have provided
25 sleeve-like and trouser-like portions so that a
person may walk around in the garment-like
bag and have the use of his handswhich can
be extended ‘outside of the sleeping-bag so that
for limited use the bag is in all intents a sleep
30 ing garment. With the bag so constructed it is
possible, where the weather is cold, for the user
to don the bag in the early evening and sit with
in the circle of the camp ?re and‘ have the full
the personal inclination of the user. .Disposed. at
inside of covering 6 is a, preferably,’ down ?lle
, protection from the weather that even the heavb
35 est of clothing would not_aiford him. Further,
it is possible to arise during the night, replenish
wood on a ?re, or investigate possible vermin
about camp and, when morning comes, a new ?re
can be built without having to get out of the
40 sleeping bag thus *exposing the user to the
Further, my garment-like sleepingbag pro
vides an excellent means for protecting still
hunters, such as duck, geese and game hunter's
46 who may stand on watch during the night or
early morning hours.
A still further use is to provide a comfortable
traveling garment for dog and stage users in the
cold climates, particularly for persons‘ who are
50 ill or injured.
A further object is to provide a sleeping bag
in which the sleeper may turn to rest on his
side and still have it optional whether or not
the bag turns ‘with him or he turns over inside
56 the has.
bag 8. This is usually composed of van outer.
‘covering 9 and an inner covering I 0 between
which down, wool or other ?lling I2 is provided.
Thetwo coverings 9 and ID are quilted together 30
‘in some one of the provedmanners used in.
sleeping bag construction.’ For someuses it may .
'be desirable to‘ use‘ merely an. inner bag made ,
of blanketing wool or ?eece materials, or as quite
often occurs in extreme temperatures, it may be 30
most desirable to have a down bag and then to
have inside of the same‘ a fleece or woolbag.
The outstanding feature of my present bag
residesin its garment like construction, in‘ that ,
it is provided with a hood portion‘ l4, having 40
puckering strings l6 so that the face opening ll may be enlarged‘ or reduced. In some cases it
may be found desirable to have the same lined
or edged with fur.
Abody portion i8 is next 45
provided of such a size as to ?t the user very
This is in turn provided with sleeve
like extensions as 20 and 2| which in turn ter
minate in an adjustably fastened wrist, or cuii,
member 22 formed on the outer covering 6. The a
inner garment terminates in a, preferably, knit
ted wrister 24. Both cuff 22 and wrister 24 are
so arranged that when the sleeper withdraws his
hand a complete closure is formed for the sleeve
so that no air will be admitted. The sleeves 54
ensures 7
should be longer than the arms with the hands
to the seams and also that a method of closure
for the garment will be provided in case of any
The sleeves, themselves, are really more exten
sions of the bag then sleeves, in that their depth
at the shoulder is very great so that the user can
‘withdraw the hand after he’h'as lain down and,
by folding the arm up after the showing of Fig
ure 4, the entire arm can be withdrawn from the '
arm portion of the bag.
The lower end of body II is provided with very
short leg portions as' 2‘ and 21. These leg por
mal-functioning of the lug fasteners. After the
front of the garment has been closed I then pro
vide an additional snap'fastener as 48 for holding
in placeithe ?ap l6 of‘hood H.
The foregoing description? and the accompany
ing drawings are believed to clearly disclose a
preferred embodiment of my invention but it
will be understood that this disclosure is merely 10'
illustrative and that such changes in the inven
tions are so short‘as to be hardly classi?ed as ~tlon may. be made as are
within the 80098
legs. They normally reach only about half way and spirit of the followingfairly
up to the knee. Their main purpose'is to provide for the foot reinforcement members as 20
and ill. This reinforcement may be made of the
same material that the outer covering 0 is made _
from or they may, preferably, be made from more
wear resistant material as light leather or rubber
u for instance. The leg portions should be fully
cut and have amplebreadth so that there will
be su?icient room for placing the feet in, and
withdrawing them from the same; the foot por
tions should be of su?icient length to allow the
placing of both feet in a single leg after the
showing of Figure 4 so that the user may have
the increased warmth acquired when the two feet
are together in sleeping.
When the bag is to be used as a garment so
that the wearer can move about, it is normally
desirable to tie the leg portions abovethe ankle
after the showing of Figure 3 and to this end I
have provided tapes, or cords 32 and reinforce
ment pieces as 34 secured one to each leg‘portion
in a position corresponding to the counter of a
shoe, except that the same vare ofmuch greater
Tofurther facilitate the use of the bag as a
garment it should, preferably, be provided with
a belt, or tape, as 35 so that the bag can be made
to fit, to a degree at least, about the user’s waist.
It has been found convenient to provide the sleep
ing bag with pockets on the outside as indicated
at 31 and 38 and on‘ the inside of the garment
so that it may be used at night. These latter are
not shown in the drawings, but would normally
lie substantially under pocket 31 or 38, possibly
a little lower down so as to be more readily avail
To make it convenient to. get in and out of the
bag and also to render it more useable as a night
garment, I have provided closure members of
the locking lug type, so arranged that they may
be opened or closed from the inside as well as
from the outside; it being necessary to use two of
these, an inner one ll for the inner bag 8 and
an outer one ‘I for the outer bag. In addition
to the lug fasteners I have found it desirable to
provide the usual snap fasteners as indicated at
42 and 43 so that added protection will be given
Having thus “fully described my invention, what
I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
. Patent is:—
1. An interchangeable sleeping bag
and 8-81’
ment comprising inner and outer layers through
out the garment and having abody, sleeves and ' a
hood, said body formed with short leg portions of 20
substantial width adapted to loosely enclose a
foot, said sleeve portions formed on said body
and having bases extending from the hood to the
waistline, closed shoe portions on said legpor
tions for garment use‘; means for securing the shoe
portions, alined openings through the layers of
the body portion, means for closing the inner
opening from the inside of the inner layer, ‘and
means ‘for closing the outer opening from the
outside of the garment.
2. An interchangeable sleeping bag and gar
ment comprising inner and outer layers through
out the garment and having a body, sleeves and
hood. said body formed with short- leg ‘portions
of substantial width adapted to loosely enclose 36
a foot, said sleeve portions formed on said body
and having bases extending from the hood to the
waistline, closed shoe portions on said leg por
tions for garment use, means for'securing the
shoe portions, openings through the layers, oi’ 40
the body portion, means for closing the inner
opening from the inside of the inner layer, and
means for closing the outer opening from the
outside of the garment.
3. An interchangeable sleeping bag and gar 45
ment having a body, sleeves, and hood, said body
and hood comprisinginner and outer layers, said
body formed with short leg portions of substan
tial width adapted to loosely enclose a foot, said
sleeve portions formed on said body and having
bases extending from the hood to the waistline,
closed shoe portions on said leg portions for gar
ment use, means for securing the shoe portions,
openings through the layers of. the body portion, 55
means for closing theinner opening from the
inside of the inner layer, and means for closing
the outer opening .from the outside of the gar
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