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- June 28, 1938.
“Filed April 15, 1935
/a2. //3
‘win-V“ '
""F'l‘i" ' PM ’
' 1 515/1-
/_-/. V/NETTE.
V‘Patente'd June '28,
* 2,121,856
iqjeiattaand earns. vintages.
Chrysler .Gornoration,
" ‘ '
Park. M1
‘linventionr: relates.
" I15 -~re’spectively.“ “The framellstructuree-l' ,
-' improved resilient
'ini'the' illustration‘ shown,~-is "mounted-1 on ar'igid
’ vi-More specifically the‘ invention‘ ‘relates
-- r --particu
whereas the -‘frame-f-"structure- 'l ?i'lcomprisesiiwire
ilarlyzzto improvements Jim cushion {units 3 of: the
5 characteridisciosedrinsa copending application: Se
itudijnal-si'desil31of;the1frarne H ‘areE cleats‘ l wane
, jqiiifarieleatsj may; 4'1
. embodied'jtoiadvantag‘e
'tional' constructions"
A plurality of rows of coil‘ springs ll aredis
One'of the main objectsrof the invention is to
posed between the frame structures In and II
" ‘10 provide in a resilient cushion unit,v improved’ and the ends of the springs on at least one side
means for yieldably tying together the adjacent _
coil springs or other resilient elements ofladjacent of the unit are held in predetermined spaced
rows v‘of said resilient elements.
relationship by the cleats l6.
Anotherpobject of the invention is to provide
vtying‘ means of this character which is normally
contracted laterally and adapted to expand so as
, _
In the illustration 7
shown,‘ the ?xed ends’ of the’ springs are secured
to the frame structure ll andfthe ends of the
springs on the opposite side of the cushion unit
tofaccommodate movement of one row of springs are'yieldably connected together by longitudinal- '_
or movement of someof the springs of one row 1y extending tying strips l9 preferably formed. of ' ~
, fabric and having beaded longitudinal edges in
relative to the springs of the adjacent row.
A further object of the invention is to provide which cords 20 are disposed. The opposite‘edge
portion of the tying strips l9 are ?xed to corre
yieldable tying means of this kind which is par
I ticularly adapted to accommodate ;movement of sponding coil springs‘of adjacent rows thereof
the springs of a cushion unit vwhich occurs when r by Wire clips or eyes 2|. The ‘longitudinal edge , V
such unit is provided with ?exible braces of the portions of the tying'strips l9 are drawn together
between the points of attachment thereof to the 25
2OI character set forth in the foregoing co-pending‘ springs I‘! in vthe manner illustrated iriFig. 4 and
they are held in adjacent relationship by metal
A still further object of the invention is to pro
vide, in a cushion 'unitihaving ?exible braces clips .21’ so as to retain the portions of the tying
which normally tend to rotate an edge portion ‘strips between corresponding springs of adjacent
vof the unit about an axis during normal deflection,
rows in laterally‘ contracted relationship.‘ By
of the'unit, improved means for yieldably tying
, adjacent rows ‘of the'resilient members of the unit
rendered sufficiently expansible to accommodate
>_ 7 together which will accommodate such rotation
1 of the edge portion of the unit without interfering
‘ . _ :35 with the normal action of the latter.
I An illustrative, embodiment of the vinvention is
shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional ,view of a vehicle
seat including a seat back portion and a seat
virtue of this structure the tying strips H are, ,7
limited, relative, separatory movement of thew
coil springs of adjacentrows.
The provision of such limited, relative, sep-‘
aratory movement of the springs of adjacent
rows thereof is particularly advantageous in resil: ,
ient cushion structures of the character which I
are provided with flexible bracinglinkages 22 of
proper both of which are provided with resilient’ the character illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2. Each
brace 22 includes a pair 'of converging levers 23
cushion units embodying the invention. I
Fig. 2 is a plan view showing the resilient
cushion .unit of the seat back structure illus
‘' trated in Fig. 1,‘ as it appears when viewedfrom
the line 2-4, of Fig. 1.
' Fig. 3 is a fragmentary; vertical sectional view
taken'on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.
having their adjacent ends pivotally secured’ to- ,
gether and pivotally attached to selectedcoilf
springs I‘! by a clamping member“ compris
ing a strip of sheet metal of U-shaped cross
section which is crimped on intermediate turns of
the‘ coil springs 11 as illustrated in Figs. 1 and
2. The outer ends of the levers 23 of each ?exi
ble brace are pivotally attached to the border
I2 of the, frame I0 and to the correspond-_ 50'
so ' vIn the form of the invention illustrated in the wire
ing border member I_ 3 of the frame I‘l. "These
l drawing, the improved resilient cushion unit in
cludes a pair of vsubstantially rectangular frame braces serve to hold the respective border wires
structures I0 and'l I, each of which comprises an j with. which they are associated against unin
outer border member .or wire having longitudinal ' tended longitudinal de?ection and’ during normal
'Fig. 4 is a fragmentary, vertical sectional view
takenpn the line 4,—4 of Fig. 2.
sides 12 and I3 and lateral extremities H and
operation of the cushion unit they permit ‘free 55
action of the coil spring ll. When the cushion
unit is compressed in the vicinity of the border
portions of the frames thereof, the levers 23 con
?ne the movement of the border portions to a
substantially arcuate course.
During such arou
ate movement of the border portion l2 of the
frame In, vfor example, the expansible tying
strips l9, one of which it should be understood
is disposed ‘between each pair of longitudinally
10 extending rows of springs 11, permit relative
separatory movement between the ends of the
springs adjacent the frame I!) su?‘icient to ac-'.
commodate this arcuate movement of the border
While in the illustration shown in the draw
without departing from the spirit of the inven
tion, and it is not intended to limit its scope
other than by the terms of the appended claims.
We claim:
1. A resilient cushiorb unit including spaced 5
frame structures, a plurality'of adjacent rows of
resilientmembers interposed between said frame
structureseand ?exible tyingl strips between ad
jacent rows of resilient members having oppo
site edge portions secured to corresponding re
silient members of adjacent rows and said op
posite edge portions of said tying strips being
secured together intermediate their. points of at
tachment to said resilient members.
_2. A resilient cushion unit including a row of
ing only one side of the spring unit is provided I resilient'members, a second row of resilient mem
with expansible tying strips l9 it should be un- ‘ bers positioned adjacent the ?rst mentioned row '
derstood that in embodiments of the invention
in: certain articles of upholstered furniture as
20 well as bed’ springs and mattresses, ‘both sides
of, the cushion unit may be'substantially iden
of resilient members and spaced, therefrom, a
fabric tying strip arranged between said rows
of'resilient members having opposite edge por- a:
tions secured .to the adjacent portions of the re
tically constructed to correspond with the flexible V silient members respectively, laterally, adjacent
tying structure illustrated on only one side of the parts of said strip being folded together inter
cushion unit shown in the drawing. 7
Although butone speci?c embodiment of the
invention is herein shown and described, it will
be understood that various-changes in the size,
shape and arrangement of parts may be made '
mediate its points of attachment to said resilient
members, and means permanently securing 'por
tions of the edges of said folded parts together. :
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